Alice Braga & Steve Buscemi talk 'On The Road'

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Alice Braga.....recently wrapped picture On The Road.Based on the classic beat generation novel from Jack Kerouac, the Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) directed picture stars Country Strong actor Garrett Hedlund as the restless traveling spirit, Dean Moriarty. “It was a very challenging thing because (producers) have been trying to make a film from this book for a long time,” said Braga. “I was very familiar with it because I had read the book when I was a teenager and my father loves Kerouac. So it was very interesting to get the chance to work with Walter Salles who does a lot of road films and especially to be part of American literature.” (she mentions On The Road producer Francis Ford Coppola and The Rite co-star Colin O’Donoghue in the clip).

Your next film is On The Road [based on the book by Jack Kerouac]. With such a major novel, is there pressure to get the film right? Well, there’s no pressure on me! I just play a travelling salesman who picks up the young lads. I don’t want to give away too much because I’m really only in a couple of scenes. I just love the book and I’m glad that it’s finally being made into a film.

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