Actor Scott Caan doesn't know who Robert Pattinson is

Do you think this is your time as an actor? You have a different appeal than the current breed of guys out there. You're not like Robert Pattinson.
SC: Who?

ESQ: Robert Pattinson. The vampire guy. The Twilight guy.
SC: I don't know who he is.


Umm Seriously???? WOW...

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2 Responses to Actor Scott Caan doesn't know who Robert Pattinson is

  1. Hasn't McKenzie been acting on his show, can't remember the name of it. Surely she would talk about Breaking Dawn to the cast. Has this man been hiding his head in the sand or did he want to be the first to admit he didn't know Rob for the publicity. I really don't care for I have never liked him as an actor. I did like his father though.

  2. Ummmm... yeah... right... and i believe it... *rolls eyes*


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