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More Eclipse Screencaps!

Click here to see more.

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Reminder: Enter to win ‘Eclipse’ bracelet AND get 20% off at Inspired by Twilight

In case you missed it over the holiday weekend, Team-Twilight and Inspired By Twilight (A twilight jewelery site) have teamed up again in celebration of this weekend’s release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on DVD! For details, head over to: Inspired By Twilight.
Ends Friday!


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(Video) From Eclipse Press Junket in Sydney: Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart Interview with Kylie Speer


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Exclusive look at the #EclipseDVD with "David Slade" (youtube version) + HQ Screencaps Rob and Kristen BTS







via Robsessedblog and lasagarobsten via gossip-dance

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NEW Noticas Robert Pattinson: EXCLUSIVE Brazilian Fan Report and Photos!


Good Afternoon Robmaniacs, many read yesterday, a fan got in touch with us to talk about some details of the recordings at Isle Esme’. Well, ‘we were very criticized because Stewart has been criticized in the report and well it turns out we were not ‘us’ we write, but the ‘person’ who was there, and if we bumped we would be changing the report and it would be wrong not? (Of course, nobody likes, anyway we are a fan of Kristen Stewart as well, but each one is individual right?) 

A very things make sense there, but not others, but why criticize? I just wanted you to understand. Below the report will be available again, with the 5 unique pictures that ‘person’ has released to us. Remembering that we do not say who the person on request (per your request and Security). And of course, believe who wants, why we will only know if the reports are true when the movie comes out. Recalling that have Spoilers, Thanks to all! Any questions, please send us a form:) – NRP 

Fan Report: The production was staying in Paraty, both the Brazilian and the American, to go to the island we took a boat out to sea 40 minutes. When I got there in the morning on the island … the place is beautiful the house is all glass, and the decor of the room and the kitchen has red tones too. 

As soon as I arrived I saw Kristen, was sitting on a bench and was smoking, he (Robert) I don’t saw him when I arrived, the production had around 300 people working, the actors were not in the city were in a rented house next to the island, and Rob’s mother was at home too … … .. but they do not set foot in the historical city of Paraty … .. all who worked on the production set was forbidden to take pictures, look at the actors or lean on them … had to be pretty normal, I had to disguise as hell, finally, I saw it the first time around 11:00 am on …. . Kristen was on top of the house shooting scene alone, and he was in the room resting. 

When the two were on the island to record, stayed together all the time in the same room, and the stuntmen in the next room, along with Brazilian actress making india, and the guy who had already left the picture on the internet … it was same. The actor’s name is Sebastian Lemos, the Gustavo in the book. The name of the actress who plays the Kaure india is Virgues Carolina. 

Scenes Recorded: Kitchen Scene – She (Kristen – Bella) see the note Edward left and begins emptying the refrigerator, she recorded this scene about 15 times, was wearing white blouse and panties, (she only has bone, horrible [laughs]) then I discovered this time as she is a boring, every time I was there, she did not look in the face of anyone, just spoke with Rob and the director (Bill Condon), then in the kitchen scene, she brought out everyone’s production of the front of her, she did not want anyone drooling over her, believe it? 

After was recorded the scene with Gustavo and Kaure looking quite shocked to see the two together,then Bella and Edward play chess at home and Edward wins, then they play chess on the beach and Bella wins, it’s then that they kiss on the beach (which has photo on Interntet) after she asks him to pass protector on she, then a scene of two coming up the hill and ohando the sea, the scene after they arrive at the home he takes the bags on the floor and with the other hand in her lap (Laughter) poor Rob, he recorded this scene several times, got tired of both catch her on her lap, and the last scene with Bella on the beach alone at night, looking out to sea with that guy an idiot. (Laughter) The dub it’s prettier than her, but it’s all mixed up too, now dub him (Edward) he only remembers, but does not appear, he is a loving, super nice. 

Neither the stuntmen could take pictures with them, the scene in the waterfall I did not see, I saw the photos on the Internet even, a lot of paparazzi tried to arrive by boat, but the BOPE(special operations battalion) was there armed with submachine guns up! They came running into the sea to take everyone, but anyway …. A lot of security. 

Had a day early in the recording that was greater silence, because it was recording, and I can’t breathe (Laughter), spent a boat with some girls screaming “Edward.”…. he (Robert) started laughing when he heard, he’s beautiful … . … beautiful. 

