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Old/New Video Of Rob Talking about Kristen

I-You guys both talked about how you had such natural chemistry when you first got on set. Would you been able to fake it if you didn’t have that or was that vital to the shoot?

RP- I don’t know, I mean I guess I don’t know if I was faking it the whole time, I have no idea but I don’t know we definitely had a strange dynamic like um it didn’t feel like, it was kind of I mean I was just kind of intimidated by her and is weird and at the same time I thought you’re younger than me you can’t intimidate me so you’re kind of fighting it yourselves all the time which I guess kind of worked for it.

I-Why were you so intimidated?

RP- She’s just like I don’t know just something about her like right from the um test she’s like I don’t know there’s like a fiercesomeness if that’s a real word um fierceness not fiercesomeness um yeah it just seems like she’s got there is an anger behind her quietness and also she doesn’t feel the need to speak like I always find that, that freaks me out I have to keep talking the whole time and then with someone who just sits there and doesn’t say anything is always really embarrassing.

I-But you were able to work it out and you actually developed the chemistry
RP- Yeah it became like a really strange it really was like cause every scene is just really intense we, it just became like a sort of bubble like separate from the cast and separate from other people and stuff which I guess was the whole point in the movie.

I-You also had so many intimate scenes with her is that kind of weird to just walk away after the shooting is done?
RP-Yeah I guess it was always weird.


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Recent cast tweets regarding Breaking Dawn

Thanks To TwilightPoison Via Twilightish

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Cosmopolis- The 411 on the story *Spoiler alert* Thanks so much to @DrownInIt

So we know Rob is starting in a new movie called Cosmopolis right? That it's supposed to be Rob's next big hit (which i btw i think its crap because i think WFE will be just as successful) But what do you really know about the story its self? Well the lovely ladies at DrownInIt have made a summary of the story for us. Keep in mind there are spoilers if you haven't yet read the book. Enjoy:)

*MAJOR SPOILERS* for #Cosmopolis, the NOVEL (not script) this a way-->

Full disclaimer: This only covers the novel, I have no idea what Cronenberg plans for the adaptation nor if Cotiallard is still involved though I'd be shocked if in the Rob version, she plays his wife.

Not the kind of movie I'd see (or novel I'd read) w/out Rob but very curious to see what he does with it.


Eric Packer really truly is the lead. He shares scenes with other people but it's his story.

There is a lot of potential for Rob to really make an impression on screen if he can nail the remote, commanding businessman. He has a lot to do and a lot of story to convey with not a lot of action/plot.

Richard Sheets aka Benno Levin (Packer's killer) - probably the second biggest character, a loser who was fired by Packer before the novel's start and has lost everything, he plans & gets revenge on him.

There are 5 female characters of interest in Packer's life

Elise Shifrin (his wife) - 25, he's not that interested in her but she keeps popping up throughout his day, they decide to separate at one point but then briefly reconcile and have sex (for the first time in their relationship) in an abandoned building toward the novel's end.

Didi Fancher (art dealer/mentor/long term lover) - 47, seems to be the woman he is closest to, goes to see her in the morning, they make love and then have an argument of sorts over his values, we don't see her again

Kendra Hayes (Packer's security detail) - in the background throughout, but Packer has one key scene with her where they sleep together in a hotel and then she uses her stun gun on him at his request

Jane Melman (Packer's chief of finance) - mid 30s, single mom, blonde, sorta pretty, they have a prolonged exchange in the limo abt the future of his company, Packer has a medical exam in the presence of Jane which is probably the most erotic scene in the novel but v brief, it's implied they both orgasm but they never touch and both remain fully clothed (well he's getting a prostate exam at the time so he's dropped trou), Jane seems concerned when she leaves him but anxious to get away

Vija Kinski (Packer's chief of theory) - bohemian, greying hair, very interesting character and probably the most significant of "Packer's women" though they don't do anything beyond talk, she's with Packer through a detailed protest and is a kind of soothsayer in the novel for Packer, pivotal character

There are 3 major sequences that have great cinematic potential:

-A major anarchist revolution is staged,
-An Indian rapper's funeral procession complete with whirling dervishes in the street,
-A film sequence that features 300 naked extras all lying on the ground as though they're dead in which Packer decides to participate
Packer also shoots and kills his chief security guy (Torval) on a basketball court so that could be staged with/for scope.

