411 on what happened on with those RK sightings, Tweet recopilaition for those that may be lost:)

The IW Gazette is a newspaper for the people of the Isle of Wight.They are reporting they saw Rob only and that there were 300 raging fans waiting outside for an autograph... See the tweets. Click on the images to make them larger, wait it gets better.

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The tweets bellow from a the Island's Brand New Local Magazine Isle of Wight News, and they are claiming they saw BOTH rob and kristen and that what the other newspaper above are just to wind up the fans since they haven't heard anything about that. So read the tweets and you be the judge. I know so random right? Lets see who's right? 


This next one is from one who claims to have seen them at the airport, well not her but she saw this on FB?? + some other tweets.... 

  • It seems a lot of the cast is back in Baton Rouge this morning. So the airport sighting is not implausible. idk
  • So the IOW Chronicle and the IOW Gazette are both reporting that they're still on the isle, in Cowes. *gives up and goes back to lurking*
  • And another ~sighting in Cowes, from Ventnor blog: "They are in Cowes right now! Waiting for the RedJet but there is police in the parade."
The following are from @RPattzBaby

  • IDK if IW Gazette and IW chronicle are same like many popsugars . . both are posting Cowes sighting
  • It's only Rob signing autographs , as usual he is shielding Kristen from this mess I bet. #protectiverob (i smile at this)
  •  The Red Jet has arrived around 20 minutes ago. I wonder if R/K managed to get out of the cafe. (
red_ferries 17:31 - Red Eagle has arrived at East Cowes
red_ferries 18:01 - Red Eagle is leaving East Cowes
(this is where hopefully RK left the island in
  • I hope they were able to get away, they may have a flight to catch , that is if they won't use private plane ;)
  • WHAT IF. . IOW drama are all BS and the 1 BR sighting is 1 true? lmaooo . .we will know soon anyway.
  • Gazette said seabreeze cafe but I read a tweet that Sea Breeze closes at 4pm Sunday and is on other side of the town lmao
  • It may be true. IW_GAZETTE said pics to follow. . Most of the cast now in BR or within US except RK
  • ILuvRobAndKris They must be getting a train..or getting picked up..as the west cowes ferry does not have vehicle access. Its foot/bike.
  • lol Chronicle deleted tweet that they maybe wrong 1% lmao, so maybe gazette is right rotfl
Okay so to sum up, both newsapers claiming to have seen them, one more then the other, We shall wait and see for pics, until then i think it may all be bs:) You be the judge and tell me what you think k? 

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