Flashback: Fan Reports Her “New Moon” Experience as an Extra in Montepulciano – Part 2

Our story of Paola’s experience continues. She is decided to see Robert Pattinson. And we left her yesterday ready to play one of the New Moon extras will she be able to see Robert? Good Read to you…

Paola continues: I was there, in Montepulciano, to play in a Hollywood movie, but not in a common one. That movie! I was in a movie, with Robert Pattinson. Really? I felt like muffled in a parallel world. I am convinced that I had a stupid expression on my face all the time. Everything seemed wonderful, even the bad things (and there were!). I have been included on both days in group A, the adults, one, considered more responsible (… naive), and we were positioned closer to the actors. It was the only time I felt happy with my age . So the first day I found myself at the front door of city hall, but we did not see anything (we are the ones that when Alice enters the doorway can be glimpsed over the door ), while the second day we were placed in the front row Bella to be an obstacle her in her running to the fountain and to Edward. We had to obstruct the passage. I was a few feet beyond the fountain.

A woman from the production came and asked me to help her if I saw some frantic girl bother Stewart (yes of course, why not ? But if I was close to Robert had to look for someone else to protect it. I wouldn’t be the reaponsible adult too! Nah, kidding! this is not true! In fact I’d never do anything that would annoy him). Watching the movie after m, I can not locate myself. But in the dvd, in the extra I found my self. What did I expect from the shooting? Nothing, because I did not know what might happen. What I did not expect? I did not expect that the real actors could run with us. I SWEAR! I wanted to participate in the excitement of being in the same film with Robert Pattinson, but I thought that the shooting would be done separately, with us the ins and them apart. But then I did not expect the same scene was repeated so many times and there were so many dead time.

Question: Have you been able to see or to meet Robert on the set of New Moon? What emotions did you feel? How was your first contact with Robert?
I saw Robert but I could certainly not try to speak with him. The first day I was just the first at the gate of the town hall when Robert (I had not seen him coming) came out. Practically there was the car in front of the door and I was a few yards beyond. He came out quickly looking up the car and went up there immediately. Only for a split second he looked up towards the square and ran a smile to us. And nothing more. This was the very first time I saw Robert. It happened so fast, and that smile struck me the brain. I thought that I would not see him again, and I was desperate because I was not able to “photograph” it “mentally” well. I did not remember his features, his hair; I did not remember his face as a whole but only his mouth and his smile. How was that possible? I HAD SEEN ROBERT and I could not remember his face. I wanted to cry!

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