Very nice, but he did not mix with others, always with two bodyguards near the two, Stephenie Meyer was also there, I sat next to her for an hour, but it would be good, I think she was already tired, and I was impressed as she is new , It seems that 30 years, I thought she was newer. 

I saw her autographing the book of the actress who plays the Kaure india, but I was working I could not. Robsten is real? – They flirt yes, and sure enough, I saw, when they were hoping to change the set, stood on a balcony behind the house, sitting, talking, several baby kisses and kisses, she lay in his lap, and fondle it in her hair, they seem very intimate. But he (Rob) is too skinny too, When I Saw him with white t-shirt I said ‘OOWN’ *-* (Laughter), but it’s beautiful anyway!

Noticas Robert Pattinson
Thank you: Spunk-Ransom

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First Official Breaking Dawn Picture Implies Sex Scene


Via : Twilightish 

The first image from the new "Twilight" film, the two-part "Breaking Dawn", has been posted online and features the hand of Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, on a bed clutching feathers, which hints to a sex scene involving her character and her vampire lover Edward Cullen, portrayed by Robert Pattinson. 

In a scene from the books by Stephenie Meyer, the couple's lovemaking during their honeymoon becomes so frantic that they break the headboard on their bed and Cullen bites through a down pillow. 


Director Bill Condon posted the photo on the official "Twilight" Faceook page, saying: "Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours." 

"Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg told in July that "Breaking Dawn" may contain sex scenes. 


Stewart and Pattinson recently stripped down to a bikini and swimming trunks to film a scene for the movie, the final installment of the vampire romance saga, in Brazil. 

Kristen Stewart in bikini in 'Breaking Dawn' 

Stewart showed off a slim figure in a bright bikini while Pattinson donned red swimming trunks. The two plan to film "Breaking Dawn"
over the next eight months, shooting some scenes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Stewart said in October that while she's "incredibly pregnant" in part of "Breaking Dawn" but had dieted for weeks to prepare for scenes in which Swan is not expecting. 

"Breaking Dawn"'s first part is set to be released on November 18, 2011 and the second part is due to hit theaters on Nov. 16, 2012. 

Stewart has also said she recently tried on several prosthetic bellies for "Breaking Dawn", which sees her marrying Cullen, turning into a vampire and giving birth to their child, Renesmee. The older version of the character is to be played by 10-year-old Mackenzie Foy. 

source / Twilightish / RobstenWorld

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A Fantastic Breaking Dawn Opportunity!

I have been a very good Twilight fan, so I have resorted myself to sitting all all the mall Santa's laps and asking for this special gift!!! BUT if I had the 32,500 to bid on a day of being in Robert Pattinson's personal space on the set of Breaking Dawn, I WOULD! Some lucky/rich Twilight fans have the opportunity to bid on this special prize for charity. Yes you heard me...4 Twilight nuts (I am available to go with anyone BTW) will get to spend the day with Mr. Pattinson (and possibly and anyone other stars filming that day) on the set of Breaking Dawn. The lucky winner will get to hang-out with the hunky actor on the set of the next Twilight flick, Breaking Dawn. The champ and their three guests will also win a stay at a luxury hotel, as
well as being driven by limousine to and from the set to meet with Rob.

Give yourself a few moments to breath and then go here to use your black AMEX!!! If you end up bidding...please let us know. We are dying to know the person/persons who get to do this.

Be a part of a rare experience when you and your guests take part in a visit to the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in Vancouver, BC!

Winner will receive the chance for four people total to experience first-hand the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the decade
as you spend a day on the set, including the chance to meet the film’s
star Robert Pattinson!

This auction package includes 2 nights in a Deluxe Executive Suite at the elite Four Season Hotel in Vancouver and
VIP limousine service to and from the Breaking Dawn set provided by Star Limousine Services!

Breaking Dawn is the fourth installment in the Twilight Saga franchise, based on the popular, best-selling novels by Stephanie Meyer. Breaking Dawn is directed by Bill Condon and in addition to Robert Pattinson, also stars Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Dakota Fanning.

The proceeds for this item benefit GO Campaign

Terms: Airfare to and from Vancouver not included.

The winning bidder and 3 guests must sign a non-disclosure agreement and photos will
be taken for you on site, but no cameras/camera phones will be allowed
on the set. Auction is not open to members of the press or anyone affiliated with the press.

