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Details on Rob's apparance at PCA's from Gossipcop

Robert Pattinson will join Twilight Saga co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at the People’s Choice Awards, a rep for the show confirms to Gossip Cop.

But wait, there’s more…

Gossip Cop is told exclusively by a source close to Pattinson that the actor is flying from the Breaking Dawn set in Louisiana to the awards show in L.A., just “for an hour, then back to the set.”

We have a gut feeling Pattinson won’t be leaving the People’s Choice Awards empty-handed.

The show’s expansive guest list also includes Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry, Zac Efron and dozens of other celebs.

The awards will be broadcast live on Wednesday from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles at 9:00 p.m. on CBS.

Awww isn't he so sweet? Im glad he is trying to go and this makes me love him alot more:) Thank you Rob!! If you're reading this right now. I love you:) LOL and well i guess this means no "blue carpet for Rob? Since it says he will only be there for an hour. Rob enjoy your hour with Ms. Stew:) Well lots more with her at BR set:) 

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Congrats Kristen Stewart! You Had The Most Memorable Mini In 2010

Over 15,500 readers voted for the Twilight star — not only did she beat Nina Dobrev with her glam Oscar gown, she’s also taking the title for the best little dress!
Kristen Stewart had quite the year! Not only did she soak up her growing fame while promoting both Eclipse and The Runaways, but she also showed off great looks on the red carpet — just like the one-shoulder lace Valentino get-up she rocked at the Welcome to the Rileys premiere!

Paired with pumps and red lips, K-Stew totally blew all the readers away. Personally, Blake’s blue Marchesa at the Met Ball and Miley in her mini were two of my fave leggy looks from last year, but K-Stew took away the title. To see who else was in the running, click here!

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Twilight Cast Ranks High 2010 In Portrait Top 30 Under 30 Chosen By YOU!

#6. The Hype Makers: The Cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

In 2010 Twilight Saga: Eclipse was the most searched for film trailer, it was also the 6th most highest grossing movie of the year, raking in $693.5 million! Sheesh! As we head towards the end of the Twilight Saga, the world is still hungry for more and by no means sick of them yet. With the cast constantly the focus of paparazzi attention, it hasn’t been an easy few years for them, yet they handle it with grace. Well and truly immersed in the hype, we can’t wait to see what the cast gets up to next and meet new cast members of the ever rapidly expanding cast!

Robert Pattison (Edward Cullen – May 13, 1986 ), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan – April 9, 1990), Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen - February 21, 1987), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black - February 11, 1992), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale - December 21, 1984), Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale - May 17, 1988), Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen – March 15, 1985), Michael Welch (Mike Newton - July 25, 1987), Christian Serratos (Angela Webber – September 21, 1990), b>Anna Kendrick (Jessica Stanley – August 9, 1985), Xavier Samuel (Riley – December 10, 1983 ), Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria – March 2, 1981), Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie – May 29, 1981), Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius – November 22, 1988), Daniel Cudmore (Felix – January 20, 1981), Charlie Bewley (Demetri), Kiowa Gordon (Embry – March 25, 1990), Tyson Houseman (Quil – February 9, 1990), Alex Meraz (Paul – January 10, 1985), Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater – January 23, 1981), Bronson Pelletier (Jared – December 31, 1986), BooBoo Stewart (Seth Clearwater – January 21, 1994), Dakota Fanning (Jane – February 23, 1994), Cameron Bright (Alec – January 26, 1993), Jodelle Ferland (Bree – October 9, 1994)

What’s Next: Fans can look forward to the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn parts one and two films before it all comes to an end. For those more interested in the cast’s individual projects, you’ll be a busy fan trying to catch all of the following flicks! There’s Kristen Stewart in K-11 and On the Road. Robert Pattison in Water For Elephants and Bel Ami. Taylor Launtner can be seen in Abduction, Xavier Samuel in A Few Best Men, Annoymous, and Bait 3D. Bryce Dallas Howard can be seen in The Help and Live With It alongside Anna Kendrick. Michael Welch fans can catch him in Rough Hustle, and for Christian Serratos fans, there’s 96 Minutes. Jackson Rathbone has been a busy man with the TV series Aim High, and the films Zombie Hamlet, DaZe: Vol. Too – NonSeNse, and his band 100 Monkeys. Ashley Greene has been equally busy with The Apparition, A Warrior’s Heart, LOL, and Butter. While Kellan Lutz has hand his hands full with providing his voice for Guardians of Luna and starring in flicks like Immortals, A Warrior’s Heart, The Killing Game, and Love, Wedding, Marriage.

