More Pics from the BD Set from last night

Twilight movie fans Kira Arthurs, left, of Baton Rouge, and her cousin Jamie Ryan, of Lubbock, Texas, train their new binoculars on activity below Friday in the hopes of seeing ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ stars from atop the Louisiana State Capitol building.
‘Twilight’ fans brave cold in hopes of glimpsing stars

Jamie Ryan, 28, said it was her first time visiting Baton Rouge as she peered over the ledge of the State Capitol building’s observation deck on Friday afternoon, bundled up against the cold wind that whipped her hair around.
She’d flown in from Lubbock, Texas, on Thursday and had been perched on the lookout post for more than four hours with brand-new binoculars pressed to her face.
But Ryan wasn’t interested in the sights of the capital city — her eyes were locked on the enormous green screen erected in Arsenal Park, trying to catch sight of the stars of the “Twilight” movie filming there.
“I’m staying right here,” she said of her spot, where at least five other fans lingered around her. “I am determined to see something.”
“Twilight” mania hit the streets of downtown Baton Rouge this week when the movie’s crew began building a massive green backdrop near the State Capitol building that sent the local rumor mill and online forums into a frenzy.
“Twilight: Breaking Dawn” is the final installment in the blockbuster vampire film series that has 16-year-old girls and 50-year-old men alike lining up at theaters for each movie’s premiere.
Information on what producers were shooting at the location or how long crews will film in front of the green screen was unavailable.
“Twilight: Breaking Dawn” began shooting in Baton Rouge in October at Celtic Media Center. Security at the studio has been tight, much to the chagrin of fans trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.
Security was equally extensive at Friday’s outdoor filming, but people lined the street by a downtown parking lot near Arsenal Park, where a tent marked “hair and makeup” had their cameras flashing.
A crowd of about seven people lingered where the trees, bushes and production vans parted just enough to allow a view into the makeup tent. A catering truck that later pulled right into the group’s line of sight was met with a collective groan. ‘
Cindy Colson, 40, of Columbus, Ga., had driven to Baton Rouge so her son Wesley Moore, 17, could tour LSU. Colson, being a hard-core “Twilight” fan, said arriving in Baton Rouge on one of the only days of outdoor filming was just a happy coincidence.
Colson said her love of the “Twilight” books began two years ago when she fell into a coma after having heart surgery and her daughter read Colson the novels.
“When I finally work up, I asked my daughter, ‘Who’s Edwarain characters of the books.
d?’ ” Colson said, referring to one of the m

More Pics from the set last night






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