This experience will take place between late February through mid April
2011, when the crew is on the Vancouver set. The specific date within
this range will be determined based on the film's production schedule
and winning bidder's availability. The winning bidder must be 18 or
older, but there is no minimum age for the guests. The opportunity to
meet Robert Pattinson will depend on availability of his filming
schedule. As last minute schedule changes cannot always be foreseen,
accommodation of winner's schedule for meet and greet will be taken into

Winning bidder agrees to provide Summit Entertainment with legal names, date of births, and social security
numbers of all participants.

All Participants understand they will need to behave in a reasonable and appropriate manner at all times
during the experience. Violations will invalidate the experience for all
participants immediately and without refund. Causes for termination
include but are not limited to: profanity, harassment, not following
instructions of assigned escort or security as applicable, intoxication,
taking unauthorized photos, or other codes of conduct which are
considered unreasonable. The experience is for the designated number of
people only and additional guests cannot be accommodated.

Donated by: Summit, Four Seasons, and Star Limousine Services


Leave a comment Review An Advanced Copy of Eclipse DVD

I was recently sent a copy of the Eclipse DVD two-disc special edition by Summit Entertainment and I’ve been digging through the special features like a Twilight maniac for the past couple of hours… and I’m still not finished! Yes, there is that much extra Twilight-ness to be seen.

After watching the 6-part documentary, the music videos, and the extra scenes, I decided to write up a review for the DVD. Here is a list of everything that’s included in the special features as well as my thoughts:

Special Features First of all, I loved the intro and the main menu on the special features disc. The screen pans from Bella, Edward, and Jacob, to the Cullens, the wolves, Victoria, Riley, more wolves, and finally the Volturi. Great way to start off the DVD!

  • Audio Commentary With Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
  • Audio commentary with Stephenie Meyer and producer Wyck Godfrey

  • An awesome 6-part documentary
I absolutely loved this documentary and found it very interesting! It covered many different aspects of the movie-making process from the director (David Slade) to building the sets and the final editing process.
This is especially great for people who are interested in what goes on behind-the-scenes of a movie and what kind of work is required to produce a final film. But of course, any Twi-hard will no doubt greatly appreciate it! Some highlights include… clips from the Cullens’ fight training, Rob doing a back roll, the making of Bella’s engagement ring, and the building of the Cullen house… indoors.

  • Two deleted scenes and six extended scenes with optional commentary from David Slade

I always love watching those poor little deleted scenes that just didn’t quite make it into the movie. This DVD includes one of Angela and Bella talking about Bella’s romantic issues, an extended Edward/Jacob fight, an extended Rosalie back-story, and a lot more. Definitely worth watching!

  • “Jump to…” (skip to all of your favorite Edward/Jacob scenes)

Haha, this idea just cracks me up, although I have to admit it’s pretty clever. Basically this is a way for Twi-hards to watch all of the Edward or Jacob scenes in the movie without having to watch the entire movie. When you choose either “Jump to… Edward” or “Jump to… Jacob” it starts playing the movie with only the Edward/Jacob scenes and fast-forwards through everything else (with cool added fast-forwarding sound effects). It’s like an instant Edward/Jacob fix, and you don’t even have to touch your remote!

  • Photo gallery
Pretty self-explanatory. This shows you a slideshow of some movie stills.

  • Muse’s “Neutron Star Collision” music video & Metric’s “Eclipse (All Yours)” music video
I’m sure most of you have seen these videos already, but it’s always cool to watch it again on your TV screen!Overall, I think the Eclipse DVD is well-worth the money.

It’s loaded with special features that will keep you entertained for hours, no joke. Seriously, who doesn’t want to sit in front of their TV and watch “Jump to… Edward” or “Jump to… Jacob” on repeat? With the holiday season right around the corner, it’ll make the perfect gift for all of the Twi-hards you know (or you can go buy one and keep it for yourself).

And last, but not least, I will leave you guys with a quote from Peter Facinelli (taken off the DVD, of course):“Thank you, Eclipse, for teaching me to pretend-kick people’s butts. If I ever get into trouble, I’ll know how to pretend to kick someone’s butt.”

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‘Eclipse’ Included in Top 100 Films From Best Movie (Italy)!


