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Another New Outtake of Robert Pattinson!

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Kristen looks easy, breezy, beautiful as she steps on stage at the 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards.

Kristen is all smiles at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

What does a "Twilight"er wear to the Academy Awards? That.


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Bobby Long talks about meeting Rob

Rob talk starts around 7:00 mark

Source Via RobsessedBlog

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E! Online: Harry Potter Premiere Red Carpet Recap (Rob Featured)

R.Pattz looks a tad disheveled at the L.A. premiere in 2007, but to be fair, the onetime Cedric Diggory was shooting on another popular book turned movie franchise at the time.

Back in 2005 who could have predicted that Pattinson would wind up one of Harry Potter‘s biggest breakout stars? Not that Grint envies the attention. “It’s crazy. You just can’t really go anywhere,” he’s said of the Twilight star’s fame.

The movie’s supporting cast (which includes several members of the Triwizarding Tournament) gets a chance to shine at a U.K. photo call for the Goblet of Fire.R.Pattz looks a tad disheveled at the L.A. premiere in 2007, but to be fair, the onetime Cedric Diggory was shooting on another popular book turned movie franchise at the time.

Source / Via

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People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive: Sexy At Every Age List

The question is: What’s not sexy about the Twilight star? Case in point: Pattinson, with his signature messy hair and intense stare, ignites mass hysteria wherever he goes. “I don’t know how the Beatles felt, but very few human beings could ever get this feeling,” he told PEOPLE. “You can’t prepare for this.”

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A Collection of all Robsten Quotes!

QUOTES: Others on Robsten
"People love to talk, so let them have fun talking, I think they have an interesting, wonderful connection, so you know…What does dating mean? I don’t know. I couldn’t say. People love to talk, so let them have fun talking." - Catherine Hardwicke

“He flew over from London and he came to my house and met with Kristen and I and we did like a scene, we kinda auditioned like the love scene like in my bedroom where you know we did it on my bed. And the two of them jumped up there and did that whole love scene. And you could just feel the chemistry, and you felt the electricity and all of us were like “Whoa! This could be cool!” - Catherine Hardwicke

“They were talking like they’ve been friends for a long time and they were laughing together and everything.”

“I would like to make a few comments about Rob and Kristen, who are the true heart of this movie. First, they are both amazing actors. Second, they are channeling Edward and Bella like nobody’s business. Third, you might want to bring a paper bag to the movie, because their on-screen chemistry may cause hyperventilation. That is all.” - Stephenie Meyer

QUOTES: Kristen on Robert
I would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them. People say, ‘Just say who you’re dating. Then people will stop being so ravenous about it.’ It’s like, No they won’t! They’ll ask for specifics.

"I think it's sexy when chicks wear black slouchy trousers — fitted, but slouchy. I look at designer clothes on Rob and I'm like, 'I want those pants, man." - Kristen

"Rob is sexy, in a tortured artist way. This might be because he is British. He's tall, looks like he is thinking all the time and is incredibly funny."

"I've seen him in the movie... he's really good in the movie. It's hard to talk about your friends - about anybody that's close to you that you know. It's like, he's everything I know he is. I know he can do any film. Living is so wrapped up in who you are as an actor, not everybody can play every part. He is really strong in the movie. Maybe that's different... maybe people won't really expect that, he's quite bold, which is great." (Remember Me)

"I love Rob because he always wants to be the best. He can be very childish. When Rob does something right or wins something he talks with a different, little voice - like a five-year-old." "When i looked in Rob's eyes i could look into his heart and he did the same"

"I love the way he sings. It breaks my heart. And don't you think he's just gorgeous? Rob's also a very bad liar, he just can't do it!"

“He can’t lie,” she says. “It makes things a little scary for him sometimes. But it’s my favorite thing about him.”

[Karaoke Night in Japan]“It was really funny seeing Baz Luhrmann and Rob singing a David Bowie song,” Stewart says. “It was a talky one so they both could sort of talk to each other, and they were riffing back and forth."

“Rob and I are great friends,” Stewart says. “But I understand why you would assume that when we lean on each other for support, there must be something more…And I’m not criticizing anyone for thinking it either. If anything, they’re really perceptive, because they can see a closeness.”

