Next Movie Compares Rob with James Dean

Everyone loves Robert Pattinson these days. The brooding look, the shelf of immaculate hair, the overall bad boy attitude and look. It’s all pretty cool. As awesome as RPattz is, though, he didn’t come up with either the look or the attitude, because as any fan of Hollywood can tell you, both were pioneered long before by the original source of all things cool. That source?

James Dean.

And tonight at 6PM you can pay tribute to the master, as TCM is airing the film that reshaped pop culture forever, “Rebel Without a Cause.”

Yes, the original ode to teenage angst is back and still as powerful as ever. You think Edward, Jacob and Bella have it rough? Well, take a look at the high stakes high school drama that the triangle of Jim (James Dean), Plato (Sal Mineo) and Judy (Natalie Wood) go through and you’ll see that simply being human can present as many problems as any vampire.

James Dean and “Rebel Without a Cause:” still the coolest after all these years. We think that’s something even RPattz himself would agree with.

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