Kristen mention in this article about who do they want to see in a fashion campaign

The other day when I was having my weekly browse-through on (the only celebrity blog I allow myself to read), I read that Leighton Meester has been confirmed for the Missoni campaign. Accidenti, Missoni! Why these people – Blake and Leighton and the rest of them – are even mildly rated by European fashion houses is beyond me. Remind me what’s interesting about them?

The other week I was complaining about Blake Lively and her upcoming Chanel campaign. I wrote about my fondness of Kirsten Dunst and why I view her as one of the few younger celebrities, who’s interesting enough that I’d want to see her in a fashion campaign. My pondering got a lot of feedback from readers who agreed and disagreed, and so, I decided to list a few other young celebrities who I think would be suitable for campaigns.

My first choice is Riley Keogh. The daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, Riley used to model and was featured in a Dolce & Gabbana campaign back in the day. Riley’s got that rough Presley edge to her, that masculine energy which is so intense and so utterly, utterly attractive. Honestly, every time I see a picture of her mum I get all fuzzy inside. I don’t know what it is about the Presleys. Riley is the same, and I would love to see her in a campaign. Those eyes could sell sand to Bedouins. Fashion sales potential: 10/10

Second up we’ve got Kristen Stewart. Kristen has a similar energy to Riley Keogh: a kind of butch amazingness, which reminds me of a young Jodie Foster but comes across far more Brooke-Shields-in-the-1980s. By this I basically mean she’s really hot. Kristen is so unimpressed by everything that I’d love to see her forced to look impressed by something in a campaign. She’d be great for Dior Homme, for instance. Fashion sales potential: 7/10

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