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Rob Down to # 26 on the IMDB starMETER This Week

Olivia Wilde
(TRON: Legacy) 26 Actress
Natalie Portman
(Black Swan) 29 Actress
Johnny Depp
(The Tourist) 47 Actor
Mila Kunis
(Black Swan) 27 Actress
Garrett Hedlund
(TRON: Legacy) 26 Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio
(Inception) 36 Actor
Jeff Bridges
(True Grit) 61 Actor
Ryan Reynolds
(Buried) 34 Actor
Christian Bale
(The Fighter) 36 Actor
Shelley Malil
(Crossing Over) 45 Actor

Rob is down to #26
(15 last week)
BD Part 1 down to #72
BD Part 2 down to #584
WfE up to #126
(no update on Bel Ami yet…I guess they’re still calculating)
Thank you to tracygee from Rob’s IMDB message board!

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Robert Pattinson one of Hottest guys on film 2010

Robert Pattinson/Taylor Lautner: A tie! Well, who would be stupid enough to come between Team Edward and Team Jacob? The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is the third film in the wildly popular vampire series, and Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have fangirls falling in love, fainting and buying fangs. We have two words for you: Tent scene.

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#BreakingDawn Rumours (Baton Rouge) updates on filming schedules

Twilight Takes Over Baton Rouge Other sites are posting that filming has wrapped for the break... BUT... according to my sources, it has not! Filming still on schedule and they wrap late Wed and can travel Thursday, then back in BR to resume filming the battle early next year! Travel is terrible as Mother Nature is being crazy, so some stars may be here through Christmas.

Another update from NessieMackenzie


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Yahoo loves Kristen! And how can they not right?

She's featured in their home page:) Go Kristen!

thanks for send to us: @flydeebee via gossipdance

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Rob on the Cover of December Issues of “Dark Mag” (France)

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Amazing Robsten fanmade video: Robsten 2010 the Breaking Dawn:)

Thanks so much melg0510
for making this:) Its so beautifu;! Love the ending!!:) 

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Jimmy Fallon: Robert Pattinson is “Bothered” by Christmas Shopping

Jimmy Fallon will air a new “Robert Is Bothered” tonight.

For the uninitiated, these popular segments feature the “Late Night” host as a brooding, tree-residing “Robert Pattinson” explaining why various things bother him.

So what will tonight’s installment cover?

A source involved in the production tells Gossip Cop, “It’s about how Christmas shopping bothers him.”

Holidays have bothered “Pattinson” before.

We look forward to hearing tonight’s gripes.

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Scan: Rob & Kristen in Mexican Newspaper

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People magazine featuring Kristen (Scan)

People USA, 27. Dec. 2010
Kristen Stewart
In a Valentino dress and Bryan Artwood "maniac" pumps at screening in Manhatan

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Christina Ricci Calls Robert Pattinson "Adorable" on Rachel Ray

Christina Ricci was on Rachael Ray this morning and spoke about working with Robert Pattinson On "Bel Ami". Amongst other things she said he was adorable and a lovely human being. She also said that he loves to make fun of himself.

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Kristen Stewart's Style Review of 2010

{L-R} Azzaro, Chanel Couture, Emilio Pucci, Custom Monique Lhuillier and Doo.Ri

Check out thr rest on The Blog Wore Black 

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2010 In Review: 'The Twilight Saga' Continued Its Vampiric Reign

