Flashback – Part 3 of the Fan Encounter with Rob at the UK “New Moon” Fan Event

Third installment of our story about of Paola’s experience , this time at New Moon premiere , will she finally see Robert close? E. .. and will be her only time? .. as you can read, there there will be another chance for her. Happy reading to you all

Paola continues: For the first time in my life I seriously feared that I can feel bad. The heart was beating so fast that I can’t control it . The blood throbbed in my neck and I was afraid that something could really happen to me. I felt very tense. I felt pain in his chest. I started to pray for my mother, from the sky above , to help my heart not to make jokes at me, at least not before the arrival of Rob. I counted the minutes that were missing on his arrival: Less than 3 hours, less than 2.55 .. OMG! Then some dark van and cars, and every time my heart would stop, but they were all false alarms. Looking at that curve to check all the cara was a torture. Then the screams became so high that I felt they were the clear signal that car the dark total delirium. It was him, ROBERT PATTINSON IN PERSON. At that point I did not hear anything: I have not heard my heart (as far as I know it could also have stopped), I did not feel the cold, I did not even feel my body. Total concentration to try to absorb more details and memories as possible. I tried not to lose sight of him.

How beautiful and elegant he was!. Coat with the collar turned up, dark suit, white shirt. As he was so beautiful with that coat! He was perfect. WONDERFUL! He started with an initial interview, but then he went to the crowd for the autographs and did all the rounds of the hurdles, even where they were almost in darkness. When he arrived where I was I could not believe he was one step from me. BLOODY SMILING ALWAYS. He wrote his autograph to my copy of Vanity Fair bought that same day (I keep that copy as he touched it because he took it with his left hand, touched it there are his fingerprints on !!!). But I wanted him to look at me, for once in my life, to see each other eyes for a moment but he was suffering at the same time the onslaught of dozens of fans who once offered him something to sign, spoke to him and shouted above. With some fan he even exchanged jokes, but most of the time he seemed dazed, as he was called by everyone. With my poor English I told him I had come to Florence for him and that I was one of the extra in Montepulciano. He was not looking at me but I was sure he heard me because he answered something I did not understand and he said “Montepulciano”.

Another thing I wanted so much: to touch him, being able to touch a part of his body, but I was afraid to raise his arm towards him, fear that the giant bodyguards took my arm and broke it in two. Then I slipped down the arm, between my body and his body and I succeded in touching his left hand while he was holding a book or something to sign. A contact for a few seconds, but the electricity that went through my body from it, finally blew the few synapses that still worked. I never heard a skin so smooth. Keep in mind that my story is detailed in every detail, but it all took place within a few moments. He had just crossed my area, and there came Taylor Lautner and those girls around me, which did not disdain to had autograph from Rob, became crazy and I was literally overwhelmed. Team Jacob. Ugh!

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