QUOTES : Robert on Kristen
"She made these like loquat... crumbles... The best thing I've ever tasted" - Rob on Kristen's pies

“Kristen really cares about me. I’m very grateful for this. She’s the most honest and genuine person I’ve ever met. She always listens and gives good advice regardless of her own interests.”

"I guess we definitely had a strange dynamic, like I didnt feel like, I mean I was just quite intimated by her, and it was weird and at the same time I was like ‘your younger than me you cant intimidate me'."

Interviewer: "Is it weird to do sexual scenes with such a close friend? Is that a bit odd?" Rob: "No, we do it all the time." -Rob [laughs]

"There's definitely, I don't know chemistry, or whatever but I definitely had some kind of change, I felt something with Kristen."

“We understand each other without the words. I can tell Kristen about all my problems. But honestly I don’t have to… because she’s in same position as I am.”

“What I especially like about her is that she’s like me, not dizzy from fans and press attention. She stays true to herself and very smart for her age. With each movie she matured."

“During the filming of Eclipse, I realized that she matured a lot and become a real woman. And, of course, it’s a lot easier to work with a person I worked before."

Kristen's the best actress of our generation, and that's why I wanted to do this movie. I don't know why she is. She's just better than everybody else."

“She’s kind of yeah that’s kinda different. I mean…I end up playing like the clogs, messes everything up and she’s like the one who takes control of everything.”

“I mean, Kristen’s great. She’s, uh, one of the main reasons why I wanted to do this: just because of her body of work and also just the audition kinda made me feel very differently about it. I had no idea how to do it before the audition. I mean, she’s an extraordinarily talented actress.”

"(On kissing Kristen) I always get carried away when I'm kissing. I just go nuts! Walking away after it is the strangest moment for me. It's embarrassing - not knowing what to say to each other."

Q: Who's your celebrity crush? Rob - "Kristen Stewart - Q: What did you dream about last night? Rob - "Kristen"

“(Asked about his relationship with Kristen) I read that story every day… it’s in a story every day, so let’s not put it in another one.”

"I read the script and I barely knew that they were books too, The only reason I went to the audition was to see Kristen, because I'd just seen Into The Wild. Of course I had a crush on her but we are just very good friends."

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Robert Pattinson To Get Another Waxwork

The latest life-size figure of the Twilight star – which cost an impressive $300, 000 to sculpt – will go on display at the Madame Tussauds museum on the Las Vegas strip from November 3.

The new waxwork it being kept under wraps until Wednesday’s big unveiling so we’re unable to confirm at this stage whether they’ve got the hair right.

However, here’s a couple of existing wax likenesses of Rob from Madame Tussauds' around the world. Which one do you think best captures Rob’s hotness, if any?

Via Gossip Dance

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‘Water for Elephants’ – Netherlands Possible Release Date

Accord­ing to the site the Nether­lands will pos­si­bly be able to see it on April 14th

Source Via ThinkingOfRob Via 500DaysofRK

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Black and White Pics of Robert Pattinson

A few black and white pics of Robert Pat­tin­son from the New Moon press con­fer­ence in Tokyo

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Release date Water for Elephants for Belgium

Water For Ele­phants will be released onApril 27, 2011 in Bel­gium, just like in France.
The release date in the United States in set for April 15, 2011.

Source Twi­light –Bel­gium Via ThinkingofRob

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'Welcome to the Rileys' Review: "A Beautiful, Honest Film"

A Beautiful Honest Film...

"My friends and I talked for an hour about this movie after we saw it last night. We each were touched by the story and and connected in our own different ways. The filmmaker did not rely on pathos or tricks. We cared about each of the characters. It was quiet, lovely and real. The performances are Oscar worthy."

Source /via: WTTR Saturday Thanks!

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25 Star-Tested Beauty Tips & Tricks - Kristen's TWILIGHT TRANSFORMATION


Each day after wrapping up filming on the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, makeup artist Charles Porlier handed each star a towelette saturated with Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser to easily remove all traces of makeup and transform the vampires (and those who love them, like Kristen Stewart) back into their worldly off-screen selves.