Last year we listed off the movies, TV shows and other pop-cult gems we were most excited for in 2010, and though the Wizarding World of Harry Potter got the top spot (come on, it's atheme park), "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" was the movie we were most looking forward to. It's been a big year for "The Twilight Saga," and "Eclipse" definitely did not disappoint. As another year of "Twilight"'s domination is about to begin, we figured now would be a good time to look back at the series' biggest moments in 2010.
"New Moon" had hit theaters only several months before, but "The Twilight Saga" started 2010 off with a bang when there was reportedly some drama between Stephenie Meyer and Summit Entertainment over "Breaking Dawn," though the "Twilight" author quickly dispelled that rumor. That was followed closely with producer Wyck Godfrey's announcement that "Breaking Dawn" was gearing up to film the coming fall. We were all holding on to every will-they-won't-they rumor (3D? CGI Renesmee? One or two films?), and it took the majority of the year for any of those questions to be answered.
While we waited for more "Breaking Dawn" news, Summit announced the "New Moon" release dateand two "Twilight" stars went from dating to engaged. In February we learned that we'd get a trailerfor "Eclipse" before RPattz's other film "Remember Me," and found out why Robert is bothered.
A month later we got a teaser for that trailer, and then had to wait six days until we got the full-length version. We were all pretty thrilled when we found out the trailer showed Bella's engagement ring, but that was nothing compared to the excitement we felt when Stephenie Meyer announcedshe was releasing a novella about Bree Tanner.
While all that was unfolding, there were still a lot of questions being asked about "Breaking Dawn." Three directors had been short-listed for the job, and the stars were pretty excited about them. On April 28 director Bill Condon was chosen for the honor. Bill convinced fans he was the man for the job by writing them a letter, and anofficial release date announcement came soon after. Hello, November 18, 2011!
But we weren't the only ones with "Twilight" fever; Oprah caught the bug too! First she premiered an epic new "Eclipse" trailer and then showed some lucky fans an early cut of "Eclipse". Audience members gave us the inside scoop on her special "Eclipse"-themed episode, too.
There was more "Breaking Dawn" drama when rumors hit the web that Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz might not be returning for the final "Twilight Saga" film, but those were quickly resolved. And, with a month left until "Eclipse" hit theaters, the soundtrack listing was finally revealed. As if we couldn't get any more excited for the film, it was announced that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were going to be presenting a new clip from the film at the MTV Movie Awards, and we totally loved it when they did. It helped that "New Moon" swept the awards show as well.
By the time June finally rolled around, we had two things to look forward to: "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" and "Eclipse." We camped out all night for both, and both surpassed ourexpectations.
With "Eclipse" out, all the focus could now shift to the final film in the "Twilight" series. Or rather, two films. "Breaking Dawn" was announced as a two-parter and the second half would be releasedon November 16, 2012. Wyck Godfrey also leaked that Robsten are totally an item, and we found out "Twilight" could be the most successful film franchise ever, on top of the fact that vamps havemade $7 billion since 2008.
Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg hinted thatthere might not be a birthing scene, but she quickly retracted that statement and instead started talking about all of "Breaking Dawn"'s new vampires. There are a lot of them, and they're pretty much all cast by now. Unfortunately, James Franco wasn't one of them. But the most important casting announcement was that 9-year-old Mackenzie Foy would playBella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee.
"Breaking Dawn" filming is now underway, and we've seen awesome paparazzi pictures of Bella and Edward's honeymoon and the Volturi hanging out. Of course, we also found out why Bella is covered in feathers. The "Eclipse" DVD release got us looking forward to a whole new year of "Breaking Dawn" news as we count down the next 11 months until the first film hits theaters. After all, there's soundtracks to be announced, awards shows to sweep and relationships to cross our fingers for in the meantime, and probably lots of "Twilight"-related fodder we can't even begin to anticipate.

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Kristen one of the best dressed of the year! According to ladyglamourazzi

HOLLYWOOD - MARCH 07: Actress Kristin Stewart arrives at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards held at Kodak Theatre on March 7, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)
Kristen Stewart in a custom-made Monique Lhuillier gown at the Academy Awards.
NEW YORK - OCTOBER 18: Actress Kristen Stewart attends The Cinema Society & Everlon Diamond Knot Collection's screening of 'Welcome To The Rileys' on October 18, 2010 at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)NEW YORK - MARCH 17: Actress Kristen Stewart attends the premiere of 'The Runaways' at Landmark Sunshine Cinema on March 17, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)41949, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday June 24 2010. Kristen Stewart wears an Elie Saab minidress to the LA premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse . Photograph:  Zico,
In Valentino at a special screening of Welcome To The Rileys.
In Emilio Pucci at the New York premiere of The Runaways.
In Elie Saab couture at the LA premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

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Kristen one of Yahoo's Best Fashion and Beauty Transformations of the year

1. Kristen Stewart. We’re not sure which this self-described tomboy loves more, Robert Pattinson or her stock of grungy flannels and Converse sneakers. When she hit the carpet last winter, her color choices— mostly black, white and, grey numbers—looked harsh against her pale skin. The Oscars was her turning point. She looked youthful and elegant in a curve-hugging Monique Lhuillier with a braided updo and smoky eye makeup. Livelier color choices followed, as did more dramatic makeup that played up her cheekbones and gorgeous green eyes.

