Robert Pattinson A-Z Author Sarah Olivers Talks Exclusively with Robert Pattinson Italia

How and when did you get started as a writer?
When I finished university I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do next.  I thought about becoming a teacher or a scriptwriter and after helping out in a school, I came to the conclusion that being a scriptwriter would be more fun.  I did a one year writing course that taught me all about writing different things but the class I liked best was the writing non-fiction books class.  After finishing the course I didn’t want to be a scriptwriter any more, I wanted to be a writer.
How do you usually find your ideas?
I got a job writing for an online celebrity magazine called MyParkMag and was promoted to editor.  There was only me writing for the magazine so I could pick whatever I wanted to write about.  One day I decided to write about a new actor – Rob.  My article became the most popular on the site so I wrote another one, and another and another one.  In the end I spent almost 9 months writing articles articles on Rob and Twilight.  I made so many friends with Rob fans from across the world.
What inspired you to write a book dedicated to Robert Pattinson?
On day I just thought ‘why haven’t I written a book about Rob.  I saw the other books that were out about him and I thought ‘I could do better than that’ .  I was a genuine fan, not some old guy or someone who didn’t even care about Rob or his fans.  The other biographies on him seemed to be boring or contain facts that weren’t true.  They also called him Robert throughout rather than Rob.
I wrote about 30 pages of the book, made it look like a real book with photos, and emailed it to publishers of biographies that I had found on amazon.  Two weeks later I had a reply saying that John Blake Publishing wanted my book.  I had to improve it and make it longer but they liked what I had written so far.
The week after I got invited to the New Moon press conference in London.  I was so excited.  I got up at 4am to get the train and when I got to the Dorchester hotel I was nearly turned away.  The security man thought I was a fan and not a journalist but I managed to convince him!  I met Rob, Kristen and Taylor, it was incredible.  Kristen was so petite and gorgeous, and Rob was… I can’t think of the right word to say.  He had everyone spellbound.  I asked him how his sisters handle him being famous and he said they just treat him the same and are happy for him.  Chris Weizt joined in and said that Rob’s parents are really English and can’t accept that he’s famous.  Apparently when they visited him on set they couldn’t believe it when someone asked Rob whether he wanted a drink, because they thought he should get it himself.
Since then I have written a Taylor Lautner A-Z but my Rob one is my favourite.  I’m just a young woman/fan so I like to write about what interests me.  Sadly MyParkMag has closed down but I am busy writing books.  I have one on Justin Bieber and one on Miley Cyrus coming out in March.  I did a Glee book too and a couple on British bands One Direction and The Wanted.  I am living my dreams and it never would have happened if I hadn’t written my first article on Rob.
In your book ‘Robert Pattinson A-Z’,  What is your favorite letter?
I don’t have a favourite letter in the book, I love them all but I suppose A is one of the best because it talks about Accidents and Auditions… and it was the first bit I wrote.

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