Video of Rob trying to hold Kristen's hand:)

Look then tell me what you think!:)

roninbehr via 500daysofRK

also watch it better quality here starts at 0:20

Okay so you all saw it right? Cute isn't it? I know im glad Rob is ready to tell the world about them. I am saddened at the same time thought because i just wish she would just let go and flip off the world and hold that guys hand i so know she want to hold, you saw the way they were trying no to touch right? Yes maybe im being selfish YET AGAIN, lol but i cant help it, maybe is my inner self that just wants to fan girl non stop when they actually show the world that they are together by a simple hand holding. I wish this time it would have been the day but i guess not. Any ways im gonna shut up. Dont forget to check out the rest of the pics and videos from the PCA's here. BTW i just want to say how POd i was when Rob didnt win Choice actor and Zack won Star under 25 above Kristen and Rob? I guess this means for next year we really need to click on that vote button alot more right? Okay im out lovey you! ~Alma

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