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The Haunted Airman Greek DVD Cover

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Eclipse Teaser Trailer is #3 and #5 for Trailer 2 on IMDB's Top Videos of 2010

We've gathered the 25 most-viewed videos of the year on our site for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

3: Eclipse - Teaser Trailer

Click here to watch the rest  
thanks kstewangel:)

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Kristen and Rob take the #2 and #3 spot on IMDB STARmeter Top 25 of 2010

2. Kristen Stewart

(Last year: #2)
Messrs. Depp and Pattison did a do-si-do around Ms. Stewart, who holds steady at number two thanks to continued Twilight frenzy, while also expanding her acting horizon in The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys

3. Robert Pattinson

(Last year: #1)
Our favorite sparkly vampire tumbled from the top spot this year, even as Eclipse escalated Twilight fever to unforeseen heights. Don't worry, Edward -- Remember Me, we don't.

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Robert Pattinson one of Hollywood’s scalding hot bachelors of 2010

LOS ANGELES: With the year 2010 drawing to a close, here is a list of the most eligible bachelors of the world. The most popular single men among the Hollywood stars are, of course, Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe, Taylor Lautner and Nicholas Hoult.

Robert Pattinson, with his steely blue eyes and the utter confidence that he exudes on screen as the cold blooded vampire Edward Cullen, is a big hit among females all over the world. Despite the rumours of his romance with ‘Twilight’ costar Kristen Stewart, his popularity continues to soar.

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People's Choice Nominee Robert Pattinson Was Embarassed Auditioning for 'Perfect' Edward

Robert Pattinson picked up three People's Choice Award nominations this year thanks to his breakout role as Edward Cullen. He and Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner all picked up nominations, and we had a chance last summer to talk to him about the role launched his career.

Rob admits he was no Twi-hard when he tried out for the role of Edward. In fact he says when he read the book's description of the characters physical perfection, he didn't think he stood a chance at winning the role.

"I got given the book about five months before the casting and I read the first 50 pages up until he gets introduced and then I was like, 'Oh, no,'" he said. "Because I was really fat last year as well. So I just felt the whole thing was embarrassing, even turning up to the audition.

"I had not read the whole book before the audition but even in the synopsis, the four line synopsis, the first line is like: 'Edward is the perfect being. He is so witty and beautiful and so crazy and funny and will open doors for you and stuff. He will drive you in his Volvo.' I thought just even turning up to it was embarrassing."

Along with Twilight came a level of stardom that's changed Rob's life, and while he appreciates his fans, he says reading about himself on the Internet is usually a terrible idea.

"It literally feeds the worst part of your soul as well," he said. "When you have nothing to do you go on the internet or whatever. Some nights I think, 'I’m too tired to read a book so I know I’ll go on the Internet because it is kind of easy and I’ll read the news.'

"So you go on to the New York Times website and look at it for a few seconds and get bored after about three minutes and go on IMDB instead. Then you realize how pathetic you are. I have to delete my Internet history whenever anyone comes round. It is like reading people’s minds, like when you meet someone and you really want to know what they think of you."

Be sure to tune in to CBS on January 5 (9 PM, 8 Central) to see if Robert wins a People's Choice Award.

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Ashley greene talks bellas dress

TwilightMoms was able to chat with Ashley Greene during the Eclipse DVD Signing in NYC recently.  "Please note some of this is paraphrased- I didn’t get to record the interview."-Kara.

Kara of TwilightMoms: “There have been many rumors about Alice’s visions- can you tell me what they are really about?”

Ashley: “No! But I can tell you that there are so many visions and so many ways to interpret them- Bill Condon and I sat down to go over many of the options- I’ve had a lot of input on them- but I can’t tell you the details yet….”

Kara: “As Alice- have you had fun planning the wedding?”

