Reviews for The International & US Water for Elephants Trailers

From Screen Rant — Inter­na­tional Trailer:
The com­bi­na­tion of LaGravenese’s pen­chant for adapt­ing melo­dra­matic lit­er­a­ture and Lawrence’s brand of visual flair looks to have yielded some nice results, judg­ing by this new the­atri­cal preview.

From MTV — Inter­na­tional Trailer:
Is it just me or did any­one else get chills when that lit­tle girl gasps at the 1:22 mark after Mar­lena shows off a mag­nif­i­cent horse trick? This is def­i­nitely a film we’re look­ing for­ward to.

From The Film Stage — Inter­na­tional Trailer:
I can’t wait to see this if only for the great expe­ri­ence it should deliver in a the­ater, as hinted at by the won­der­ful shots and use of color on display.

From Cin­ema Blend — Inter­na­tional Trailer:
This inter­na­tional trailer doesn’t show off too much new stuff, but it does expand on the beau­ti­ful cin­e­matog­ra­phy we’ve seen accom­pa­ny­ing this movie thus far.

From First Show­ing — Inter­na­tional Trailer:
We fea­tured the offi­cial US trailer for this back in Decem­ber but I’m happy to fea­ture more because it looks phe­nom­e­nal, one of my most antic­i­pated in spring.
US Trailer

Robert Pat­tin­son looks like a man in the adap­ta­tion of Sara Gruen’s best-seller Water for Ele­phants, act­ing oppo­site Oscar win­ners Reese With­er­spoon and Christoph Waltz. The music lures you in, as does the always affect­ing Hal Hol­brook, who plays Pattinson’s aged char­ac­ter recall­ing the story of “the most famous cir­cus dis­as­ter of all time.” The finest com­pli­ment you can give a trailer for an adap­ta­tion is that it makes you want to read the book. This one does it for me.

From the Wash­ing­ton Post:
Fea­tur­ing grand, hazy-with-nostalgia visu­als and shots of Reese With­er­spoon look­ing every inch the old movie star, it’s a feast for the eyes. Of course, a num­ber of peo­ple will think said feast is really all about Robert Pat­tin­son, who def­i­nitely comes across (appro­pri­ately) as less broody and Edward Cullen-ish here.

If we can’t believe in Reese With­er­spoon and ele­phants, what can we believe in? And after lis­ten­ing to the Twi­light com­men­tary with Pat­tin­son (yeah, yeah, shut up) that dude has a good head on his shoul­der. I think this will be a wor­thy adaptation.

Between the ‘Twi­light’ ties and act­ing tal­ent, one would imag­ine a pretty spec­tac­u­lar trailer suck­ing in a whole range of poten­tial fans. Instead, the first trailer for ‘Water for Ele­phants’ man­ages to show a bunch of the film with­out show­ing very much at all of their three leads. It’s a bit of a sur­pris­ing route to take for a new film. It’s a full trailer show­ing more than a teaser ever would, yet the only actor to get much of a chance to shine in the scenes cap­tured is the great Hal Hol­brook, who plays the older ver­sion of Pattinson’s character.

This will be the movie that attempts to make ele­phants sexy.

For­get Bella! Robert Pat­tin­son woos Reese With­er­spoon in the new trailer for the film adap­ta­tion of Sara Gruen’s best­selling novel Water for Ele­phants.

The trailer for the screen adap­ta­tion of “Water for Ele­phants” is out, and the pro­por­tions of drama are, well, huge.

The trailer for “Water for Ele­phants” has stam­peded its way onto the Inter­net, giv­ing movie fans a beau­ti­fully shot look at the adap­ta­tion of Sara Gruen’s best­selling novel and its beau­ti­ful stars, Reese With­er­spoon and Robert Pattinson.

Water for Ele­phants is awash in period detail, close-ups of Rob’s pretty eyes and Reese’s angelic skin, Big Top razzle-dazzle and, unavoid­ably, plenty of ele­phant dung.

Cue some dra­matic sequences, beau­ti­fully set scenes, and some seri­ous smoul­der­ing on the part of Robert Pat­tin­son. Phew!

One def­i­nite bright spot in the trailer? Hal Hol­brook, who plays an older ver­sion of Pattinson’s char­ac­ter. We loved the 85-year-old’s per­for­mance in “Into the Wild” a few years ago, and it seems his pres­ence here will add weight to the film beyond the romance at its center.

Reese is glam­orous as Mar­lena with 1930s pin curls and a daz­zling array of stage costumes.

Though there’s noth­ing wrong with watch­ing it on a com­puter, it looks really fan­tas­tic pro­jected in a movie the­ater (at least it did at the ArcLight, where I saw it this past weekend).

Water for Ele­phants has all of the mak­ings of an awe­some film: An attrac­tive Reese With­er­spoon, a dash­ingly hand­some Robert Pat­tin­son, and an intrigu­ing plot that leaves me want­ing more.

If Pattinson’s involve­ment makes all you Twi­light haters want to head for the doors, I highly rec­om­mend you at least check out the first trailer forWater for Ele­phants.

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