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Robert pattinson on the buried life sneak peak.

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Eclipse BTS "Bella's Choice" -

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Kristen Stewart Got Bruised Learning Pole Dancing for New Movie


Kristen Stewart learned to pole dance for her new movie, 'Welcome to the Rileys,' and she told ET it was painful and that she even got bruised during the learning process!

The 'Twilight' star stepped out for the premiere of 'Welcome to the Rileys' on Monday night in New York, and she told ET, "I did two weeks of it. ... I did learn how to do it and I got bruises all over my legs. It's hard, but it actually doesn't look painful, but it is. It kinda beats you up.

"This is something that any girl can relate to: if you love yourself and you respect yourself, that's the only way anybody else is going to," Kristen says when it comes to her character in 'Rileys.'

Kristen, who's rumored to be dating her 'Twilight' onscreen beau, Robert Pattinson, also had words for another celeb couple -- Katy Perry and Russell Brand. She sent a message to the pair, who are rumored to be about to get married any day now in India, saying, "Congrats, have fun in India. That's great."

In 'Welcome to the Rileys,' which opens in select cities on October 29, Kristen plays a 17-year-old runaway who impacts the lives of a couple (played by James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo) grieving the loss of their teenager.

source | source via [info]naomi_12345
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Okay this is it!! Last Time One Video for Kristen Rough Cut!!

@500daysofkstew via Source

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Updated Kristen on MTV Rough Cut!!

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Kristen Leaving the Scream Awards!

@pattinsonstew via popsugar

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MTV’s The Buried Life Seeks to Get Rob’s Lock of Hair on 10/25

priorygardens from Rob’s IMDB message board reported,
The episode with Rob “Accept a Dare” will be on MTV on 10/25 at 10:30pm. The synopsis says that the guys follow Rob all over Hollywood trying to steal a lock of his hair.
And you can bet we will have it available to you after it airs!

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[VIDEOS] MTV Rough Cut: Kristen Stewart

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kstew Fashion: Welcome To The Riley's Premiere

From KstewFashion

Kristen stunned at the premiere of her latest movie ‘Welcome to the Riley's’. Once again she favoured the one shouldered look and wowed in a stunning lace Valentino dress from the Resort 2011 Collection. She completed this absolutely sensational look with some black Satin Brain Atwood pumps. I adore the updo and red lipstick.
Another phenomenal look this week from Kristen. Do you prefer this look over the Scream Awards? Best look of 2010 so far worthy? Let me know your thoughts.
Valentino Resort 2011 Collection Lace One Shouldered Dress
look 18 dress 4dress 5   dress 6

Brain Atwood Black Satin ‘Manic’ Pumps
 brian-atwood-maniac-platform-pumps-black-patent shoes 4 shoes 4 shoes 6

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Welcome to the Rileys' Press Screening in NYC



Oh my she is just too pretty!!

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People's Choice Awards Nominations


Voting has begun at to determine the nominees for PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS 2011, the only major awards show where fans – not industry insiders – completely determine the nominees and winners across categories of music, movies and television.  Starting today, fans can vote. The top five nominees in each category will be announced on Nov. 9, 2010 at The London West Hollywood Hotel during the annual People's Choice Awards press conference. PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS 2011 will be broadcast Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Favorite Movie - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Favorite Movie Actor - Robert Pattinson
Favorite Movie Actress - Kristen Stewart
Favorite Drama Movie - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Favorite On-Screen Team - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner)
Favorite Movie Star Under 25 Presented by Moviefone - Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

go to and start voting!

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Rob buys a bicycle in Baton Rouge!


We all know how much he loved strolling on one on the set of Remember me. Besides, what better way to explore beautiful New Orleans?

One of the stars of the "Twilight" movie series stopped by a Baton Rouge bicycle shop while he was in town this weekend and left with a new bike. Workers at Capitol Cyclery on Essen Lane confirmed that Robert Pattinson, who plays the vampire Edward in the films, visited the store over the weekend and bought a new bike.

An employee said Pattinson "wasn't there to be a big celebrity" and that they had received other calls about the visit. "It's getting a bit out of hand," the employee said.

Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart, who plays the main character Bella, were reportedly in Baton Rouge and New Orleans to start principal photography for the latest Twilight movie, "Breaking Dawn."  Filming for the movie is scheduled to begin in earnest next month.
As reported by Louisiana local news: wbrz

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Adorable Kstew GIF from Scream Awards

Thanks to SonicBooomm

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Lainey Talks About Breaking Dawn Script

A very well dressed, good-spirited Kristen Stewart attended Scream 2010 the other night to collect some awards for Twilight. My girl crush is alive and well. Stewart was joined on stage by co-stars Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed, also her ex best friend. Wonder how well that went over. Two years ago – Christ, has it been that long? – the two were inseparable. Girl sh-t is the best sh-t especially when it’s over boys.

The entire group will soon be reunited as production is scheduled to begin shortly on the fourth and fifth films in the franchise. Bella and Edward get married, there’s some sex, and then a hybrid baby, and then a really lame war which will actually play ever so slightly better on film because, well, someone other than Stephenie Meyer wrote the screenplay.

Having said that, for the faithful, there is still So.Much.Cheese for you to enjoy. Like the wedding toasts. The wedding toasts in Part 1 are perhaps the most cliché and uninspired words you will hear next year. And when delivered by Kellan Lutz, Jesus Christ it’ll be a great time, to go and laugh yourself silly with your friends. Or squeeze their hands from the pain of the fontrum. It really depends on how you react to such things.

If it were me, because you never know what will end up in editing, I would cut that sh-t out and leave the sex scenes intact. Before that though, if they stay true to the script, Edward and Carlisle have a birds and the bees talk that is supposed to be, I guess, the vampire advice equivalent to human boys and “baseball”. When does a boy think about baseball? Baseball is for bringing you back from the brink. Therefore Edward Cullen’s premature ejaculation = crushing his wife to death when he’s taking her virginity, preventable, according to his father, by thoughts of baseball.

F-cking unintentional comedy gold. Please leave that sh-t in. Please, please, please.

And what’s Kristen Stewart looking forward to? She spoke to Access Hollywood, video is below, about being excited about heading back to work on the blockbuster series, and perhaps some of that has to do with shooting those highly anticipated intimate moments.

There are three of them in total in Part 1 right now. The first is in the water, and they get the business started with a super cringe line, as Bella walks naked into the ocean and looks at the moon and sighs that “it’s beautiful”, to which Edward replies, while looking at her and obviously not the moon...


See, I just laughed out loud writing that.

Happily though, they dispose of the dialogue quickly and then it’s supposed to be all limbs and writhing and wrapping around each other from the sea to the house and much of it is relayed, rather cleverly actually, in flashback form. After they show the initial hook up from beach to bedroom, we jump to the morning after as Edward is constipated about something and Bella is examining her body. Cut to her memories of the night before, the touching, and his kissing the length of her body, and the clenching, and her head thrown back, and his struggle to, um, think about baseball, and her resulting pleasure, and some furniture gets broken. It actually reads pretty erotic, and if they cut it the way it’s written, it should be even hotter to watch. Even I would enjoy watching it if they stay with that spirit.

She keeps begging for it afterwards, and the two following love scenes are more of the same soft porny vibe which, to be honest, totally impressed me because having blue balled it for 3 straight movies, I thought they would pull that sh-t all over again. On paper though, they appear to be totally going for it. Which means that’s how they’ll shoot it. So you’ll just have to hope they don’t f-ck around with it in the edit suite.
Thanks To Gossip Dance

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Kristen Is Ready For The Changes In 'Breaking Dawn'


From: AccessHollywood

In just three weeks, it’s the beginning of the end of “The Twilight Saga” journey for Kristen Stewart, who will commence filming on the franchise’s last two films.

Based on “Breaking Dawn” — the fourth and final “Twilight” series book from Stephenie Meyer — the final films will focus on massive life changes for K-Stew’s Bella Swan, including (SPOILER) consummating her relationship with beau Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), marriage and the birth of a half-vampire, half-human child. On Monday, at the junket for her gritty upcoming drama “Welcome to the Rileys,” Kristen told Access Hollywood, she can’t wait to sink her teeth into the new material.