Ashley: “Yes! What we have worked on so far looks amazing- I’ve seen drawings of the dress and it’s beautiful- it’s really lovely- don’t worry! It’s going to be a great scene when it’s all done”
  via Robstenation

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People's Choice Nominee Kristen Stewart Says Imperfections Make 'Twilight' Team Believable

The Cinema Society & Everlon Diamond Knot Collection Host A Screening Of
Kristen Stewart is one of the most popular new actresses to emerge in the last few years, so it's no surprise that she's nominated for three People's Choice Awards: Favorite Movie Actress, Favorite Movie Star Under 25, and Favorite On Screen Team.

Last summer we had the chance to sit down with Kristen and talk about her work in the Twilight franchise and where that "Favorite On Screen Team" of Kristen, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner finds its chemistry.

"Our movie isn't perfect," she said. "None of our characters are perfect at all. They're all so completely crazy and messed up and that's why they go well together. They don't make excuses for their weirdness and they accept each other for who they are."

Kristen, Taylor and Rob played out one of the most provocative scenes in the Twilight movies in last summer's Eclipse. The famous tent scene had Kristen sleeping between her two onscreen suitors as a winter storm whipped the flimsy tent around them.

"To shoot the scene felt good because she's always wanted Jacob and Edward to level with each other finally," she said. "It's funny that it takes place while she's sleeping in between them.

"It was fun for me to shoot. I didn't have a whole lot to do but it was fun to shoot because I liked the scene so much. I liked what finally happened in the story but I wish it wasn't as hot. I was literally in a beanie and a wig, sweating. Not fun."

And who was the most fun to kiss?

"Um, Dakota [Fanning]. I'm just going to have to say that because it's easier," she said.

Be sure to tune in to CBS on January 5 (9 PM, 8 Central) to see if Jennifer wins a People's Choice Award.

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vote for the best fan made breaking dawn trailer!

Since its slow!! Im seriously loosing my mind. Vote for this cool videos and pick your favorite:)


Leave a comment at the bottom with your fave:)

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Which of Robert Pattinson’s characters is the most sexy?

Is it Edward Cullen in “Twilight,” public school boy Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter” or broody Tyler Hawkins in “Remember Me?"

HollywoodLife have started another pool entitled “Who Is Rob Pattinson’s Sexiest Character? Vote For Edward Cullen, Cedric Diggory & More!” As the website says, Robert Pattinson has become a worldwide obsession and his brooding looks along with his polite charm and ridiculous humor has won people’s hearts across the globe, but I wonder which character will win.

No doubt the Twihards will be out in force and Edward Cullen will win out, but it would be nice for one of his other films to get a look in or even the lovely chap himself!

The choices are:

Edward Cullen – “The Twilight Saga

Tyler Hawkins – “Remember Me”

Salvador Dalí – “Little Ashes”

Cedric Diggory – “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

Georges Duroy – “Bel Ami”

Robert Pattinson … in real life

OR Other

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Video: Behind the Scenes of Kristen Stewart's NYLON Magazine Photoshoot

Posting this because its new to this blog and because i love this interview behind the scenes:)

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Rob and Kristens IMDB popularity week dec 10-17th

Kristen Stewart Picture

STARmeter: Up 40% in popularity this week.

STARmeter: Up 33% in popularity this week.

You would think Rob would be higher since WFE trailer debuted this week. Not really sure how this works but keep clicking on the links and their popularity will go higher:) 

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Kristen Pic of the day Love this so much

Kristen Stewart at Eclipse Premiere
Love her so much here:) Love to see her smile!

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Rob Picture of the Day: Smiling Rob


What a smile.

So beautiful!! Even more when he smiles;)

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Robsten Picture of the Day: Continuing our Smiling Robsten fest:)

Smiling Robsten makes me smile! It especially makes my day seeing them smile when they are together! 

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Robsten Video of the Day:Robert and Kristen - Brightest // Robsten by Patti13mai

Thanks Patti13mai for always making these amazing videos and for making me smile with them:) <3

I love seeing Robsten Smile:) Its the best thing that i get out of being a full time Robsten Shipper! Its what makes me smile each and every day and at the end of the day thats really all i want to see. Robsten Smiling:)

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“Eclipse” Premiere is #6 on Ustream’s Top 10 moments of 2010!

