Flashback: Amazing Robsten Video- life imitating art? BY the lovely @HoneyBuzy

Wanted to post this because This is the first video that i ever saw of Robsten- First time i totally fell inlove with the idea of Robsten- First time such a strong connection made me cry!! Well you get the point! If you havent seen this video and i hope there arent that many, it will totally make cry- Good luck:) 

RK love is so strong that it makes me sigh, squee, cry and smile all at the same time.

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3 Responses to Flashback: Amazing Robsten Video- life imitating art? BY the lovely @HoneyBuzy

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! One of my very FAVORITE vids from HoneyBuzy ...go watch Life Imitating Art 2

  2. Alma, you really are too good to me hun:) This video was probably the quickest vid i ever put together, i think it only took me two or three days to finish. I was
    procrastinating a uni assignment, heard the song and I guess felt inspired? But it really is just the song, its heartbreaking and kills me everytime I hear it.

    Also I love your new layout♥ your banner is beautiful, Rob looks so cute whenever he kisses her *sigh**
    and you really feed everyones Robsten addiction with your lovely blog so i guess it goes both ways;)

    Hope ur surviving the drought, can't wait to see their pretty faces soon, i miss them;( Jess xx

  3. Hi love:) Well thanks to you i fell inlove with Robten so thank you for that:) and also thank you for the blog compliments:) We try, lol and yes i hope we all survive, wedding happening as we speak maybe? cant wait until they move to VC hopefully we'll be able to see them more there:) Keep doing what you do bb! Your videos are so amazing:) *mwah*


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