Source Via RobstenWorld Via RKdaily

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The scoop on "Robert's halloween bash"

We’re still weeks away from Thanksgiving, but HollywoodLife already prepared a real turkey.
According to the site, Robert Pattinson “had big plans for Halloween and it involved inviting the entire cast of Breaking Dawn to one of the most haunted places in the world,” namely, Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana.
But, reports HollywoodLife, the cast “couldn’t get the haunted house of their dreams.”
That would be awfully disappointing… if it were actually true.
Kristen Stewart, who the site says “wanted to spend Halloween” at Myrtles, was actually in Los Angeles over the weekend, as were some other cast members like Peter Facinelli.
Ashley Greene happened to be in South America.
So it seems rather unlikely that Pattinson planned to have “the entire cast” over to the plantation, since “the entire cast” wasn’t even in Louisiana and supposed co-host Stewart was thousands of miles away.
What “evidence” does HollywoodLife have?
The site quotes a Myrtles rep as saying, “Someone called us up and asked if we were available anytime during Halloween weekend” and “said it would be for members of the Breaking Dawn cast.”
So “someone” — never identified — may have called the plantation and mentioned that Breaking Dawn wanted to have a party there.
That’s a FAR cry from Robert Pattinson getting “DENIED!”
“I don’t know about it,” an employee who’s worked there for eight straight days told Gossip Cop. She even heard the venue’s manager describe the Pattinson rumor as “blown out of proportion.

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TWILIGHT SAGA #13 : The 20 Most Successful Film Franchise of All time!

1. Harry Potter ($5.4 billion)
2. James Bond ($5.02 billion)
3. Star Wars ($4.27 billion)
4. Shrek ($2.93 billion)
5. The Lord of the Rings ($2.91 billion)
6. Pirates of the Caribbean ($2.68 billion)
7. Batman ($2.58 billion)
8. Spider-man ($2.49 billion)
9. Indiana Jones ($1.97 billion)
10. Toy Story ($1.94 billion)
11. Ice Age ($1.91 billion)
12. Jurassic Park ($1.90 billion)
13. Twilight Saga ($1.79 billion!!)
14. The Matrix ($1.6 billion)
15. Transformers ($1.54 billion)
16. X-Men ($1.53 billion)
17. Star Trek ($1.44 billion)
18. The Mummy ($1.41 billion)
19. Terminator ($1.402 billion)
20. Mission Impossible ($1.402 billion)

Read more at pajiba thank to KstewAngel Via Gossip Dance

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Review: 'Welcome to the Rileys' is "Challenging and Provocative"

“Welcome To The Rileys,” is a stirring drama about three people’s journey through tragedy to a life filled with opportunity and optimism. Starring James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart and Melissa Leo, the film tracks the life of married couple Doug (Gandolfini) and Lois Riley (Leo) as the struggle to overcome eight years of grief over the death of their teenage daughter in a freak car accident.

Lois thinks she caused the accident by being too overbearing a mother, and Doug does not disabuse her of that line of thinking. The two battle major depression and live like emotionally dead zombies until they meet the 17-year old stripper named Mallory (Stewart).

While at a business convention in New Orleans, Doug wanders into a strip joint ahead of his colleagues and encounters Mallory, who propositions him like she’s been working the streets for over 10 years, which is possible given her life story. Because Mallory reminds Doug of his deceased daughter in age and appearances only, he tries to take her under his wing and provide her with the parenting she clearly never had.

Their relationship causes strain in Doug’s marriage, but forces Lois out of the catatonia she’d found herself in.
The Riley’s experience with Mallory reinvigorates their relationship and puts both them and Mallory on a new path for living.
Scripted by Ken Hixon (“City by the Sea” and “Inventing the Abbotts”),“Welcome To The Rileys” skillfully navigates the dark underside of post-Katrina New Orleans and the child sex-trade, delicately peppering the film with humor as it ultimately drives the film’s theme home.

While the film may prove too dark and gritty for Stewarts male fans, her female fans are sure to appreciate her work in this challenging and provocative role. After rapping up her stint as Joan Jett in “The Runaways,” to prepare for her role as a stripper and child prostitute, Stewart took pole dancing lessons, visited strip clubs and didn’t wash her hair for five weeks. Her appearance was so convincingly trashy, she said, that when she walked into a club off Sunset Boulevard, the owner offered her a job. The actress persuaded him to let her talk to the dancers to get insight about their lives.

