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Two New International “Water for Elephants” Release Dates

Swiss Release Date – April 14, 2011

Denmark Release Date 12 May 2011

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Photo of the Cullen Mansion Construction

Click to Enlarge

Thanks To
Spunk ransom

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Reminder About Kristen and Rob Flip Graphic Novel

This is in stores on Weds! “FAME: Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson” FLIP Graphic novel. #twilight#Robertpattinson

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Kristen featured in TvTaro Magazine (Japan)

Japanese TV Magazine ‘TV Taro’ December – 2010 Issue
‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ special

Interviewer: So, in Eclipse, Bella has negative feeling for marriage, how do you feel about it for yourself?
Kristen: Well, I don’t deny getting married. Not that I am saying that I will marry soon, but I do have a wonderful family. So in the future I would like to have one for myself.

Interviewer: In what circumstances do you feel you are happy?
Kristen: When I am not lie to anybody including myself.


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So Now You Saw IT!! The Buried Life! MTV Wants to Know.....

According to MTV's The Buried Life they want your opinion.  Go here to take the poll! Here is what they had to say!

On tonight's episode of "The Buried Life," the inspirational foursome turned to fans of the show for their next task. And just what did the people dare them to do? End world hunger or test their physical limits by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Nope, they asked for something probably even harder: to steal a lock of Robert Pattinson's hair.
With the help of Twitter and some seedy stalkarazzi, the boys followed a trail that led them straight to the studly vampire, where they triumphantly snipped a strand of his shaggy mane. We gotta hand it to those Buried Lifers, they're really cleaning up this season!
+ We were so impressed when Dave and Jonnie returned to the car with Robert's split ends in tow, but how about you? Was it a cool mission, or were you totally weirded out? Take the poll!

I will definitely post the full video once it is up!!

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(Japan) "The Halloween Party on October 29th featuring Twilight saga: Eclipse.

Hard to Explain is hosting a party "The Halloween Party Vol.70" on October 29th featuring Twilight saga: Eclipse.


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With the fourth Twilight movie in production and all three of the films so far showing on Sky this November and December, we find out exclusively from the franchise’s young stars whether three really is a crowd. Interview: Jenny Cooney. (spoilers below)

