Forks Toursim is Preparing for the End of a Twilight Era Already....

I thougt this article was interesting to read Twilight has such a profound effect on Forks Tourism.  The numbers are pretty staggering, if you read below.  I think they have a few years before the numbers actual drop off as we still have two and a half years until the last movie is released. 

It's been a running storyline here, there, and everywhere: Twilight fans have boosted tourism numbers for the towns of Forks and La Push ever since the books were released and especially since the film series began.
The last two years, particularly, seemed to mark an all-time high point for tourism in these areas. For instance, in 2009, the number of tourists which came to the town in July alone exceeded all of 2008's tourist numbers. More on that here. Also, the town got a bit of a facelift to recognize its Twilight ties in 2009. Read here for more on that.
Now, though, the town of Forks is bracing itself for the end of Twilight tourism.
According to Peninsula Daily News, the Forks Chamber of Commerce met this week to discuss the status of their finances, and the subject of Twilight's end became a big issue.
"This year when we were budgeting, we dropped the numbers back to 2008 numbers for sales tax" . . . "All we can do is monitor it and be aware that it won't last forever" . . . "We all know Twilight won't last forever" . . . "We have been lucky because Twilight, in many ways, has floated us through what has been a very difficult time for many cities."
Already, Twilight tourism numbers are in decline for Forks.
In November, the center had 1,749 people, compared with 2,935 in November 2009. December dropped from 2,540 in 2009 to 1,825 in 2010. But overall, the visitor count rose to 73,000 in 2010 versus 69,975 in 2009.
If, like many fans have said, a trip to Forks is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity for Twilight fans, perhaps many of them have already taken their one. Your thoughts?

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