“The only thing that I can figure out is that something most of the time was taken from them,” she said. “Like, you can’t hurt me more than I’ve already been hurt. And you can’t abuse me more than I abuse myself every day, so I’m gonna take from you. I’m gonna take your money.”

Director Jake Scott, who snagged Stewart before she began filming “Twilight,” says Stewart was right for the lead. “What I got from her in that movie was this vulpine, wily, kind of fox-like quality,” he said. “She’s got a way of looking at people that I found really compelling.” Stewart “has become more confident in the two years he’s known her and hasn’t let celebrity warp her identity,” he added. “She’s still Kristen to me — this kid from the Valley who’s into Van Morrison and watching movies and hanging out,” he says.

via: source / via

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Old/ New Screencaps and Fanmade Video from Twilight (Bella's Lullaby Music Video and Deleted Scenes)

  Thanks to Robstenation 
via: TodoTwilightSaga / via: lasagarobsten

*fans self* Okay, who's ready for Breaking Dawn now?

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HD WTTR Screencaps from "900 dollars clip"


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The Robert Pattinson Cook Book! (OMR)

Price $ 9.99

The cookbook Robert Pattinson project that began in early 2010, when, gathered a group of followers of Robert Pattinson and Twilight to join forces and create a cookbook for charity. The idea was to have a book made by fans for fans by Rob Rob, with all proceeds going to charity in honor of our favorite actor.

All the benefits Cookbook Robert Pattinson will be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council. This BBB Accredited meets all 20 standards for Charity. We are proud to offer the Robert cookbook Pattinsonpara your enjoyment. We believe we have exceeded our goals and expectations, and created a book that not only can we be proud of, but Rob would be so proud to be.

To purchase click here.

Source / via: lasagarobsten

Hahaha! So, we have dolls, action figures, underwear (literally), and now cook books.
Oh dear God...

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Youtube video: PopSugarRush – Breaking Dawn’s Judi Shekoni Talks Rob

Lmao at the end of the video!! Go vote today USA!! 

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E! Online Patti Stanger: Rob and Kristen Are Gonna Last!

We say brava to Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker.

Patti Stanger recently dished to Access Hollywood 'bout what T-Town couples have what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

First up: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

"These two are gonna make it," says Patti, based on first-hand knowledge...

TWITTER: Follow Ted

"The vampires are gonna last—as long as they make these movies, they're gonna last. They've got good energy, they're on the down low—they're hitting it at like Chateau Marmont in those little bungalows in the back, I've seen 'em."

Duh! And they're gonna last past the movies too, hon.

We know this, as do many of you, but it warms our bitchy hearts to hear Miss P. approve also. Girlfriend knows her s--t that's for sure.

Hell, she completely nailed what we've been saying about some of Hollywood's other babes.

"I do a lot of astrology when I match, and he is an Aquarius and he likes older women," Patti says 'bout Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. "That is his thing, if you look at his chart. They will last. He might stray—you know, he's playing the field—but she will always bring him back."

As for Jennifer Aniston?

"Jennifer Aniston is a tough one to match up. I really don't give her anybody on the board [of eligible single men]. I really believe she needs an entrepreneur—like a person who is out of Hollywood, that is hot and a good looking guy."

We've been saying the same damn thing for ages now. Look how well it's turning out for Reese Witherspoon?

So, what do you think about Patti's predictions. We say spot on.

Source: E! Online / via:@DrownInIt

It's very obvious that they are going to last. And I'm not just saying that and neither is Patti.
They have substance.

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'Welcome to the Rileys' Soundtrack Now Available!

Welcome to the Rileys soundtrack is now available for purchase.
Get yours today!!

Via: WTTR Saturday

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Robsten Video of the Day

Short but Hold on tight for the ride my loves!! 
 Again i know seen many times but why not relieve this moment ey? 

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Robsten Picture of the day

And let the Purple madness continue!! Why purple? Because i love it and it matches our blog. LOL

I love this :) I loved this scene and damn did it made me cry :L

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