Award Show Schedule as We Know it!!

Okay I have been trying to gather some useful information and here is what I have. Please if you use this please source us! Thanks!! Ruby

Golden Globes to Air January 16th on NBC Live 8ET/5PT
Hosting will be Ricky Gervais and there will be a live stream but it is not posted up at this point.  Closer to the showing I will post. Please stay tuned....
Rob is confirmed to present and Kristen is unknown at this point.
Click here for more information on Golden Globes.

 A little insider of what is to come this week!! I can't wait!
Via @kstewangel

BAFTA to Air in London Live on February 13th.  As of this time Kristen is not confirmed to attend but it is custom for the previous year's winner to present the new winner the award. I will post the stream when it is up.  I have a feeling she will be attending this but unknown at this point. Stay tuned.....Please go here for more information.

Lastly, Oscar will be airing live February 27th on ABC.  Anne Hatheway and James Franco will be hosting this year's event.  Kristen did attend last year, but at this time there is no confirmation on whether Rob or Kristen will be attending. WE will definitely be up on this and post more information as it develops. For more information please go here

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