Universal Release Date for Snow White and Other Things....by Ruby

 (hmmm... she looks a little Snow White here.)

Universal has officially released on their website, Snow White & The Huntsmen for release date of December 21, 2012. Although, this project is not officially set for filming any time soon, there are many great speculations that Kristen is the front runner for Snow White.  I am personally very excited about this!  If you haven't seen all the news today, Universal is courting her if you can't tell trying to get the word out, they want Kristen for this role. I think it will not be "Disney Like" folks. This is going to be a darker version, not for your five year olds, really.  I haven't read the script so don't get any ideas, but I think Kristen would be great for the role.  Although its release date is one month after Breaking Dawn II, it might be perfect timing for Universal to keep with the momentum of all of the Twilight and Kristen fans.  They are seeing dollar signs if Kristen can add to this all star cast. Charlize Theron is supposedly already signed on to play the evil queen. I love it!! It will be brilliant!! Wow who will play the prince? In our ideal world it would be Rob but who are we kidding?!! Okay I will take James Franco or Garrett Hedlund, yes I know I am living in lala land. It will probably be some no namer. I mean he really isn't all that important he just needs to look good in tights, if you get my drift.  It is said that Viggo Mortensen will be cast to play the Huntsman. (Sorry Ladies no tights for him.) Plus the one of the producers from Alice in Wonderland will be on this project. I think this will be fantastic. Although I am a sucker for fairytales, vampires and strippers!! Lots of comments on this subject today but yet no confirmations.  We will let you know as soon as I do. ~Ruby
Please source me if you take this. I wrote it.  Official release date was take from Universal's Website here.

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  1. you do realize thats the mayan "end of the world" date?? 12-21-12 lol but I would love to see her play the part!


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