The majority however is set in Packer's limo save for the final sequence which is a confrontation between Packer and Benno Levin in the building where Levin is squatting.

IMO, it's foreshadowed pretty early on that Packer will die- Levin's confession to the murder is inserted early in the novel, though we're not certain it's Packer he's talking about at the time.

The novel itself is intentionally theoretical and the more Pynchon-esque qualities are going to be hard to get across on film eg; there's a pastry assassin who pies his victims (including Eric).

There's a lot of symbolism and rhetoric and DeLillo is a very academic writer so lots of references to other modern novels (Packer as a modern day Gatsby is broached more than once) as well as modernist techniques which I appreciated as a reader but obvs won't make it to the screen.

It's a guy, who has everything and sets out to lose it to be free and does a lot of questionable shit in the course of a day and then is killed.

Though- potentially, his death scene could not be in the film.
Throughout the day, he looks into various e-screens and sees things a fraction of a second before they happen. That's how Packer learns of his death and we know he's dead from Benno's earlier confession but the book concludes before he's actually killed, though he has shot himself in the hand.

Again thank you so much to DrownInIt who made this summary for us. Greatly appreciated:) Love you ladies. Thanks for the support:) *mwah*

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Flashback: Fan Reports Her “New Moon” Experience as an Extra in Montepulciano – Part 2

Our story of Paola’s experience continues. She is decided to see Robert Pattinson. And we left her yesterday ready to play one of the New Moon extras will she be able to see Robert? Good Read to you…

Paola continues: I was there, in Montepulciano, to play in a Hollywood movie, but not in a common one. That movie! I was in a movie, with Robert Pattinson. Really? I felt like muffled in a parallel world. I am convinced that I had a stupid expression on my face all the time. Everything seemed wonderful, even the bad things (and there were!). I have been included on both days in group A, the adults, one, considered more responsible (… naive), and we were positioned closer to the actors. It was the only time I felt happy with my age . So the first day I found myself at the front door of city hall, but we did not see anything (we are the ones that when Alice enters the doorway can be glimpsed over the door ), while the second day we were placed in the front row Bella to be an obstacle her in her running to the fountain and to Edward. We had to obstruct the passage. I was a few feet beyond the fountain.

A woman from the production came and asked me to help her if I saw some frantic girl bother Stewart (yes of course, why not ? But if I was close to Robert had to look for someone else to protect it. I wouldn’t be the reaponsible adult too! Nah, kidding! this is not true! In fact I’d never do anything that would annoy him). Watching the movie after m, I can not locate myself. But in the dvd, in the extra I found my self. What did I expect from the shooting? Nothing, because I did not know what might happen. What I did not expect? I did not expect that the real actors could run with us. I SWEAR! I wanted to participate in the excitement of being in the same film with Robert Pattinson, but I thought that the shooting would be done separately, with us the ins and them apart. But then I did not expect the same scene was repeated so many times and there were so many dead time.

Question: Have you been able to see or to meet Robert on the set of New Moon? What emotions did you feel? How was your first contact with Robert?
I saw Robert but I could certainly not try to speak with him. The first day I was just the first at the gate of the town hall when Robert (I had not seen him coming) came out. Practically there was the car in front of the door and I was a few yards beyond. He came out quickly looking up the car and went up there immediately. Only for a split second he looked up towards the square and ran a smile to us. And nothing more. This was the very first time I saw Robert. It happened so fast, and that smile struck me the brain. I thought that I would not see him again, and I was desperate because I was not able to “photograph” it “mentally” well. I did not remember his features, his hair; I did not remember his face as a whole but only his mouth and his smile. How was that possible? I HAD SEEN ROBERT and I could not remember his face. I wanted to cry!

