Picture of Rob and Kristen from IOW K-I-S-S-I-N-G

YES they are KISSING!!! Some delusional freaks may be saying otherwise but YES they are kissing:) Lets be happy for them and squeeeeeeeeeeeeee with me lovelies:) Doesnt this pic just make you smile BIG??? : D yep like that!

I'm posting this pic because i want to point out that the pic below is NOT Rob and Kristen hugging, its Rob's friend Tom and his girlfriend. Why im posting this you ask? Well some DELUSIONAL twarts are saying that the above pic is not Robsten... Some are saying this is Rob hugging another girl and theyre wrong because if you see carefully Rob is wearing a leather jacket and well the guy below does not have a leather jacket now does he??  

Posting this becasue they are HQ's and he's so handsome in them:) Isn't 2011 already a GREAT year??
I love seeing him smile:) Its one of the few things that will brighten even the suckiest day for me!

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