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Some Old Welcome to the Rileys Stills now in HQ

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Amazing Robsten Fan Art

Are these great or what? Oh my i can NOT wait to see this scenes in Breaking Dawn

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Rob mentioned in Spain Tv Series "Aida"

click on image to watch video

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OMR. HoneyBuzy Has a New Video!!!!!! The Story So Far (And it is a beautiful story)

Thanks to the amazing HoneyBuzy

The story is not over yet, Robsten Shippers.

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Rob Allegedly Spotted Out in Louisiana Today

According to the Facebook page Twilight Takes Over Baton Rouge,

Tricia Cypriano Brasseur Just saw rob in a black tahoe by prairieville exit on interstate!!!!!!! 2 hours ago
Emily Crook
I was just sitting at on the half shell(waiting in my food),at the corner of old Perkins and airline and Robert just ride by in his bicycle with his security detail behind him. He took a left on airline if anybody wants to try and find him!:) he came into my job Wed, and now this sighting WOW I’m lucky 5 hours ago
i am 100% certain it was him. I didnt get a pic I was talkn on the phone uugghh, his security that he came into my job with wed was riding behind him in the same SUV that they have been in. Robert and security came into my job wed, then just the security came in fri, same SUV all times4 hours ago

he was on a white bicycle, he had his ray bans on (again) and shorts and a brown jacket and a hat4 hours ago

no its a silver SUV, like a ford hybrid. Nothing u would imagine, but it has very dark tinted windows. I work on highland rd, they have ordered food from there, put it that way..4 hours ago

Via Spunk Ransom

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New/Old Videos of Rob & Kristen

via source Via Gossip Dance

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Robert Pattinson Biography Spotted At Costco

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“Twilight” Candy At The Dollar Store

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“New Moon” / “Eclipse” Board Game Hits France

Rough Translation from Twilight France:

Several weeks ago now, I told you about a product derived from the Twilight series coming out exclusively in France (so no need to seek a U.S. version: it does not exist!): The board game gathering at a time New Moon and Eclipse ! !

Well, it is now available for sale in stores cultural, hypermarkets (as the willingness of department heads) and Ciné-Shopping at a price of 29.90 €. This board game allows players to select one of two films of the saga by choosing the front or back of the support.

And really all you detail, know that the game supports 2-8 players and includes 2 dice, 1 notepad, 217 cards for the next New Moon and 208 cards for the next Eclipse. The whole course is in French with pictures and movies of Chris Weitz and David Slade.. To buy it online today,
simply click here.

Source Via Spunk Ransom

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Entertainment Weekly gives "Simpsons" Twilight-spoof episode a C+

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People Magazine Scan: Catching up with Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart at Los Angeles Film Festival - WTTR Q & A June 25, 2010

Thanks @Robkris13 for sharing your photos.


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'Welcome to the Rileys' Box Office Update

Thanks boxofficemojo via @pattinsonstew

Domestic Total as of Oct. 31, 2010: $45,000 (Estimate)

Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic: $45,000
Domestic Summary
Opening Weekend: $45,000
(10 theaters, $4,500 average)
% of Total Gross: 100.0%
> View All Weekends
Widest Release: 10 theaters
In Release: 3 days / 0.4 weeks

Readers(18 votes)

Grade Breakdown
As: 8 44.4%
Bs: 2 11.1%
Cs: 0 0.0%
Ds: 1 5.6%
Fs: 7 38.9%

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VideoMediaStars: 'Welcome to the Rileys' Reviews: Kristen Stewart Shows Serious Acting Skills

Much has been said about “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart and whether she can do more acting than just her hallow-eyed, absent-minded impression of Bella. “Welcome to the Rileys,” her latest film, should answer all those questions. 

The star, whom many stars identify with the mortal girl in the immensely successful “Twilight” movie franchise, caught between the affections of a vampire and a werewolf, takes on an entirely different character in “Rileys.”

The film, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, also stars James Gandolfini and deals with the story of a “working girl” slash exotic dancer (Kristen) who is “adopted” by grieving parents the Rileys.

Though the film is receiving mixed to negative reviews, primarily because of how certain elements in the plot are dealt with and because of Jake Scott’s direction, the actors in it are getting mostly praising reviews.

Gandolfini’s accent is a little too much to take, most critics seem to agree, as the LA Times sums up, but his presence is very strong onscreen – and, most importantly, very convincing.

Stewart also does her best, thus managing to convince even the most skeptic of critics that there’s more to her acting skills than what she lets show in “Twilight.”

She has depth and, above all, she has that special ability to go to some deep, dark place inside of her (that no one even knew existed) and bring out the tormented little girl who has to sell herself to survive.

“Stewart gives the kind of raw performance those of us who’d practically fallen asleep during her comatose Twilight line readings forgot she was capable of. Perhaps her experience as a child actor was fraught with equivalent perils, but whatever she’s tapping into here, it clearly hits her nerves, and ours,” E! says in a review of the film.

“Much of the pleasure of the film is watching Gandolfini and Stewart navigate a minefield pocked with stopped toilets, no electricity, arrests and even angry johns,” Los Angeles Times’ Betsy Sharkey says.

“What keeps the film’s fragile realism intact are actors who can make even small moments count,” Manohla Dargis of the New York Times also says.

As is usually the case, not all critics are convinced by Stewart’s good acting. Village Voice critic Dan Kois, for instance, only takes from “Rileys” the conclusion that Stewart gives her best performance when she’s not in front of the camera.

“Try as Stewart might, she can’t turn this Manic Trixie Nightmare Girl into a real person. And so the best moments of ‘Welcome to the Rileys’ don’t include its most bankable star at all. Well played, Kristen Stewart. An anti-star is born,” Kois says. 

Source via @KStewAngel

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Hot Pics of Rob at 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards Gala (2008)


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