New Rob Pics Breaking Dawn Set

Why Hello there Mr Cullen, You are looking ever so sexy as always..
And where is your lovely wife??



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4 Responses to New Rob Pics Breaking Dawn Set

  1. Technical failure first time. Let's try again. OMG, Rob looks great. Is it possible that he is even more buff? His shoulders and chest area are looking fantastic. Glad they are having a peaceful and relatively pap free time in BR, but I shall not lie. I would love if we could get one pic of Kristen too, that would be great.

  2. wherz kristen?? gosh!! oh and carlisle looks great too

  3. I think this is the first pap picture of Rob. Wow, wonder how he got it on such tight security? Who cares? I am so happy to see Rob and the wedding band just tears me up.

  4. Lovely jubbly!! So looking forward to seeing this film... The whole cast is just perfect... ;-) xx


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