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The Awesomest Breaking Dawn Poster Yet.

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Hastings Entertainment to Host ‘Eclipse’ Midnight Release Parties

Hastings Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq: HAST), a leading multimedia entertainment superstore retailer, has announced its plans for chain-wide midnight release parties forThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Blu-ray and DVD. Fans are encouraged to join their local Hastings for a midnight release party on Friday, December 3. Festivities for the night will begin at 10:00 pm and will end after the movie goes on sale at Midnight.

Hastings is the Twilight Saga fan’s headquarters with Twilight products ranging from books, movies and CDs, to posters, action figures, key chains, jewelry, apparel and much more. Fans enjoying the festivities and awaiting the release of the movie will also be able to take advantage of special promotions, including 30% off all used CDs, books, video games, and movies, during the release party.

To find out more about the Twilight Saga: Eclipse midnight release party in your area, visit us online at or contact your local Hastings superstore.


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The Confessions of a Twi-hard...? Or not.

I've never read a book of 'Twilight'. And I've never seen a movie of Twilight.This decision to avoid the series was on purpose. My mother is a great 'Twi-hard ", as fans of the books and film call themselves, she even referred to her love of 'Twilight' in a speech to 800 people at the synagogue this year.
My little sister, who hates reading as a vegan cheesecake, devoured books and features a poster of Robert Pattinson / Kristen Stewart at his door. The DVDs are always on the coffee table in my parents' house.
So why I've avoided 'Twilight'? One important reason is that I grew up with 'Harry Potter', and my loyalty to the franchise has always reign. I know it's possible that I like the two (what?) and that the two have little in common, besides Pattinson. Furthermore, the author Stephenie Meyer seems like a weird version out of the realm of fiction for children, Jo Rowling.(I know, I know, flee from the non-believer.)Another reason that has prevented the saga, in fact, is that I have heard that "Twilight" is ... well, stupid. I have heard that the books are badly written, that the female character, Bella, is a mockery of feminism modern love story that is a bad example for teens and acting in movies is like a 'Potter' broomstick. But I have never taken the time to see for myself.The thing is, 'Twilight 'is maddeningly intriguing. The fan base is so rabid devotees and makes me wonder why. My mother is a smart lawyer, educated at the university - not a gullible housewife, or a hungry teenager that I had assumed the series had been written.
If she likes 'Twilight' series must have some merit, right?Therefore, this project was born. I, Gaby Dunn, a full time virgin 'Twilight', I'll see all three films in the series to date - Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse in time for the third installment comes out on DVD on December 4.In this first part, I'll tell you what I think they already know about 'Twilight' . All I know about the franchise I've only picked up the cultural zeitgeist or the tabloid obsession with the cast. But I've been challenged to put what I think 'Twilight' for the world and then I'll see if my assumptions are right or wrong.

After seeing the first two movies, I'll update this post with what I was wrong about it. Meanwhile, the twi-hards can laugh at how little I know!

10 things I know about 'Twilight'

1. There is a family of vampires.They are all upper class and in school. In some ways they keep repeating the same grade and age, but nobody ever notices.
2. A new girl, Bella, moves to the city.She is pretty, but it is really easy. Then she meets Edward and fall in love, but always with, "We can not be together!" and she does not know why. You can smell their blood. I
.3. She realizes that he is a vampire pretty easily.And instead of running the other way, she falls for him.
4. The pallor of the individual.I do not know if this ever addressed, but in all the movies, it seems that the characters are being supported with a style of "Weekend at Bernie's'. Even the characters who are not vampires are super "white. "Is this like 'Lost'? is the twist that has been dead all the time?
5. There is a character named Jacob.Oh, my God, it's like 'Lost'! Only this Jacob is a werewolf or I guess, a way that changes if you want to get technical. He also loves Bella, but then ends being a pedophile. I'm not sure to what extent this is a joke, but I've heard people say that and I can not wait to find out.
6. Dakota Fanning is in the movie.She is a bad red eye. Like 'Omen' a rare child or something. I think that perhaps leads to the bad guys.
7. A red-haired actress is replaced with another.Bryce Dallas Howard plays a role now that another girl who used to play. I do not think it was an important role, however, I do not know the name of your character, but the change was apparently controversial
8. Edward has a lot of crazy things like taking the car engine and makes Bella jumping off a cliff.I think this is all in the name of love, for some crazy reason.
9. Sex is a strange thing.I think one or more characters were raped in the past. Bella really wants to sleep with Edward, but he's afraid to hurt her hacerñe. As with any horror movie ever, suppose that the characters horny always die. I'm running out of things to know.
10. Oh, wait! can read Bella's mind?No, that's 'True Blood'. Um. But there is a part by reading the mind right? Is that Edward can read minds? Oh, boy seem to know much less than I thought.So what do you think? Viewing 'Twilight' will I finally become a believer?
Thanks for sharing the note, guys :)

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