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Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon Included in MTVs 2011 Movie Pairs

As frigid temperatures and frozen banks of filthy snow have taken hold outside the MTV News offices in Times Square, we've been warming ourselves with thoughts of what's to come at the multiplex in 2011, where heavy doses of buttered popcorn and Sno-caps will keep us content all year round. In the months to come, we'll take in a series of films featuring highly anticipated twosomes, some romantic and others platonic, some heavy on explosive laughs, and others featuring heavy explosions. Here are our picks for the big-screen pairings we're most looking forward to checking out this year:


Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon in "Water for Elephants"
Sure, RPattz will once again share the screen opposite Kristen Stewart in 2011, but he's been mining the same limited "Twilight" material for a while now, and we're keen to see how he manages when his character has more emotional motivation than simply protecting his beloved. While we enjoyed his turn in last year's romantic drama "Remember Me," a performance opposite the Oscar-winning Witherspoon in "Elephants" will mark Pattinson's biggest opportunity yet to establish himself as a formidable talent. The first trailer mostly showcased RPattz in smoldering default mode. Can the 24-year-old Brit step it up? Can his chemistry with Witherspoon begin to compare, in fan's eyes, with the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle? Answers will arrive with the film's release in April."

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New/Old Robert Pattinson Picture From the 'Remember Me' Promo Photoshoot

Thanks to PattinsonLife

This is not new but still nice to look at:) 

|via RPLife

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Rob will be a presenter at Golden Globes Awards

goldenglobes |via|via 

Oh dear lord thank you for making this year a freaking awesome:) Who's excited???? Tuxedo Rob yes thank you!!!! 

Golden Globes Announces Robert Pattinson as Presenter:)

Robert Pattinson, Matt Damon and Jennifer Lopez are the first three presenters to be announced for the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
Damon will present Robert De Niro with the Cecil B. DeMille Award.
Lopez debuts as an “American Idol” judge this month, while Pattinson’s Water For Elephants comes to theaters in April.
The ceremony will be broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel on NBC on Sunday, January 16.

Okay this is very very EXCITING!!! Rob and Kristen tomorrow at the People Choice Awards and now Rob at the Golden Globes?? It keeps getting better and better:) I think this deserves another SQUEEEEEEEEEE right?? 

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Flashback – GQ Magazine Scans from 2009 (Russia)

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'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' DVD/Blu-Ray sales surpass seven million units

As you know, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on DVD and Blu-Ray hit shelves on December 4th. Right away - in other words, on opening weekend - the Eclipse DVD/Blu-Ray sold over three million units.

These numbers were comparable to opening sales figures for both the Twilight and New Moon DVDs (three and four million respectively), but Home Media Magazine quoted a Summit Entertainment rep to state: "With the first two titles, we had massive March opening events involving thousands of retail stores . . . We were going for a big bang, right out of the gate. This time we are releasing the film during the holiday season, a much more crowded time and one with vastly different consumer shopping patterns. So our whole plan is to look at what we're doing over a four-week period of time, and not a single night."

Well, according to The Numbers, after four weeks (up to the week of December 26th), over seven million Eclipse DVDs and Blu-Rays have been sold (7,111,305 to be exact).

In 2010, 7,829,281 The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVDs and Blu-Rays were sold, after having been released on March 20th. So, Eclipse's DVD sales were almost as strong as New Moon's in just four weeks time.