“They never do the kissing scenes when I’m on set, so you genuinely feel like someone’s cheating on you!”
When Sky Movies Magazine sits down with the lead actors from the Twilight franchise – Kristen Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob) – it’s immediately evident just how close these young A-listers are.
Which is not surprising given how much their lives have changed in the two years since the first Twilight movie was released in 2008. Overnight, Stewart (18 at the time), Pattinson (22) and Lautner (then just 16) became teen idols, swept away in an incredible wave of Twilight mania.
Now, as they approach their fourth movie together, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and with the first three movies (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse) showing on Sky this November and December, we get the lowdown on what it’s like to be part of one of the most successful franchises ever…
Sky Movies Magazine: So, the third movie came out in cinemas earlier this year and you’re about to start shooting the fourth – did you ever expect Twilight to be such a big success?
Taylor Lautner: It was a big surprise. When we were filming Twilight we just thought we were making a movie that we were passionate about. We didn’t know if anybody else was going to want to watch it. We had no idea it was going to turn out like this and then it just kept growing and growing.
Robert Pattinson: I genuinely thought this was a dark little indie vampire love story… And then it just ended up being this massive thing. I didn’t see it coming at all… But it’s not like I objected to suddenly being in a big film! I mean, it’s great.
Kristen Stewart: What’s cool is that you have this fantasy full
of myths and stuff. So it does raise the emotional stakes. I think that’s why girls love it so much, because it’s just a little bit more serious than what you’re dealing with in real life. It’s just a little bit more passionate than whatever you’re feeling.
SMM: Have your lives changed a lot with all the press and fan attention?
TL: Yeah, a little bit, because it’s not normal to wake up and have 12 paparazzi cars waiting for you, who are just going to follow you all day…
KS: It’s really funny when they fall down all over each other because they’re running backwards to try and get your picture. Whenever you see me really happy in a paparazzi shot, it’s because I’m laughing at them.
TL: But the pros that come with the job highly outweigh the cons. I’ve been having the time of my life these past two years. But it’s very important to not let it affect your life. I really live in two different worlds. I have the Twilight world and then I have the same world that existed before, with my family and friends.
RP: I’m relatively fearful about when the series ends, because it’s such a great security blanket. It’s like a net. You can afford to make mistakes when you have another Twilight film to make. But after that, I guess you’re on your own.
SMM: You guys have worked together for a while now – how have your relationships changed?
KS: We have a completely different relationship now. We’ve become good friends… I care immensely about Rob and Taylor, we’ve really grown close – and it doesn’t get weird!
TL: Yeah, we’ve grown closer and closer. I mean, we’re like best friends now and it’s really amazing how much that helps. We’re able to be more open with each other and we have more fun. I think that creates a better working environment.
SMM: Do you ever annoy each other?
KS: They don’t annoy me [laughs]. We have totally normal relationships with each other… We can be honest and not be worried about offending each other.
TL: Kristen and I are super close [shoots a mock ‘challenging look’ at Pattinson]. We talk about anything and everything. During downtime we’ll either throw a football around or she’ll throw a grape and I’ll catch it in my mouth… You get really bored on set sometimes. I don’t know how we’d film this franchise if we weren’t as close as we are. It’d be a nightmare.
SMM: Taylor and Rob – your characters are rivals in the films. Is it difficult shooting the scenes, particularly in Eclipse, where you fight?
TL: Rob’s very funny. Like in the tent scenes where we’re yelling and screaming at each other – it’s so hard hating Rob because he’s just a fun, nice guy, so having to look him in the eye and scream at him is difficult. Every time after they called ‘cut’, we both just burst out laughing, so that’s pretty challenging.
RP: I was in a very strange mood when we were shooting that scene [laughs].
I kept getting obsessed with the word, ‘thoughts’, because with an American accent it sounds like ‘farts’. And I couldn’t get over it, the entire day. The opening line was, “Can you at least keep your thoughts to yourself?” I mean, I’m sitting in this tent and every single time [laughs]… And Taylor got to the point where he was just like, “That doesn’t even sound the same – it’s not funny at all.”
SMM: Does that happen a lot?
RP: [There was a scene] where Kristen was supposed to be asleep on the floor. So I looked down and she’s looking up and trying to make me laugh the entire time. But it meant the scene got some energy to it, because I was trying to stop myself laughing and that kind of made it easier.
SMM: Jacob and Bella come even nearer to getting it together in Eclipse – does that cause any weirdness between you?
TL: It was good for Jacob to get in there and get his shot and kiss Bella for the first time. Definitely [laughs].
RP: Not only do they do the kissing scenes, they never do it when I’m on set. You genuinely feel like someone’s cheating on you… I’d come back to work and be like, “So how was it?”
TL: [There was one kiss] at the climax of the movie. We’re on top of this mountain and the background was amazing. It’s a really important, emotional moment… But it was so funny because whenever Kristen and I would kiss, as soon as we’d finish, Kristen would look at me and go, “We just kissed.” I’d be like, “Yeah, we did.” It was funny.
SMM: Did you guys get embarrassed?
TL: No, when Kristen and I do scenes, we are Jacob and Bella. Everything we do, whether we’re kissing or fighting. We definitely live those characters so after three movies it kind of just happens now.
KS: Yeah, I could probably be certified absolutely insane at this point because
I’ve gotten so into the head space of Twilight’s reality…
SMM: Can you tell us a bit about the next installment, Breaking Dawn?
KS: Well, it’s now been split into two movies. We start filming in November…
TL: I’m really excited that it’s going to be two movies. I think that’s going to work really well and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Bill
Condon [the new director]. When I heard he was on board I was like, “OK, this is going to be golden.”
KS: I think each director has suited the projects perfectly. Catherine [Hardwicke, the director of the first movie] has a really strong connection to youth and discovery and stuff like that, and it’s really hard to describe how nice Chris [Weitz, the director of New Moon] is. He’s so compassionate and has a wisdom about him – I really needed someone to look up to and who was willing to go to the depths with me. David [Slade, the director of Eclipse] has more of a morbid sensibility. Which is good as Eclipse gets a little scarier…
SMM: How have your characters changed as the movies progress?
RP: When I first read the books, I was like… I can’t play this. This is impossible. But I’ve tried the entire time to make [Edward] the perfect underdog. No matter what anyone says to him, no matter what heroic deeds he does, it’s impossible to convince him that he’s done anything right. And the only thing that has made him feel alive – feel anything – is Bella.
TL: In New Moon, I was kind of playing a split personality; for the first half I was the old Jacob and then the second half, I was the new Jacob. For Eclipse, Jacob has matured and he’s a little more serious because he knows what he’s dealing with now, which was definitely emotionally challenging. That’s why Eclipse is my favourite movie, because everything that’s great about this franchise – the romance, the action, the danger, the suspense, everything – Eclipse takes to a whole other level. It’s the height of the love triangle – Bella is being torn between these two guys who are literally fighting for her.
KS: Well, in Breaking Dawn, Bella becomes a wife. She becomes a mother. Luckily I’ve played the character for a while. If Breaking Dawn was its own movie, it would be much more difficult to play such a young wife and mother, but because I have been with her since she was 17, it’s been a progression. I think that’s what’s so cool about the series. It takes her a long time to get to that point and she loses a lot and then gets it back. I think to make decisions like that you have to really know yourself and trust yourself and she achieves that. She’s very straight up and honest about everything and I’m excited because I know the guys so well and we’ve all taken this journey together.

