Rob & Kristen, It is What it Is! No Denying!

Hello well here we are again faced with some more controversy over this weeks events!! What to do? Do we believe the gossip TaySten or TayStew or Whatever they want to call it? Now come on people lets get real! This is really the most preposterous scenario since a tabloid said that Rob was pregnant!! Lets lay out the facts shall we.  

1.  Kristen did indeed spend holiday vacay time with Rob.  There are pics to prove it!! Please see evidence below!! 

2.  Kristen and Rob were together in a Christmas Photo last year with the Pattinson Family Unit. Please see evidence below. 
 Merry Christmas to you too, Pattinsons!!

3.  Kristen has indeed stated that she holds dear her relationships with the people that she dates and loves.  She would not ruin it by offering it up like a platter to the paparazzi. 
WOW!! If this isn't intimidating enough for any person let alone a shy one!! I would be very protective of any friend that was facing the public eye like this.

4.  Taylor, Kristen and Rob have worked together for a while and have rose to stardom together.  Kristen is close with Taylor and they are friends.  But I don't see any evidence of them being a couple off camera!! Evidence sorry none like the ones above or below.  Sorry there are no non PR pics to choose from they are all for PR for Summit or pics of them when they are not working together.

5.  Kristen is shy and she is reserved as we all know.  At the People's Choice Awards, when they won for Twilight, people interpreted Rob's gesture as trying to hold her hand. I looked at the video and I interpreted it as he was gently brushing her hand like this is awesome and no worries babe!! Rob always gives Kristen some non-verbal sign of assurance while she is in public. I can do a post alone on that!

They travel together all the time even for non Summit events!

He looks at her with amazement!
She touches him when we she thinks we aren't looking!
They attend private friend functions together!

They show couple body language when not on camera!

They are always taking care of each other by showing non-verbal couple behavior!! Hello! If this isn't couple behavior I don't know what is!

6.   It is almost now awkward when they are together in public facing events because, when you care and love for someone you want to show terms of endearment, like brushing against each other, hand on the leg, holding hands, and always touching a piece of that person.  Now they are folding arms trying very hard not to do those very natural things that couples do.

Hi! Were here and making the appearance for "Summit"!(As Kristen stated in her speech!)  I am doing my PR work! Behaving like a good worker bee should! Oh by the way can you tell we are very tired!!

7.  Lastly, I want to say I have nothing against Taylor at all, I just really don't believe the spark is there, if it was then I would honestly be okay with it.  It's just not there, this is a brother/sister friendship.  A protective one, because Taylor knows that she is very nervous and guarded.  There is nothing wrong with that. They are great friends!! Those are hard to find too!

There he is her man BFF! Her buddy, not her lover! The chemistry is much different! She respects him and he respects her! 

Kristen is very guarded and holds the one she loves very closely to her vest as she should.  Rob is very fun loving and has a hard time hiding who he really is and really does not get bothered with all of the politics of PR.  Kristen does not want to share their love with anyone else and nor should she have to.   They do love each other the way a couple should.  The look, the gaze, the admiration is there.  Like I said last night, if you find a man that looks at you the way Rob looks at Kristen then you have found your man! Hold on tight to that!! When a man feels that passionate about a woman there is no hiding it!! Rob does feel that passionate about it and he beams of happiness through his entire being and so does Kristen when she is not the center of the public eye's attention! 

Hello, Lets not forget Rio! It was the nail in the coffin!!

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One Response to Rob & Kristen, It is What it Is! No Denying!

  1. LOVE THIS!! I actually can't believe people can't tell the difference between the two relationships. Its ALL in the eyes though. The way she looks at Rob compared to the way she looks at Taylor is SO different. With Rob its pure and utter happiness and LOVE. With Taylor its my best friend who I love and adore and trust. Both relationships are so amazing to watch but its clear to me only one of those boys owns her heart, and its not the woof ;) (btw I love Taylor, I say that w/love and respect)


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