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TERRA: Eclipse Release is one of the 2010 Hits


Rough translation from


Vampires join and follow. The premiere of "Eclipse" installed again the "twilightmania" and madness by the actors. In the U.S., fans of the story created by Stephenie Meyer camped for days outside the theater where the premiere would take place. The $ 30 million installing raised to the third film in the series as the best movie collection on your release function.

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Rob #5 on UK's Wealthy Under 30 List

Not bad at all:)

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New Photo Kristen from Vanity Fair shoot With Video

New??? It's deff new to us so enjoy:)

source via joan_sca/via 

If you are wondering when this photo was taken, below is a video of the actual photo shoot that she did with Vanity Fair. I love her in these pics. ~Ruby

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“Bel Ami” Co-Star Uma Thurman Mentions Rob in an Interview with Jornal de Noticias

Translation Provided by Lena fro Spunk Ransom:
Have you ever felt any difficulty to find interesting roles because of age?
In the last movies, I only have romantic relationships with younger guys. Even my 12 years-old daughter noticed that. Of course I’m very disturbed by the fact that Robert Pattinson played my husband.. But my current mate is seven years older than me.

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STICKY POST: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: On the 10th Day of Christmas Robsten Dreams gave to me..


On the 10th Day of Christmas Robsten Dreams Gave to Me........
AN Eclipse Pocket Edward and a Twilight scene it Game:)

For our 10th contest please answer the following question! What do you think will be Kristen's present to ROB??? 
Remember to be creative!

Our Robsten Dream team will vote whose caption is the winner!!
Since we are posting this late you have until 8am tomorrow morning to enter to win:)  central USA time to enter...

Best of Luck and Happy Holidays!!
Our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway will be announced every other day until Christmas Eve!

Please read all Contest Details Below:

All giveaways will be shipped every week, and based on the time frame that the winner gets back with us. If we do not get your information with in a timely manner, then the item will be shipped when the next contest gifts are shipped.

If you are a winner than you will receive a message on your twitter account and then you will be asked to email us your information. If you do not respond, with in 24 hours another winner will be picked!!

Contest is world wide!!

All winners will be announced on our sticky post and on our twitter account. Thanks so much for your dedication to our blog and Happy Holidays!!

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New/Old Fan Photo of Rob in France!

Via @RPLife
Rob in France with a fan during his New Moon Promotion!! I love this leather jacket that Rob used to wear it all of the time!!

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Try on Kristen's Hair Style through In Style Online

You can go here now to try on Kristen's Hair Style! Its kind of funny that they used her Bella hair too as an option! Funny because she is wearing a wig but whatever.  I am a blonde so I don't think brunette would suit me too well but I do love her hair dark.

Thanks @tailien for the scoop!!

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New Fan Video from Baton Rouge Yesterday!!

I hope enjoy this! Thanks to the fan for sharing and putting this together!! It is dedicated to our Alma as I know she is secretly in love with JBone!! I hope she gets to see this!! One of my favorite songs on the soundtrack as well!!

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Kristen's Tennis Shoes!! I love this!!

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Twilight in Guiness Book of World Records 2011

Via meninas vampiras | clarobsten | sparkling in twiland | @vonch

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Robsten Video Of The Day:- KRISTEN & ROB :: Beat Inside Me [my love]

LOOOVE this song....and a beautiful vid from melg0510
Enjoy bbs :))

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Robsten Pic Of The Day



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Beauty salon with pictures of Robert and Kristen


LOL....Soo Random ;D

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Kristen Pic Of The Day


Our BB girl looks like a snow-angel here..
extremely appropriate for the ;D

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Rob Pic Of The Day


Rob dying..*Le Sigh*..
enjoy guys ;D

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Old Video: Jesse L. Martin on Kristen Stewart in "The Cake Eaters"

"No airs about her whatsoever. And that's the best kind of actor, best kind of person you could ever deal with. And that girl is super, super, super talented. I mean, she starts really getting into it. It's almost heartbreaking like no matter what she is doing. It's almost heartbreaking because she really does look like that girl, move like that girl. I don't even know that girl but I feel like I do know now because this girl embodied her so well.... God bless her I hope she does she really, really well. I'm sure she will. I know she will be brilliant in the movie because from what I've seen. She's the sh*t! She really is."


Aww that's so sweet :))

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Scans from "Be" and "Girls " Mag France:- Robsten Mention



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