Eclipse was the fifth most-sold DVD in 2010, and New Moon was the third. In 2009, Twilight sold over 10 million copies. Twilight also had a March DVD/Blu-Ray release date. So, it should be interesting to see how many total units are sold for Eclipse. At this rate, Eclipse will likely trump both of the prior films in home entertainment sales

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Looking for a great Twilight inspired Valentines Day card!

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Can It Can Anymore Exciting? YES! Rob & Kristen Will Be Sitting Together Tomorrow Night at the PCAs!!


three letters:
You better be checking this blog tomorrow like crazy!!
Don't miss the fun!! 

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Gossip Cop: Robert Pattinson CONFIRMED For People's Choice Awards!



Robert Pattinson will join Twilight Saga co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at tomorrow night’s People’s Choice Awards, a rep for the show confirms to Gossip Cop. The ceremony’s expansive guest list also includes like Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry, Zac Efron and dozens of other celebs. It will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. Follow @GossipCop on Twitter for accurate celebrity news!

Gossip Cop 

WHO'S EXCITED????????????????????

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'The Yellow Handkerchief' DVD is Released TODAY in the US!


Get your copy at any of these retailers: 
Best Buy $14.99 
Wal-mart $16.99 
Barnes & Noble $17.99
Amazon $17.99 
FYE $17.99

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Rob Listed to Attend This Year's People's Choice Awards!!


According to the Buzz Blog at

The People’s Choice Awards. Tomorrow night at 9pm on CBS.

And how about the guest list? Let’s see. We have Malin Akerman, Julie Bowen, Michael Chiklis, Miranda Cosgrove, Kaley Cuoco, Taye Diggs, Lisa Edelstein, Zac Efron, Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris, the Kardashians, Minka Kelly, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Lautner, Zachary Levi, Jane Lynch, AnnaLynne McCord, Leighton Meester, Stephen Moyer, Conan O’Brien, Jerry O’Connell, Jim Parsons, Robert Pattinson, Pauley Perrette, Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, Emma Roberts, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift and Kate Walsh.

How’s that for a roster of A-List Hollywood talent and then some. Plus, they’ll all be decked out to the nines, and if you want to see for yourself who’s wearing what before Queen Latifah gets the ball rolling, simply tune into our exclusive live Red Carpet webcast 7:30-9:00 PM live ET/4:30-6:00 live PT. Plus, you get musical numbers from Kid Rock and Selena Gomez and The Scene. As far as star-studded evenings go, this is the only game in town.

via / via

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Old Video of Rob and Rachelle playing a fun game

Not new but its good to relive all the fun parts of the twilight promo tour. LOL at Rachelle not wanting to smell Rob, Did you see her hesitation?? bwhahhahahhaha  and BTW i love Rachelle, i think her personality is just bautiful:) I miss her!!

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New/Old Pic of Kristen with fans back in 08

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Robsten Picture of the Day- YUMMM:)

thanks RPattztilldeath well thank you for killing me!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

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Beautiful Kristen Picture of the Day- she doesn't smile? pffftttttt

thanks to the lovely tama0026

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Robsten Picture of the Day- This is L O V E



Thank you iheartrobpattz for making this pretty pic:) Brings a BIG smile to my face, im sorry im still on cloud 9 over this so sue me!! lol

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Robsten Video of the day- May be I'm dreaming // Robert & Kristen by patti13mai


Thank you again for such a sweet and warming video patty13Mai as always you just know what we love about these two and well i just love to see them smile, i dont have to see the kiss just as long as i see that beautiful smile on both of them:) thank you for making my day!! Check out the rest of her videos here and subscribe to her channel:)

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Top Ten ‘Twilight’ Moments to Look Forward to in 2011