Visit Robert Pattinson Moms to read the rest!

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The Release Date For Water for Elephants In Sweden

Title: Water For Elephants

Director: Francis Lawrence

Genre: Drama

Actors: Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson etc.

Release Date: 2011-04-22

Check out the trailer with swedish subtitles here

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Reshoots Reportedly On The Way For Water for Elephants

Emily Gregorio is an extra on the film. We don't know if Rob will be part of the reshoots, but he will be in LA on Sunday for the Golden Globes so anything is possible.

Source robertpattinsonnews Via blogtwibrasil Via Gossip_Dance

Update: whatsplaying claims to have inside scoop the re-shoots:

Two different sources confirmed for me today that the film is undergoing reshoots this month.

One told me, “I’m being told that director Francis Lawrence has been asked to reshoot some of the movie - someone wants the film, which is a very stylistic almost jigsaw-puzzle of a film, to appeal to a broader audience than what it will in it’s current form (read : more commercial). That doesn’t mean it’s a poor film, in fact I could be a brilliant piece, it’s just a studio making sure they get the most bums on seats possible.”

Another, who has somewhat of a link to the production, says “It’s all good. The film is brilliant, man. Oscars 2012. Mark My Words. But yeah, what you’ve heard is true - we are doing new stuff. It’s all secondary character stuff”

The first scene to be reshot “involves a 9-month old baby (blue-eyed) who is going to playing with a small dog - a Jack Russell, I believe”, I was informed earlier today.

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Bel Ami to debut at the Berlin Film Festival?

A Swedish blogger says that Bel Ami is one of the films being screened at the Berlin Film Festival (10-20 February) and also in Cannes. At present, none of the official programs of these festivals has come out yet so for now we will take this news as a rumor until it becomes official.

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Water for Elephants mentioned in article about Christoph Waltz New Movie.

'Twas a life-defining moment on August 28th, 2010 when many of us first saw Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds. Since then, things have changed: my standards for foreign actors have skyrocketed, the Water For Elephants adaptation seems not only watchable but even potentially good, fluently speaking only three languages quite frankly seems lazy. When said deity was announced as the villain in The Green Hornet, lives were changed. Watch this featurette and see Christoph discuss his world-altering ways.

Here is the Trailer of "The Green Hornet"

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Breaking Dawn Will Start Filming in Vancouver in only 3 Weeks

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
"And... the Twilight countdown begins. Just three weeks, vampire fans, until Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Launter touch down in Vancouver for filming of Breaking Dawn."

vancouversun thanks KstewAngel via gossip-dance

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MTV Latin America – Vote “Breaking Dawn: Part 1″ as the Most Anticipated Film of 2011

2010 was a great year for movie fans, and 2011 is shaping up to be just as exciting.
Here are a list of ten movies that have us excited. At the end of the note, vote for your favorite in the poll!

The final two parts of the series starts this year. The newlyweds said Bella and Edward is tested by a series of betrayals and a threat that could (again) to destroy the world.
With Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Directed by Bill Condon.

CLICK HERE to vote!

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E! Online – Despite Earlier Assumptions, Rob and Zac Efron Didn’t Hang Out in Louisiana

Football and The Pattz? Yeah… that doesn’t mesh well.

“I did get to meet a lot of them,” Zac told us at Audi and J. Mendel’s Golden Globes party earlier this week. “We were like the teen dream team,” laughed Zac when we joked that teen girls everywhere were dying at the Efron-Twilight crossover. “We had some fun.”

Mischievous kind of fun?

“What did we do…” paused Efron. “Oh, well we went to the Saints game. That was a lot of fun, and, you know, went out.”

We’re going to interpret that long pause as a “what can I actually say to a reporter” moment.

