"Kristen Stewart Needs Vampire Confidence"

"Will K-Stew have difficulty playing the newly confident Bella vampire — or is she more comfortable as human Bella?

We’ve shrieked over Kristen Stewart’s vampire confession. We’ve thought about Kristen as a vampire mom. But now it’s time to ask whether Kristen will find it challenging transforming from the clumsy human Bella to the new, effervescent, graceful vampire she becomes.

I’m a huge Twilight fan. I have serious discussions with my friends about Team Jacob vs. Team Edward, I have a Robert Pattinson Google alert set up, I once worked with a life-size version of Taylor Lautner as Jacob next to my desk. And for the record, I love Kristen. I love the shy looks she shoots Rob, her awkward speeches, and her propensity for tripping on stage.
But these things are what make Kristen perfect for the role as Bella, a character who Stephanie Meyer portrayed as an awkward, unassuming teen. Unfortunately, these Kristen/Bella traits don’t work for the part in which she transforms into a vampire.
Vampire Bella is astonished by her beauty, delights in her graceful way of moving, and is physically the opposite of her human form. She also gains self-esteem throughout the story, coming into her gifts and projecting a confidence dreamed of by human Bella.
Will Kristen, in all of her endearing self-consciousness, be up to the task? I certainly hope so!"- this article by Lorena ONeill for Hollywood Life.
Via Twilightish

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