2010 was an interesting year for the Twilight series. To review: 'Twilight' in 2010: the best moments of the year for the 'Saga'. Now that it’s almost 2011, it’s time to think of what Twilight fans have to look forward this year. With the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1coming on November 18th, it’s sure to be a good one! Here are ten of the most exciting moments yet to come in 2011.
More filming
Filming on Breaking Dawn has been going on for a month (give or take) now, and it is expected to pick back up from the cast and crew’s winter holiday break on January 3rd. While we know that the Baton Rouge set of Breaking Dawnis locked up tightly, the cast has never been more activeon Twitter than it has been this go-round. So, hopefully we’ll keep getting bits and pieces of information from them – not to mention some more of those special Breaking Dawn snapshots Bill Condon (director) has been doling out (for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so far). This should tide us over until . . . .
At lastttttt . . . On April 12th, Stephenie Meyer’s Official Guide will hit stores. It’s been a long time coming, and fans have been very eager to see what Meyer has cooked up to explain any missing pieces in the Saga. If Bree Tannerwas any indication of what was in store with the Guide, it should be a very interesting addition to the collection. The same will be true if Volume 2 of the Twilight Graphic Novelhits stores this year.
Breaking Dawn photos, trailer, and promos
Like with Eclipse in 2010, fans can most certainly look forward to the moments when new still images, trailers, and TV spots start rolling out for Breaking Dawn. Of course, it won’t happen all at once or that simply, but throughout the year, we’ll start to see more and more from the movie as the theatrical release date for the film begins to near. No doubt the first trailer will come by way of an important event (for example, with New Moon, the first trailer showed at the MTV Movie Awards), and still images will come out a few at a time, so the release of these things will probably become their own little events. That’s always pretty fun forTwilight fans.
The soundtrack and all its glory
Each of the Twilight series’ soundtracks have had their own unique story. With New Moon, we watched as a wealth of interest from bands and individual singers came about. So many Twilight-inspired songs came across the fan radar that it was hard to keep up. Then Chris Weitz and Alexandra Patsavas ended up scoring tons of respected talent for individual songs tailored to the New Moonstory/atmosphere. With Eclipse, the album was set apart by its unique marketing. In case you don’t remember what I’m referring to, fans were given a window of time to listen to the album streaming online before making a decision to purchase it. And with both, there was intense fan interest in which artists were selected to contribute to the soundtrack. And the results were impressive once again. So the Breaking Dawn soundtrack will probably house a few important moments as well - the most exciting of which will be the release (followed closely by a first viewing of the film with the music accompanying). Same goes for the selection of a composer for the score (in all likelihood, one composer will do both Breaking Dawn scores for the sake of continuity – not confirmed, just speculation).
TV Awards
Already, there’s a TV Awards show appearance in the works for the cast: the 2011 People’s Choice Awards, where Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will represent the Twilight Saga. That’s just the first of what will undoubtedly be many Twilight TV appearances. Note that in 2010, the Twilight cast showed at the MTV Movie Awards, the Scream Awards, the VMAs, the People’s Choice Awards, the Golden Globes, and even the Oscars.
Getting to know our Breaking Dawn newbies
In one way or another, we’re going to get to know more about the newest Breaking Dawn castmembers. Some are on Twitter, and that’ll definitely help those castmembers make themselves known to fans. With the others, there’ll probably be appearances and interviews coming here and there which will introduce each of them to the Twilightfandom. This will be particularly true near to the release date for the first part. All throughout the Saga, there have always been new cast additions to speak of, and it’s always entertaining to hear what it’s like for these actors to step into such a notorious and followed film series. . . . and this'll be but a part of the . . .
Interview, Interview, Interview phase
There are going to be so many television, red carpet, magazine, and online interviews with the cast, crew, and filmmakers over 2011 that Twilight fans’ collective heads will be spinning by November. During the thick of it, there comes a point – at least for Twilight site admins – where you have to decide which of the many, many clips and snippets get the most attention. It’s when there’s content overload like this that it becomes clear just how significant this series is at the moment.
Cast’s other projects
A lot of the Twilight cast’s other projects will be hitting theaters this year. And judging by IMDb’s recently discussed MOVIEmeter results, some of them have already been getting a heavy amount of interest. The ones fans seem to be most looking forward to are Water For Elephants (with Robert Pattinson), On The Road (with Kristen Stewart), and The Apparition (with Ashley Greene).
Breaking Dawn premiere
No Leno or awards show appearance will ever stack up to premiere night. Fans will, in devoted fashion, camp out in a sort of tent city for days to see the big event in person, and there’ll be livestream feeds all over the place for those who can’t make it to L.A. (assumption on location there). The cast, Stephenie Meyer, Bill Condon, soundtrack musicians, and filmmakers involved will all walk the red carpet in style. It’s definitely something to look forward to.
Breaking Dawn hits theaters
New Moon and Eclipse still have some records in pocket from their theatrical releases. No doubt the same will become true for Breaking Dawn, but more importantly, fans will get to finally see some of their favorite moments from the entire Saga on-screen. Breaking Dawn 1promises a wedding, a honeymoon, the introduction of new characters, and the beginning of new lives. The movie’s release date is November 18th, which is less than year away. It’ll be a great day.