Zac hung tight down in Louisiana with Kellan Lutz, who also was at the Saints game and certainly isn’t a stranger to having a good time (in the best kind of way). Those two have a bunch of mutual friends, so we hope those hotties hang again soon! Shirtless, if possible.

We think Z.E. has more in common with Lutz than with Taylor Lautner, who also attended the game.

“They were great, I hope [to hang out again].”

As do we. But bring Robert Pattinson along next time will ya? That’s a photo op we need to see.

Source Via Spunk-Ransom

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David Duchovny is Team Twilight Guys!

If I were gay, you know. I think Woody Allen is one of a long list of men I might go gay for,” the former "X-Files" actor told the celebrity blog.

“Oh and anyone in the 'Twilight' movies. I don’t know any of their names, but all of them. The wolves, the vampires? They’re all fantastic," the 50-year-old added.
Read more

Source Via TwiFans

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Bryce Dallas Howard Fears Passionate Rob-Fans

Bryce Dallas Howard was interviewed by The Daily Mail recently and was asked about her Twilight experience. Here’s what she had to say about working with Rob:
It was the popcorn hits that placed her centre stage: Spider-Man 3, Terminator Salvation and her splashiest role so far, as the evil vampire Victoria in last year’s Twilight instalment Eclipse, opposite Kristen Stewart and heart-throbs Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, who were mobbed in Vancouver where they were filming. “The fans are very passionate,” she says, “but Rob is totally humble and embarrassed about all the attention.” She agrees that he is gorgeous. “I just knew that, in our fight scene, if I messed up his hair millions of young women would want to kill me.”
Source PattinsonOnline via Gossip_Dance

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New/Old Fan Pictures Of Rob and Kristen At The UK 'New Moon' Premiere

Thanks To RPLife

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Showtime exclusive~Melissa Rosenburg & Peter Facinelli talk Eclipse & Breaking Dawn

Thanks to TwiFans

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New/Old Outtakes Kristen From Photoshoot Beverly Wilshire Hotel (2008)

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Scans of ELLE Magazine Talking About On the Road and The Runaways (Brazil)

Thanks to kristenteam Via twilightfever Via Gossip_Dance

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Dance All Night Long At BreakingDawn Party In Baton Rouge!?

The ‘Breaking Dawn’ cast is currently filming their final battle scenes, and they finally got a break from their grueling schedule to let loose!

Vampires know how to party — at least that’s what the cast of Breaking Dawn is tweeting! Vampires and werewolves came together Jan. 8, for what cast members are calling “a crazy fun Saturday night!” We know the Volturi and Cullens were shooting their promotional posters that same day, so it seems they threw a bash after! It’s probably likely that it was also a bit of a going away party too, since most of the Volturi scenes have been shot, and Dakota Fanning will be leaving!

Judi Shekoni [Zafrina] couldn’t hide her her excitement any longer and finally tweeted the morning after!

“Been super busy shooting … and had a wonderful night out dancing with the cast yesterday, it’s official vampires have rhythm!”

Andrea Gabriel [Kebi] echoed her excitement by hitting up his Twitter to tell fans “Crazy fun Saturday night. Crazy brutal Sunday morning (um, afternoon)… These vampires sure can party.”

We can’t wait to find a leaked pic of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson breaking it down with the cast!

Peter Facinelli: ”Photo shoot today for BD … maybe I can put a request to be Mr. November Vampire in the calendar. That’s my bday month.”

Andrea Gabriel: “Crazy fun Saturday night. Crazy brutal Sunday morning (um, afternoon)… These vampires sure can party.

Cameron Bright: “Yesterday was Volturi photo shoot and press day. Not sure when the interviews for media will be aired so stay tune.”

Daniel Cudmore: “I was a dancing machine last night!”

Thanks to hollywoodlife Via Gossip_Dance

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Picture of Robert with Kristen's Parents

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Ashley greene is glad to have Kristen join the Cullen Family

MTV: What "Breaking Dawn" scene are you most excited to film?

