Keira Knightley is Rob's new co-star in Cosmopolis?!

UPDATE: Keira's name is not in Alfama's Film's site anymore. Marion's name was removed too. So who is Rob's co-star in Cosmopolis? Maybe they weren't ready to announce this yet? We don't know. Let's wait for official word.

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2 Responses to Keira Knightley is Rob's new co-star in Cosmopolis?!

  1. The last actress Marion(Don't know how to spell her name) Probably pulled out because they are filming in April, and she will still be pregnant at the time. Plus, she was much older than Rob and while she would have worked well with Collin F. Kira fits better with Rob.

    This is good, I think the two Brits will look good together on screen.

  2. I hope Paul Giamitti(I'm sure that is spelled wrong)still plans to be in this movie. He is a very good actor from which Rob can learn.


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