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Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Have The Best Romantic Relationship In Hollywood!

Forget Brad and Angelina or Beyonce and Jay Z — it’s R-Patz and KStew who have a REAL role model relationship. Here’s why!

#1 Reason Above and Beyond — it’s not a “fake” relationship. Rob and Kristen are clearly together because they are crazy about each other and they are something which, real couplesshould be — they are compatible.

It’s clear that this romance, which is over a year old, is not based on buying each other expensive gifts, like J-Lo and Ben Afflecks‘, when they were Hollywood’s “golden couple”.

It’s not a “showmance” to amp up the box office of their film projects, like Jen Anistonconveniently had with her Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler, neither is it about being red carpet arm candy for each other, like Madonna and her boy toys, nor is it a case of two stars who realize they are a bigger attraction together, than they are apart like Heidi Montag andSpencer Pratt.

No Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are having an old fashioned “real” relationship based on the fact that they are totally crazy about each other, whether or not they are in front of paparazzi cameras. And of all the big Hollywood couples, Rob and Kristen, do the most “normal” things. They spend time with each other’s families. Rob had dinner with Kristen Stewart’s dad, John Stewart, when he visited the pair in New Orleans, before Christmas. And this was after spending Thanksgiving with KStews parents in California.

Kristen spent last Christmas with Rob’s family in their modest home in London.

The pair are happy to do all the absolutely regular things that non-celebrity couples in their early 20’s do. Go to low key bars, with close friends like Rob’s pal Tom Sturridge, or go together to watch another close pal, Sam Bradley, perform at the small lounge bar Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

They both love to dress like college students – sporting matching plaid shirts, worn jeans and uncombed hair. Kristen even wears Rob’s tee’s, just like any other girlfriend would.

They travel together alone, without an entourage. Last Christmas, the pair visited the off-the-beaten track tiny town of Ventnor in the Isle of Wight and hung out quietly for New Years Eve at a dive bar called the Winter Gardens. They had such a wonderful time, that they returned this year to spend New Years with a few close friends. They traded in possible paid appearances at any number of NYC, LA, Miami or Las Vegas clubs, like the Kardashians or Jersey Shore crew. Instead they chose to ring in the new year quietly with “jacket potatoes” and the one they love.

Unlike so many Hollywood couples, whose eyes and more wander with co-stars, Rob and Kristen only have eyes for each other. There has never been a whisper that Rob was anything but loyal, even while he was professionally romancing Reese Witherspoon in ‘Water For Elephants’ or Emili De Ravin in ‘Remember Me‘.

Even when Kristen had dinner with her Tron co-star, Garrett Hedlund, in LA, recently, the meal was strictly professional.

Finally, what makes this pair so admirable as a couple; they both fully appreciate the gifts that they have been given. They are already blessed with fortunes – Rob’s reportedly worth $17 million and Kristen $12 million – and they have been blessed with great fans and they fully appreciate all of it.

We here at recently posted 45 photos of Robsten posing happily with their fans, and we easily could have posted hundreds more. This pair doesn’t take their good fortune for granted, they are respectful of each other and respectful of the people that made them stars. They still live modestly like regular folks, treasure the time they have together, cope graciously and loyally with long distance love, and kiss up a storm even when the director says ‘cut!’.

For all these reasons, I believe Rob and Kristen have the best romantic relationship in Hollywood. Agree? Or not?

Source / via: gossip_dance

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