The Top 10 for the period January 1st, 2009 to November 7th, 2010:

Avatar (65,677,144,000 euro)

Alice in Wonderland (30395720000000 euro)

Welcome to the South (26,631,142,000 euro)

Christmas in Beverly Hills (26,631,142,000 euro)

Sherlock Holmes (19,846,342,000 euro)

A Christmas Carol (17,075,118,000 euro)

Shrek and Happily Ever After (17,006,861,000 euro)

Eclipse (15,827,698,000 euro)

I, and their Lara (15,788,992,000 euro)

Toy Story 3 – The Great Escape (13,679,463,000 euro)

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MovieFone Talks 'Eclipse' DVD

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
What It’s About: The action begins to pick up in this, the third chapter in the Twilight franchise. Bella (Kristen Stewart) not only has to contend with regular teenage angst (her high school graduation is looming), she is again forced to the center of a romantic tug-of-war with love Edward (Robert Pattinson) on one side and friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner) on the other. Add in a vengeance plot by malicious vampires ravaging nearby Seattle and you finally get a slam-bam sequel.

It’s Kinda Like: ‘Dark Shadows’ with raging hormones.

What We Say: The Twilight saga finally comes of age with a story line that transcends the girly pulp of the previous outings. Sure we get the by-now-de-rigueur Edward-Jacob stare downs and the obligatory Bella mopey behavior but — surprise, surprise — the characters have deepened and matured, with a bit more of an emphasis on inner conflicts other than jealousy and unrequited love.

But wait, there’s more: Throw in a very exciting and bloody (for this soap) battle between bad vampires and good vampires, with the werewolves joining in with the latter for good measure. This is not your little sister’s romance flick any more.

• Extras: The DVD and Blu-ray versions are loaded with extras, including deleted and extended scenes, commentary with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, commentary with Stephenie Meyer, a photo gallery, a six-part “making of” documentary, music videos, and “Fast-Forward” features that allow viewers to jump directly to their favorite character’s scenes.

Rotten Tomatoes Reviews | Buy DVD | Save DVD to your Netflix queue

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That's really not the best review I've ever heard.
Twilight was NEVER "Your little sister's favorite flick".
That just comes from small-minded ignorance.

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MTV: Eclipse DVD Countdown: Edward and Jacob Are the Number 5 Reason We're Psyched!


As you all know, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” DVD is coming out this Friday at midnight finally, and we couldn’t be more excited. To help get us hyped for all those extra hours we get to spend with Bella, Edward and Jacob—now in the privacy of our own homes—we’ve decided to post a different reason we’re excited for the release every day this week. 

We’re kicking it off with the reason we love “Eclipse” the most of all the “Twilight Saga” flicks: more Edward and Jacob. 

If “Twilight” was all about introducing us to our love for Edward Cullen, and “New Moon“‘s main purpose was to make us question whether we should instead be falling for Jacob Black, then “Eclipse” is here to let us know that, unlike Bella, we can have them both. And Summit Entertainment is making it easy for us by having “Edward Fast-Forward” and “Jacob Fast-Forward” features on the DVD that allow us to—you guessed it—fast-forward to our favorite Edward and Jacob scenes. 

Our favorite Edward scene is definitely the sleepover. How could it not be? We could watch that make out session and the leg hitch on repeat for hours. I mean, Bella’s face is kind of covered, so it makes it easier to pretend that we’re the girl Edward is macking on. That meadow scene is a close second though, made all the more special by the fact that it’s the first scene we were teased with so long ago

Fortunately for all you Jacob lovers out there, Edward isn’t the only one getting some quality Bella time. How could we forget that first kiss in La Push (and the intense confrontation afterward), or their last kiss up on the mountain? That’s plenty to swoon over by itself. Yet, in proper werewolf fashion, Jacob is shirtless for a majority of this film, often with his fellow wolves half-naked surrounding him, which gets us swooning even more. We definitely have a soft spot for pretty boys. 

I think most “Twilight” fans would agree, though, that one of the best scenes in “Eclipse” includes both Edward and Jacob, so it should make it to all of our jump-to lists. I’m of course referring to “the tent scene,” also known as “the hottest night on the coldest mountain ever.” That’s a sexually tense moment I’m sure we’re all grateful we’ll have on DVD. 

What are your favorite Edward and Jacob moments that you’re looking forward to? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow writer Terri Schwartz, too!

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Forget Jacob. I only admire men with class and maturity. Go Edward.

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*DVD Spoiler* Wyck Godfrey & Stephenie Meyer Commentary highlights from the Eclipse DVD!

Stephenie Meyer/ Wyck Godfrey Producer Commentary

OK I know many expected this to be pretty boring, but these 2 are actually funny and interesting, though not as entertaining as Rob/Kristen. They
did it before the premiere, so they wonder at the audience’s reaction to
certain scenes. If you can’t be bothered watching it yourselves, here
are the best parts:

• Supposedly a drunk friend was recording Xavier in his video audition he sent in.