Greene: Most excited to film and see would be the big fight sequence against the Volturi. As a cast, we like to do as many of our own stunts as possible, so it's fun and challenging to shoot those scenes. Jeff Imada, the stunt coordinator, is such a blast to work with as well. I'm learning so much from him.
MTV: Tell us about Bill Condon's style on set. How does he differ from prior "Twilight" directors?
Greene: "There's no way to describe what it's like working with Bill Condon except incredible! He is so professional, patient and a fantastic leader. I get excited going to set every day knowing I get to work with him. Each director has brought such a different energy and perspective to the films. Bill is very relaxed and authoritative, in a good way. I feel very comfortable working with him.
MTV: Kristen Stewart said at the People's Choice Awards that she filmed some scenes as a vampire. What was your reaction to seeing Kristen as a vamp?
Greene: Glad to have her officially join the Cullen family!

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Kristen Stewart Not Expected at Golden Globes

It looks like Kristen Stewart will not be joining Robert Pattinson at the Golden Globes.
When Gossip Cop asked whether Stewart would be there, an event organizer told us, ”Not that we’ve heard.”
A rep for Stewart did not respond to calls.
Pattinson will be a presenter at the ceremony, along with Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Bruce Willis, Leighton Meester, Jimmy Fallon and a host of other stars.
The ceremony will be broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel on NBC this Sunday, January 16.
NOTE: Things tend to change closer to the date of the awards and, if they do, Gossip Cop will post updates as soon as we find out.

I have a big FROWN in my face :( 

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Kristen Stewart is TeenVogue "Beauty Look Of The Week"


Who: Kristin Stewart

Where: People's Choice AwardsThe Look: Kristin Stewart looked so stunning at the People's Choice Awards! It's so nice to see her looking so happy...although who wouldn't look extra happy with a gorgeous dress, perfect hair, and a prime cuddling seat next to RPattz all evening? Anyway...Kristen's perfectly tousled waves and rosy cheeked flush make her our beauty look of the week!

Get the Look: Frederic Fekkai stylist Adir Abergel was the mastermind behind Kristin's low maintenance waves. "First I applied Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Volume Styling Whip throughout the hair. I blow dried her hair with my hands until it was almost dry. Then, I used a round brush to dry the rest of the hair straight and smooth. Next, I curled her hair with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron and combined Fekkai Coiff Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray with Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing cream to create full, sexy texture that would last all

Thanks to Kstewartnews for the find:)

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Breaking Dawn Filming Pictures In The French Magazine "Dream Up"



twilight-belgium via| via

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Look long and lean on the red carpet like Kristen Stewart

If there's one style secret every woman can steal from Hollywood, it's the slimming power of nude heels. Some actresses have mile-long gams, but for those who don't, looking long and lean on the red carpet takes some styling tricks. Regardless of your body type, a skin-toned high heel paired with a bare leg (or flesh-toned hosiery) elongates the body, creating an uninterrupted line from your waist to the floor. Kristen StewartBlake Lively,Taylor Swift, and other celebrities turn to a pair of nude pumps when it comes time to play the role of statuesque beauty.

Kristen Stewart at the French premiere of New Moon in nude heels

Twilight star Kristen Stewart knows what works for her pale complexion. At the French premiere of New Moon, Stewart stepped into a sophisticated look with the help of nude peep-toe pumps.

Via @Kstewartnews|via

Posted in | Leave a comment Gives Rob a Chance to Shine in “Cosmopolis”

Personally, I do think that Pattinson may have a bit more talent than a role like Edward in the Twilight series may suggest, and there is no other filmmaker more suited to getting that type of performance out of a young actor than Cronenberg. Toss in a “slightly futuristic metropolis” setting, and you could have quite an intriguing film.

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#'Twiligh Film Scene Recreated With LEGOs


I'm an enormous film fan and when I was growing up everybody had a big bucket of Lego or knew somebody who did," says film student Alex Eylar, 22, of Oakland, Calif.

