Kristen Stewart's Viewpoint on 'Twilight' and 'Breaking Dawn' Seduction

As you know, Kristen Stewart is the cover girl for the February, 2011 issue of Vogue. For the feature, she was interviewed by Eve MacSweeney (you can read it here, if you haven't already).

As an extra treat for readers, an interview with MacSweeney about her experience approaching her latest latest subject, Kristen Stewart, has been unveiled at in their "Reporter's Notebook" special.

One of the most interesting parts of the interview was when MacSweeney talked about Kristen Stewart's viewpoint of the Twilight series and her responsibilities to that fanbase.

Kristen takes her responsibilities to Twilight fans incredibly seriously, because she knows how important it is to them that the Bella they see on-screen is true to the character in the books, which she reads and rereads on set. She was joking about the honeymoon scene in Brazil, which she had just come back from filming. As she tries to seduce Edward (Robert Pattinson) in a sexy negligee, the crew was urging her to “shake it up a bit.” But she said, “I was like ‘Aaaah!’ I couldn’t do it. It would have gone against everything I’ve ever been used to playing with her.”

That last bit is definitely going to draw out some opinions from the fanbase. There's a moment in Breaking Dawn when Bella has to pull out all the stops, so to speak . . . but Stewart's take seems to be that this scene shouldn't turn into something unfaithful to the character's prior behaviors. Your thoughts on this interpretation?

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One Response to Kristen Stewart's Viewpoint on 'Twilight' and 'Breaking Dawn' Seduction

  1. I think she just means that it was something she'd never done before. I can understand that. She felt uncomfortable playing these 'seductress' instead of an ignorant 18 year old virgin..
    I would too, if I were in her position.


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