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(Scans + Translation) Rob In "ELLE" Magazine - Japan - September 2010


Gorgeous vampire is the shy 24 year-old
“They are screaming for Edward, not to myself. Then it is easier to take all the hysteria.”

Q: Isn’t it tough to be followed by Paparazzi any where you go?
Rob: I guess I should relax and think “It’s only a pictures taken and posted to tabloids.” and let it go.To tell you the truth, surrounded by 50 Paparazzis 24/7 is really tough. And I have a bad habit to react them with nasty face; I should come up with better look for paparazzi photos by now. Laughs.I am always thankful to my family and close friends; they never change their attitude toward me. They keep me to the ground. Some of them haven’t even seen “Twilight” movies yet! So relieving!

Q: What attract you about Edward?
Rob: That he is sincerely modest.

Q: You’ve been constant working. Don’t you want to have a break?
Rob: Not really. If you go on vacation, it is just another cause of more paparazzi photos, anyway. So, I’ll keep working until they get tired of following me; it should be soon over in next few years, I guess

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Update: Peter Facinelli teases "surprises" in 'Breaking Dawn'

Peter Facinelli talked with and gave us a bit of a tease about the Breaking Dawn script! He mentions “a lot of tension… a lot of surprises.” Watch the video here.

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US Magazine: Kristen's Apres-Couture

At the end of day, Kristen Stewart, who always makes sneakers a trend on and off the red carpet, comes down off her 5 and 6 inch Sergio Rossi’s and Jimmy Choo’s to be comfortable like the rest of us.

She switches over into her Keds. You know, those simple, classic sneakers? The ones that have been crawling along since 1916?

She doesn’t wear the sequined ones or the bubble gum pink ones; she loves the darkest black ones. As in, black sole, black laces, black everything.

They’re cute, they’re comfortable (sizes 5 to 13!) and cheap ($35!). Also, they're very cool as Kristen is wearing them. What’s not to like?

Just be sure that you wear them simply and elegantly. Steer clear of a poufy dress paired with loud colors or prints. Or you'll end up with a huge fashion crime summons.

To buy: Champion Canvas Originals, $35,


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Rob's short Interviews with TVTaro & Flix Magazine(Translated)

[Japanese TV Magazine, “TVTaro” December, 2010 issue
“Twilight saga : Eclipse” special]

Interviewer: Do you feel tired of acting Edward over and over again?

