Robsten this is Your Year!! Dedicated to the haters!!

Sweet Mama!! That pic in the pub was more than amazing it was fantastically in your face to all the haters out there!! I know! I know there will STILL be deniers!! I don't get it!! As far as I am concerned, I love it that they are open now and have been for a while.  There not tacky, they are respectful of each other. I should feel guilty for being so happy over one kiss but it really is so AWESOME!! Another nail in the coffin for the haters, the foamers, the deniers! I am really tired of "them" right now! The hatred is out of control!!  It is a private pic from the pub but after all this is a Robsten blog!! Here at this blog you will find nothing but admiration, love and respect for Robsten!! But we do fan girl though like crazy when pics of them kissing in a pub come out!! Of course we also always love TomStu lurking as he always does. Thanks for another lurking pic Tom! We always love you in the background!!  I don't give a shit about what others judgements of their encounter at the pub was.  It's not like they have to be touching the whole time! I mean don't you know they have Robsten ESP! Get over it people don't always over analyze Rob and Kristen encounters every time someone gives a story of what they saw! It is called a first person encounter and from their experiences and views! Jealousy and hate is an awful trait and just so you know it runs deep and probably effects you in your real life so for all those haters out their get a life and a real one! 
So moving on, did anyone else notice the gray haired man with the wine taking a front seat? Any of us would have loved to seen that in person!! I mean it is only January 3 and we have been blessed with our first Robsten kissing pic!! I can't wait to see what the year has to offer.  We have many movie premiers this year!! Water for Elephants, Rob and Kristen and the red carpet of love and admiration!! I can't wait! I love the he looks at her! I love the way she looks at him!! I flove them together!! I love their normalness! (Is that a word? Well its my word!) I love their I don't give a fuck attitude about everyone else! I love that Kristen's world was rocked by Rob! I love that Kristen is literally rocking Rob's world! Go ahead girl take one for the team!! Although there are many volunteers that would gladly sacrifice!!  So sit back and enjoy the ride because 2011 it is going to be so fucking awesome and rad (yes youngins that's a word from the 80s)! Rob and Kristen will not disappoint!! In honor of today's epic events, this video is dedicated to the jealous haters!! 
With love of course by Ruby!!

Oh Yeah and Kristen  has something to say too!! Don't hate what you don't know and you don't know!!

Now they are sealing that with a kiss!!  

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