Old/New Video Of Rob Talking about Kristen

I-You guys both talked about how you had such natural chemistry when you first got on set. Would you been able to fake it if you didn’t have that or was that vital to the shoot?

RP- I don’t know, I mean I guess I don’t know if I was faking it the whole time, I have no idea but I don’t know we definitely had a strange dynamic like um it didn’t feel like, it was kind of I mean I was just kind of intimidated by her and is weird and at the same time I thought you’re younger than me you can’t intimidate me so you’re kind of fighting it yourselves all the time which I guess kind of worked for it.

I-Why were you so intimidated?

RP- She’s just like I don’t know just something about her like right from the um test she’s like I don’t know there’s like a fiercesomeness if that’s a real word um fierceness not fiercesomeness um yeah it just seems like she’s got there is an anger behind her quietness and also she doesn’t feel the need to speak like I always find that, that freaks me out I have to keep talking the whole time and then with someone who just sits there and doesn’t say anything is always really embarrassing.

I-But you were able to work it out and you actually developed the chemistry
RP- Yeah it became like a really strange it really was like cause every scene is just really intense we, it just became like a sort of bubble like separate from the cast and separate from other people and stuff which I guess was the whole point in the movie.

I-You also had so many intimate scenes with her is that kind of weird to just walk away after the shooting is done?
RP-Yeah I guess it was always weird.


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