• The title art was initially different. SM: It was boring.

• They chat about Bella having a voiceover at the start of every movie.
Wyck suggests Kristen’s voiceover for BD will simply be “I’m pregnant”.

• SM describes the wig being a “diva”. i.e. requiring attention

• They joke about how Charlie is always drinking beer describing him as
being the most alcoholic cop in movie history. SM describes him as the
unsung hero of the Twilight series. Everyone loves Charlie. Then Wyck
says he’s a “sung hero”. People have actually written songs about him so
lookout on the next soundtrack.

• SM: Kristen’s skin is beautiful. (I whole heartedly agree SM!)

• They talk about fighting over the music. SM wanted Florence and the Machine song in the Beck and Bat for Lashes scene.

• SM likes Jasper’s hair despite it changing every movie. She thinks they finally got it right.

• They love Sarah Clarke. SM concludes Charlie and Renee are getting married again.

• In the Bella riding off on Jacob’s motorbike scene they laugh about the windshield wipers on Edward’s car stopping right in front of Rob’s face
all the time.

• Imprinting: They decided the Claire/Quil story will be held until BD

• They call the wolfpack nudists running around in “jorts”

• A few people on set replicated the “spider monkey” scene in the Cullen house soundstage.

• The tribal story scene was the worst scene to shoot besides the baseball scene in Twilight.

• Kristen as the 3rd wife made the test audience laugh-unintentionally funny so they cut it.

• SM talking about the books of the Twilight Saga: “Chris really gets the rough end of the stick. He got the weird one” LOL

• Like me, SM also loves the sound of Bella’s hand crunching Jake’s face.

• All the producers practiced the Jacob/Bella kiss.

• SM walked out of Wyck’s trailer upset after seeing Angryward scene. She
knew Jacob’s arm would be ripped off if Eddie ever tried to grab him by
the shoulder.

• SM/Wyck call Emmett and Rosalie jerks for not coming to the graduation of their siblings.

• Wyck wanted Jacob to come into the graduation party scene as wolves to make a more dramatic entrance, or wearing jorts.

• Like Rob, Wycke also jokes that Alice looks drunk walking down the stairs before the flashback.

• Wycke to SM: “ you’re a logic nazi!”

• SM: Talking about changing the style of the wolves between NM and
Eclipse: “It’s just like the hair. Next time the wolves will be

• Jacob wolf looking arthritic as he walks away from Bella-I totally thought that as well

• Wyck doing a Tenessee accent (its terribly funny)

• Like Rob, SM also commenting about Jasper’s “They’re verr come in the south”

• SM on the kid Jasper killed in the flashback: “That kid was nice, it
was sad when we had to kill him. We should have picked some child actor
who nobody liked”

• Talking about having a hot Rod party. SM : “the thing about wyck is, he lies a lot, and you can’t tell when he’s
lying or not.” Wyck: “Can we put Andy Samberg in BD?”

• SM has heard “imprint” and “battle” too many times, she no longer likes those words

• SM was there for the leg hitch scene (there may be hope for the BD sex scene to be hot?)

• SM: “Kristen’s really authentic and vulnerable. “ (thumbs up SM!)

• Kristen running down to talk to SM wondering if she could do anything else during the leg hitch scene.

• Proposal scene: Rob keeps the ring under the bed. The first time they forgot about giving him the ring.

• Leg hitch: They knew it was a fandom request

• Wyck talking about Bella trying to seduce Edward: “I thought she could
have had him.” SM: “If only she had you there to advice her wyck.”

• They were almost going to flashback to Edward courting Bella back in
the olden days in black/white. Would have been unintentionally funny.

• In proposal scene Rob stressed out a lot. In the end the scene looked effortless

• Scene where Riley/Victoria kiss. Wyck: “He bites her lip!” SM: “ooh yeh I think you would lose a bit of lip there.”

• Korts=khaki shorts, Wyck plans to make a new line. SM will make a swing dance commercial for them.

• Taylor dropped Kristen going up a hill when he had to carry her.

• They all bought parka’s for the mountain top scene. It was hot, they
didn’t need them. They send their thanks to producer Bill Bannerman

• First take of tent scene, Jacob kept his distance not touching her at all. They reshot as SM insisted he be holding her.