Robert: I try to find something different in each sequel. As I get older I
have different opinions or point of view to the story. And We have different
director each time which is good; they bring us whole different idea. I also
think that it is good that we are still young; we are still in the middle of
the career and we are hungry to prove ourselves’ strength. Kristin may be
has the longest career, but she is too, only 20 years old. There is no one
who is yawning and say “so bored, I only here for money.” We are not
making a movie that is not appeal to no one. There are so many people
waiting for us to do a great job making a fantastic movie, I aware of that

[Japanese Theatrical Magazine ”FLIX” #202 December, 2010 issue
Robert Pattinson Interview, excerpt.]
Edward accepted the fact that Bella and Jacob kissed; very calm never getting angry at her.

Robert: If I was Edward? I would break up with a girl like that and say “Oh you cheated on me.” (Laugh) I somehow respect Edward for that, and in fact that is the very scene I like the most in the Eclipse. He did what I can’t do. This is the very moment he did something very heroic. In the last sequel, he did what he thought the best choice and made her desperately miserable. So now he does whatever it takes to be with her.

Ordinary people would say “It’s OK, I forgive you” and soon after blame her “You’ve done such a thing!” but Edward did not. He overcome with envy & fear and thought “I know she loves me. And that is enough.” That is not an easy thing to do.

He told us about what he got for his friends as souvenir when he visited Japan for the first time.

Robert: There was a shopping mall near where we stayed, and I got whole bunch of stuff there. One of them was tooth paste that tastes like Curry or something weird. I got like two dozen of them and gave them to my friends; it was awesome to see their reactions
! (Laugh


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New Pics: Bellas House Is Back In Vancouver For 'Breaking Dawn'

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The Cast Of The Twilight Saga In 'Capricho' Magazine(scans)


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Rob In 'The Buried Life'(video & pic)


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Robsten Video Of The Day

Robsten's Love is Real


Le sigh



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In Style UK: Brit Boys

In Style” UK Looks At Brit Boys & Of Course The Very Best Brit Boy Robert Pattinson

Thanks to Spunk Ransom

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Robsten Pic Of The Day

Rob and Kristen are spider monkey's

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Rob Pic Of The Day

Um um um
Help anyone?

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Brief Synopsis of An American Girl per James Woods

Here is some information that I found on that was posted about a year ago. If you are wondering what this project is going to be like, James Wood gives an account of what Kristen's role will be like.  Sounds like an Oscar contender! What do you think?

Actor James Woods has become a legend in Hollywood through his body of work, and sometime next year (or slightly later), you'll be able to see him in Rod Lurie's version of the Sam Peckinpah revenge thriller Straw Dogs, playing Tom Hedden, a smalltown Southern football coach turned alcoholic who causes problems for a young Hollywood couple, played by James Marsden and Kate Bosworth. recently visited the set of the movie in Shreveport, Louisiana, and we were able to talk to Woods first-hand about the role, as well as a project he's really invested in called An American Girl which Woods plans to direct with Kristen Stewart (the "Twilight" films) in the lead role. Woods bought the script, written by Tim Metcalfe (Kalifornia, The Haunting in Connecticut) and Sean McCarthy, then approached Kristen Stewart "before she was famous," telling her that he wouldn't make the movie with anyone but her, and since reading the script, Stewart has been urgently wanting to get the movie made.

Woods gave us a quick rundown of the basic plot synopsis:

"It's about a young woman who is really destructive. It's that magical time right after you're out of high school. She was the top swimmer and dive champion in school. Now it's a year later and she lives in a little town in Indiana and the place is dying, she's working in a grocery store and drinking and drugging too much and she's showing off in front of this guy who likes her, and gets involved in a big sex thing with two guys drunk one night at a quarry. She gets taped doing it on somebody's phone and in a small town, her reputation is ruined and on a drunken whim, she joins the Marines, which is ridiculous. The ironic thing is that along the way she starts learning these values she doesn't expect. They're just values like you take your brother, they take care of you. It's not like she's a gung-ho Marine. She starts to sober up and then she gets into the Linus Program because she's smart where they teach these women to speak Arabic. When they're in combat situations, women in the Muslim world were not comfortable talking to men soldiers but they'd talk to the women soldiers so these women learned to speak the language and would ask if there were arms or snipers in the house. A tragedy happens and when she comes back to the town where she was a disaster, she rebuilds her life and finds through this tragedy a greater value in herself. It's 'Coming Home,' 'Best Years of our Lives,' it's part of that trilogy. It's a phenomenal story and a slam-dunk Oscar for her."

