Rob, A Walk Down Memory Lane! Rob in All His Tuxes!! Enjoy!!

Well Ladies, It is about that time! We are T Minus 36 hours till we see that gorgeous man in his penguin suit! I mean really what is he going to wear? Of course a tux but what kind of tux!? Hmm... Are we all sitting on the edge of our seats barely holding on to those panties?  I thought I would take you all down memory lane! I mean there is so much to be grateful for! Rob has graced us with so much dapperness this past few years! So in honor of Rob gracing us with his manliness tomorrow here is some oldies but goodies that I threw together!! Whether he is in black or that gorgeous Gucci suit, we will take it any way we can get it!  Even though Rob loves his jeans and flannels, he cleans up quite nicely if I do say so!! He makes my mouth water that's for sure! Although it is pretty unlikely that Kristen will show up, I think it will be nice to see Rob out anyways, maybe a red carpet walk and talking about Water for Elephants and Breaking Dawn.  Either way I will take what I can get at this point! Really, what a great week this will turn out to be. Kristen in Vogue!! Amazing! (Now if I could find the damn issue already?!) Rob pics of him holding a baby on set! (Holy Shit! Really! I can't take anymore of that.) Lastly, Rob presenting at the Golden Globes. Tomorrow will be great and I can't wait! Award season is the best season! The gowns, the movies, and more PR time for Rob and Kristen!! Enjoy! ~Ruby


Love Rob in his Five O'Clock Shadow!!

Hello!! I Love Your Little Bow Tie!!

Hello You are Killing Me with Your Sex Eyes!! 

DAYUMM!! Love the Sunglasses!!

Am I boring you all yet with all this Rob in Tuxedos!! Hell No!! I will keep going!!

I just want to snap those suspenders!! Oh and He is smoking stop now! 

 Seriously! Can I give you anymore!?

 UNF!! Rob in a White Suit!! My Fav!

I think I've proven my point! Rob in a tux is the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways! White Tux, Black Tux, Maroon Tux we aren't picky! We will take him any way we can get him!! But really he dazzles in anything that he wears!!

Lastly, I saw Rob on the big screen last night for the preview of Water for Elephants!! Holy Hell, he really is gorgeous! This might be my favorite character yet! It gave me the chills and damn he looked so handsome in his tuxedo!! Real men love elephants at least in my book they do!!


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