• Edward/Jacob bromance is mentioned a few times

• They mention people having to shaking the tent outside to imitate the wind.

• For the tent scene Taylor emptied a trash can (everyone wondered why).
It was for Kristen to make her feel more comfortable because she was
terribly sick that day

• SM and Wyck commenting on Kristen not wearing her big jacket when walking out of the tent in the morning. They
suggest Kristen throwing down the jacket in the scene and saying “you
knew he was listening. i hate that coat!!”

• Jacob/Bella kissing scene: 2 different filming locations. SM added the last little kiss
between J/B. SM: This required more demonstrative kissing “everyone was
kissing everyone!”

• THEY FILMED JACOB/BELLA GETTING OLD TOGETHER. They had a grey bella wig and everything. But everybody
laughed  so they cut it out. WHY ISNT IT ON THE DVD?!?! WHERE IS IT??

• OK i don’t get this. SM: “At least they cut the part where they then continued the hunt and they
leaped over a log and now Bella is being played by a very muscular stunt
man i believe. Also now bella is ripped. It was a very interesting
aspect of her vampire transformation.” NO IDEA.

• They had a nickname for a newborn whose make up stood out: The “neon newborn”

• SM: “Esme kicks butt. A lot of creative ways to kill people.”

• SM mythology issues. She believes it looks too easy to kill a vamp. They should have to work more to do it.

• There was a Bree/Esme scene that was cut. Its not on the DVD.

• SM “bryce’s face kills me” “crazy beautiful its unreal”

• SM: “Xaviers face is so noble.”

• Wyck: (joking about Xavier)We really did take his arm off for this shot. Method acting

• Edward trying to get Victoria to attack him and not run away. Wycke:
“Turn him into “ass” SM: “Oh wycke. These movies would be really
different if you were writing them. They would be funny!”

• SM about Bella/Edward running from Victoria: “Hide behind the tree, that would fool her!”

• Wyck: “Kristen should do an all out action film. She’s really really
athletic.” (I agree!) SM: “Oh she so should. I loved watching her run in
New Moon, in Italy”. Wyck: “Really?” SM: “yeh she looks so good”

• They sped up the speed of blood running down Bella’s arm

• There were shots of Riley’s disbelief as Victoria ignored his screaming that were cut out.

• SM on Edward: “i learnt this one in Italy!” as he bites off Victoria’s head.

• SM (funny voice): “Theres Leah. Screwing things up again!”

• W: “There was a shot where a wolf phased into naked Jacob, Ultimately too nudie.”

• SM: “I am always jealous of Jane’s outfits.”

• Rob/Kris kept laughing off camera trying to get Dakota to laugh when she was in character as Jane. They succeeded.

• SM went around saying “Pity” a lot after seeing the movie. (imitating Jane)

• Bree falls to the ground screaming. SM: “She’s so cute.”

• SM talks about auditions for Bree: 250 people screaming. Many of them badly. It was a painful experience.

• SM on Bella talking to Jacob when he’s sick: “Everyones listening. And they all want to beat you when you come back out.”

• They say the Jacob/Bella scene at the end is a great scene!

• Then they complain about sheens of sweat, pillow sweat etc.

• Then they start joking about bad medical props. Wyck: Carlisle is to medicine like Charlie is to the police force. LOL

• Wycke: Kristen’s fantastic again.

• There was song before metric that was supposed to be in the final scene
that they got attached to. It was already released. They don’t say what
song it was.

• They talk about the score which was made in England. SM: “Maybe we should film Isle Esme in England. Because its
very tropical and warm!”

• SM on Bella’s final speech: “It feels like she’s made progression. She understands herself a little bit more.”

• Wyck on Edward giving Bella the ring at the end: “You missed the fight where she threw it at him. Oh yeh good offscreen!”

• Wyck had a fantastic idea for Bella when Edward wouldn’t let her see
Jacob.SM: “She storms upstairs. Theres a Picture of Joan Jett stuck by
her mirror. She nods to herself and pulls out the scissors”. W: She
looks in the mirror at herself and cuts her hair! Like joan jett. SM:
Then we would be done! W: Then entire movie with hair like joan jett.
That would have been fun. SM: No one ever listens to you Wyck.

• Wyck: “There are a few people we would like to thank....” SM thanks the
Craft services, they’re like set mums. They make grilled cheese
sandwhiches like no other.

• Then they get serious and thank the director, assistants etc.

Original source: savethezebra via source

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