Woods proceeded to tell us this amazing extensive anecdote about how Metcalfe sent him the script while he was driving across country in a terrible storm. While stopping to get out of the rain in Indiana of all places, Woods read the script in PDF format and decided that very night he was going to buy and direct the movie. Woods has already spent a few days working with Stewart and the two writers on the script and while Stewart was hoping Woods would play her father in the movie, he told us that he would rather focus on directing and producing the movie.

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Kristen to Star in An American Girl

Believe it or not there were plenty of movie roles out there for Kristen Stewart before she was cast as Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series. Although the vampire love films launched her global fame, one of her previous commitments is now ready to enter production.
The actress was picked up two years ago by James Woods to star in the film “An American Girl.” In the film a young graduate decides to enlist in the Marine Corps to get away from humiliation at home. Woods will be directing the film which enters production in the spring of 2011.
Another of Stewart’s pre-Bella film roles is about to reach the big screen as “Welcome to the Rileys” approaches its release date. In the film Stewart plays the role of a damaged prostitute.
 Source via @500daysRK

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New UnTagged Photos of Kristen Leaving WTTR in New York!!


OMG!! I love that she changed to her keds!! We need to send her some Tom shoes!!

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Kristen Pic Of The Day

So Gorgeous
So Lovely
How we love you kristen

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Question of the day! Who Wore it Best?

We'd thought why not start the week with some Robsten Humor? HUH? 
Vote for who you thought wore this shirt best!!!

Let us know in the comments section why you choose either or!LOL

We love Robsten and we are not trying to make fun of the fact that they wear the same clothes. I think its cute. This is just for fun:) 

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Cute Robsten FanMade Video

One of our Readers shares her Cute Robsten Made Video! Thanks so much for sharing with us Aida:) 

You can like and Subscribe to her Youtube channel here


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Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley From 'Vampire Diaries' On A 'Meet & Greet':Team Damon Vs. Team Edward

Thanks To Gossip Dance

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'Supernatural' Mentions 'Twilight' (video)

Thanks To Spunk Ransom

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Rumour: Robsten Wants To Be Like Johnny Depp

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reportedly want to be able to make films in a similar manner to Johnny Depp.

Stewart and Pattinson, who play Bella Swan and Edward Cullen respectively in The Twilight Saga, intend to take a break from acting once they finish shooting Breaking Dawn, the final instalment of the series, reports Sify News.

"After Twilight they are aiming for a Johnny Depp level of fame: to work when they want but to get peace and quiet when they don't," said a source. "Right now, neither has accepted a role after Twilight so they may even take a whole year off."

The insider went on to reveal that the pair have made the decision after becoming wary of receiving too much attention in the press.

"'They think it'll do them good to disappear for a while as they're both in danger of being overexposed." they continued. "Kristen knows Keira Knightley, who went on a Himalayan trek a few years ago to get some perspective on the madness of Hollywood. She's convinced she and Rob should do the same. She wants them to just be a boy and a girl hanging out together."
Thanks To Gossip dance

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UK also has a Bella Eclipse cover DVD

Picture of -  Twilight Saga: Eclipse: Bella: 2dvd: Hmv Exclusive: Sleeve 
Click here to Pre-Order. 

Thanks to BeckyKstew for the tip:) 

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(Video) E! News Truth, Lies, and Ted: Top of His Pissed List Because He’s Smoking

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Old/New pics of Kristen Stewart behind the scenes on Twilight





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