The aspiring screenwriter began collecting LEGOs when he was five years old and now he boasts somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 pieces in his collection, which he now uses to recreate classic movie scenes.

"I make all my Lego projects at a table in the corner of [my] living room. I've got five of those big plastic drawer bureaus, filled with pieces divided by color, style, function. For smaller projects, the build can be finished in less than half an hour. It all depends on the amount of detail and the scale of the scene," he tells Paul Andrews of

Eylar, who is studying for his Master's degree in screenwriting at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., says it's the photography that takes the longest because he needs to get the effects right - and that could lead to days of work. Although he says the James Bond scene only took him a few minutes.

And none of the LEGO pieces are custom made. "I'm too much of a purist," he says, preferring to utilize only original blocks.

But what happens to these miniature movie sets after he's finished photographing them?

"After each set is built and photographed I tear it down. I can't afford to keep them built - I need the pieces," he says.

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Will Kristen Stewart Do the Oscars Over the Globes?

Kristen StewartAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Kristen Stewart's name was noticeably absent from the list of presenters for the Golden Globes this Sunday, but Krisbian's are still holding out hope the babe might go.
Robert Pattinson was announced as a presenter last week, so it's only natural that fans are hopeful his real-life leading lady will come too.
Well, we are hearing Stewart is most likely attending an awards show this season...

 But it ain't the Golden Globes.
Sources close to Stewart tell us that as of now K, has no plans to do go to the show or afterparties. Now don't cry any vampire tears just yet!
While stars like Natalie PortmanMila KunisSandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are trying to find the perfect gown for Sunday night, Kristen is too busy filming Breaking Dawn to play dress-up this weekend—so no sequined hoodie ensembles at the Beverly Hilton this weekend.
Major bummer!
Now, for as why you all shouldn't lose hope. We're hearing rumblings from Academy insiders that Kristen desperately wants to attend the Oscars again this year. And supposedly it's gonna happen!
Yes, it seems far away to all of you with Globes mania right now, but the Oscars are right around the corner in February.
So what say you all? Can you live without a glam K.Stew this weekend if she dazzles at the biggest show of them all?
Here's hoping Rob gets an Oscar invite, too.

Im hoping we get both RK at the golden globes AND the oscars:) 

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Rob and Kristen in Astro girl magazine Jan 2011

Click to enlarge:) 


What 2011 holds for Robsten?

Taking by us:)Please credit!

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New Photos of Kristen from ‘Welcome to the Rileys’

Thanks To CullensNewsCom

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ClevverTv Kristen is a Great Cook


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Hollywood’s 10 Great Kissers: Robert Pattinson is #8

Who kisses best in Hol­ly­wood? Actors can brag as much about their kiss­ing tal­ents as they want, but it’s their movie co-stars who really tell the truth. If an actor is truly a good kisser, you’ll read about it in every tabloid.

8. Robert Pattinson

Kris­ten Stew­art has never said what it’s like to kiss Robert Pat­tin­son (though we’re dying to know her thoughts about the expe­ri­ence!), while Rob’s Bel Ami co-star Christina Ricci is quite open about her on-screen kiss with Pattinson:

He’s a sweet guy and super funny…and a really good kisser,” Christina Ricci said.

Thanks To RPLife Via ThinkingOfRob

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Creepy Twilight Valentine's card with Rob & Taylor voices (Youtube)

Thanks To cybermelli Via Gossip_Dance

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VIDEO: Kristen Stewart mentioned in Disney's "Sonny With a Chance"

Start watching @1:10

Thanks to TwiFans Via Gossip_Dance

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Rob Pic Of The Day GORGEOUS

I have died and gone to HEAVEN
this photoshoot OMG
*Fans self*

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Kristen Pic Of The Day PCA Beauty

Dear Kristen I love you so much that is all.
You are so so Beautiful, your beauty is UNF
Love everything about you

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Robsten Pic Of The Day PCA's Love

Aww this has to be one of my faves.
Robsten at their best Smiling Happy
and most of all INLOVE
RobstenLove FOREVER

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Robsten Video Of The Day Robsten // Hold On ( Twilight - NM - Eclipse ) Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Another Amazing Robsten Video made by

patty13Mai. So So Beautiful

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Full Worldwide List With Releases dates for "Water For Elephants"

UPDATE: Dates currently listed prior to April 22 are likely to change. We’re updating as new dates are announced, changed and confirmed.

