Jackson Rathbone Talks About Twilight, His Music & Other Projects

The Daily Blam has a new interview with Jackson Rathbone. (AKA Jasper Hale.)

Talking with Jackson about the upcoming two-part film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, which is currently shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he mentioned he still had "a bit" of filming left for his role as Jasper Hale. Besides that, he remained tight-lipped about the project. When asked whether his character and Renesmee (daughter of Bella and Edward) may have any interaction not included in the novel, Jackson cryptically joked, "Shhh.... it's rabbit season!"

Ever comedic, Rathbone said he prepares for his roles in popular franchise like Last Airbender and Twilight by, "eating my veggies, drinking lots of black coffee, and going to church."

I had the time to throw one more question at Jackson, which actually came from one of our other Correspondents Christopher Lee, who wanted to know the actor's thoughts on the current craze of comic book derived movies and what, if any, comic book character would most like to portray on screen.

"It's a bigger comic universe... I always thought I'd make a great young Nightcrawler... or Forge... I've always been a huge fan of X-Men and hope to one day join in on the growing ensemble of characters. I also do like to portray bad guys... Spawn remake anyone?"

To read more of what Jackson had to say visit The Daily Blam.

Source Via TwiFans

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