Mackenzie Foy To Be Transformed to Renesmee

It isn’t easy being the love child of Edward and Bella Cullen. Yes, in the final chapters of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, parts one and two, though your favorite characters face more danger than ever before, they also enjoy some more domestic pleasures. Edward and Bella get married, go off on an exotic Honeymoon, and even get pregnant (Poor Jacob Black). As we here at BSCreported when the news was fresh, the beautiful young actress Mackenzie Foy is set to portray the youngest Cullen, Renesmee. She is pictured above with the cast of Hawaii Five-0 as Lily Wilson during her guest appearance. There are a lot of factors that make Renesmee unique. She is half vampire and half human. She has a very special paranormal gift. And she ages very rapidly. This all presents many obstacles for filmmakers, but the Breaking Dawn crew may have an ace up their sleeve.

According to her Twitter account, one of the digital masters of James Cameron’s Avatar may come on board to help age Miss Foy. This was her precise Tweet: “Special effects guru Jon Bruno, Avatar, has been recruited to work on the aging process in BD to make Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) grow rapidly.”

Bruno is no stranger to Hollywood. He served as Visual Effects Supervisor for X-Men: The Last Stand, Batman Returns, and Cameron’s The Abyss.

bscreview via Twilightish

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