Russia April 14

Netherlands April 14

Norway April 15

Bulgaria April 15

Sweden April 15

South Africa April 15

France April 20


* April 14 (D-Schweitz)
* April 20 (Romandie)
* April 21 (German Switzerland)
* April 22 (Tessin)

Germany April 21

USA April 22 (changed from 4/15)

U.K. April 22

Finland April 22

Italy April 22

Belgium April 27

Argentina April 28

Brazil April 29

Denmark May 5

Mexico May 5

Portugal May 5

Spain May 6

Poland May 6

CzechRepublic May 19

Philippines July 6

Singapore June 7

Australia June 9 (this date is not yet confirmed. click HERE to read the post)

This isn’t a final list – we’ll add dates as they are announced! Keep checking and follow us on twitter for updates @H2Oforelephants. You can also visit Water For Elephants at IMDB

Thanks To TwiBritneyFan Via Gossip_Dance

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Kristen makes Harpers Bazaar's list of the 'Best Dressed' of the week

Kristen Stewart in Reem Acra
What a way to start the new year, Kristen Stewart. I think Kristen is absolutely gorgeous, but there were so many moments in 2010 when she opted for looks that didn't compliment her figure. (Maybe she was frustrated by her recent fame or all that Twilight brouhaha, or maybe she was just doing some Method dressing for her role in The Runaways.) But this is age-appropriate, bright, and she looks fabulous. I knew she had a hot pair of stems under her jeans somewhere

Source Via harpersbazaar Via kstewrobfans Via Pattinson-Stewart Fans

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Gossip Cop: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are NOT Engaged

Here comes another Famous magazine gem.
The tab from Down Under tries to “put one over” on everyone with a priceless piece onRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Twilight’s leading couple “beamed from ear to ear” during their happy trip to last week’s People’s Choice Awards (tell that to HollywoodLife), and the magazine thinks it knows why – Pattinson and Stewart are supposedly engaged.
What, you missed the news?
According to Famous, the events behind Robsten’s “big secret” engagement began after Stewart “spent Christmas Eve kicking up her heels on a boozy night out” with Garrett Hedlund– an evening that never actually happened, as Gossip Cop has reported.
To appease a purportedly “disappointed” Pattinson, Stewart made an “emergency dash” to the UK “to smooth things over.”
That’s when Pattinson allegedly “gave her an ultimatum,” says a Famous “source,” basically demanding that Stewart marry him to show that she’s serious about their relationship.
The magazine claims Stewart accepted.
So that’s how Famous digs itself into a giant hole, reporting that Pattinson and Stewart are engaged when sources assure Gossip Cop they are not.
Here’s how Famous tries to climb out of the hole:
“But don’t expect a big announcement any time soon!” declares the tab. Pattinson and Stewart are planning “to keep things under wraps for a while,” explains a so-called “insider.”
Yes, how convenient.
“The whole engagement was a very spur-of-the moment thing,” adds Famous. “Rob didn’t even have time to buy Kristen a ring.”
To recap: Pattinson allegedly gave Stewart a marriage ultimatum after an event that never happened over Christmas, she accepted, and the reason they looked so happy during the People’s Choice Awards was because of this “secret” engagement that no one is allowed to discuss and which happened so quickly there’s not even a ring.
It must be easy to write about Famous people when reality isn’t an issue
Source Via Gossip_Dance

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