Kristen Admits to Being on the Set of Eater for Elephants, Well kind of...

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Well, we all knew from what Reese had told USA Today that Kristen had visited the set:

[..] recalls Witherspoon, of their shoot. "Rob is sweet and loving and has the nicest family. Kristen (Stewart, Pattinson's girlfriend) is really sweet, too.

But it's nice to also hear from Kristen, right? Even if, it's indirectly. 
This is from the Eclipse Commentary (Around 1:23:50):

Yeah, yeah. I know ALL of you probably already caught this despite their banter and hushed tones, but I've been frequently listening to the commentary and just had to make a post about it!

If it's hard to hear this is what they're saying:

R: But he was eating blueberries. It was so cute.
K: Aww. There were blueberries everywhere.
R: Yeah, it was so cute. And it just walked onto set.
And it was only me and a couple of stunt doubles up there.
K: It didn't have marshmallows like the one on "Water for Elephants"?
Too bad you guys didn't have marshmallows or that you didn't know that yet.
R: Some cookies.

By the way, they completely discredit Kristen saying "Water for Elephants" in the subtitles.
 Hmm, I wonder why...

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  1. OMG!! GOOD CALL!! I just put up my subtitles and watched it. She say's like on Water for Elephants and in the subtitles the put "...". GOOD JOB!


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