Which Rob in Tux Did you like Best? Red or Blue?

Okay so tonight had definitely been a swoon worthy night for all of us Rob Lovers, But lets take a little poll shall we? 

So how between Rob's Red tuxedo that he wore at the Eclipse premier and the Blue one he wore tonight, Which is the winner??


Yeah they look very similar and yes we are still high on his greatness tonight but lets be biased and take your pic. Click here to let me know your answer:)

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3 Responses to Which Rob in Tux Did you like Best? Red or Blue?

  1. Red from Eclipse Premiere.
    He looked so charming and alluring that
    is has to be illegal. And I'll bet anything
    that Kristen thought so too. ;)

  2. He looks good in both. But he looked rested in the Red tux. He looked great in the nave tux but he also looked exhausted.


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