Breaking Dawn Casting News: Eliza Faria As "Little Renesmee" (IMDB)

Five year old, Eliza Faria, began her acting career when she landed her first role in a Lysol Disinfectant commercial at the age of two. Her subsequent TV commercial work includes Cisco The Human Network and Hasbro Scatterpillar. She appeared as a featured background actor in an episode of Smallville and as a victim of a cougar attack in a television documentary, Animal Planet. Eliza began working in student and independent films in 2009 and has completed nine projects and two music videos. For the past six months she has been working weekly with Clint Mayers of First Call Casting, learning acting, directing and editing. She is an active member of Vancouver All Star competitive cheerleading.

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One Response to Breaking Dawn Casting News: Eliza Faria As "Little Renesmee" (IMDB)

  1. Bella, did you cheat on Edward, cause this new Renesmee is looking a little like Jake if you ask me. lol.

    I think they are just using this girls body and Mackenzie's head, but she looks more like Taylor and Kris's kid then Rob and Kris's kid.

    Mackenzie has the best Robsten love child face and I hope they keep her for all ages of Renesmee


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