E! Bitch-Back! What Next For Kristen Stewart?

Dear Ted:
I like to think I'm part of the group of Twilight fans who can laugh about how ridiculous it is sometimes. I mean "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb," come on! It's cheese city, but that's why they call them guilty pleasures, right?! I was wondering about this Snow White Kristen Stewart thing, are we talking a Disney remake or a dark look at the fairy tale? I love K.Stew, but I don't see her dressing up as a princess anytime soon! Love ya boo!
Dear Prissy Princess:
Hell no, this is going to be a much edgier flick. Think Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfreid—but not as terrible looking (yes, I am judging a movie by its trailer). It's perfect edgy-but-A-list material for our real-life princess in love, Kristen.


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