Day 2 Construction of the Swan House for Breaking Dawn *New Pics + Info

These construction workers move fast.  It has only been two days and they have the roof on the structure.  The House is in several pieces and the constructions is like putting together a lego house. The windows will probably go in tomorrow or the next day.  Everything should be ready by the third week of February.
I have also been told production will be returning to Burke Mountain and the Black House in Coquitlam. 
It is less that five weeks until Vancouver welcomes the cast of the Twilight Saga.  The main cast will arrive and make themselves comfortable but we will be welcoming many new cast members as well.
I am looking forward to hearing about the behind the scenes juice and hopefully get some great tips and leads for new locations around Vancouver from fans and those in the know.  

Many people have been asking me if this house will be on my Movie Location Tour and the answer is yes.  I will amend the current Tour route to include this location while the structure is in Kerry Park.  The time will be fleeting and I know from past experience, this is a Fan Favorite as far as Movie Locations go.
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Photos by Christine Kilpatrick
Blog Reporting by Christine Kilpatrick

Thanks to Newsgirl News

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  1. I never realized what it takes to make a movie and the cost in the millions of dollars. Now, I see why, like putting this house together, paying the workers, etc. I never really though about it before. New Moon made $700 million and that is not counting the DVD's which I think was close to $200 million and time everyone and everything was paid, Summit grossed #445 million. Now, I see why.


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