“I’m really excited about this one. I’m so happy that we’re doing two movies because we would have had to cut out so much, it almost would have been near impossible,” she said. “I mean God, I’m excited about… a lot of little bits, but I’m most excited about — Bella turns into a vampire obviously in this one — I’m not spoiling anything for anyone — and she… she’s so different.”

The actress, who has played a brave and lovesick teen for most of the series, is looking forward to playing a new side of Bella.

“She’s like the best vampire in the series … basically everything about the story leading up to it, it just feels so right because it’s so natural to her and it’s just like — it’s so satisfying,” Kristen told Access. “As raw and dark and whatever as it is, there’s definitely a lot of conflict. It’s like everything comes to fruition. You finally get what you’ve been begging for basically and it feels good.”

While “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” isn’t due out until November 11, 2011, Kristen fans can catch her next month in “Welcome to the Rileys” opposite “Sopranos” kingpin James Gandolfini and “Frozen River” Oscar nominee Melissa Leo.

The dark film sees Kristen starring as a stripper who hooks on the side until she meets up with a businessman grieving the loss of his teenage daughter. The film required Kristen to visit strip clubs in order to nail the part of 16-year-old Mallory.

“I know nothing of that world further than, at that point, the script, which was written really well. We ultimately found out that it was all right and legitimate and not like a fairytale version of a stripper story, [but] you have to do the research to make sure first and just feel like you’re not faking it,” Kristen said. “From the girls that I talked to, it’s not like I got all their life stories, but you do find that a lot of the stories are the same… You can sort of plug in a few little elements into this equation and it usually spits out, ‘I sell myself ‘cause it’s just like, easy.’”

Playing a teenage exotic dancer/prostitute is much different from Bella Swan, but Kristen said she didn’t choose the role just to get away from the “Twilight” heroine.

“I feel like I do them all for very different reasons,” she said of her different roles. “Everything that I’ve done in between the ‘Twilight’ stuff has just been coincidentally starkly different from the ‘Twilight’ stuff.”

“Welcome to the Rileys” hits theaters on November 10. 

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Breaking Dawn Birth: "It's Intense. It's Really Intense"

Marc Malkin:

Jackson Rathbone tells me that the cast is very impressed by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg's treatment of the much-talked-about birthing scene in BD. "I think people are really really excited and surprised about how tastefully it can be done," he said at Spike TV's Scream Awards.

Nikki Reed echoed Rathbone's enthusiasm. "It's intense," she said. "It's really intense.
"I play a pivotal role in this because this is what Rosalie has always wanted, you know what I mean?" she continued. "So, I'm working really hard. I'm with my acting coach every day...Like three hours a day, I'm with her. I really care about this and I want it to be good."
Although they'll be shooting both BD movies until next spring, Rathbone and Reed know that saying goodbye when they wrap won't be easy. "I've had an amazing time working with the cast and you know, the fans have been incredible and they've been so supportive of all us," Rathbone said. "It's going to be sad."
"It's not ending for a long time," Reed said with a big smile. "But I'm going to be sad and here's why: I'm working with really great people, people that I love. I've worked with some really talented directors. I've traveled all over the world with the series."

Read more: uk.eonline

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New Interview: Welcome to the Riley's Press Conference

Friday marks the theatrical debut of the James Gandolfini/Melissa Leo/Kristen Stewart drama Welcome to the Rileys, which premiered last January at Sundance and whose high-octane cast joined director Jake Scott to meet the press today in New York. We’ll have more on the film — about a couple grappling with the death of their teenage daughter, and the runaway stripper/prostitute (played by Stewart) who enters their lives — later in the week, but for now, in grand Movieline tradition, here’s a comprehensive rundown of this afternoon’s momentous disclosures:

1. James Gandolfini can be a man of few words. Like, very few words.
When asked if he thought there was a part of his character who blamed his wife for their daughter’s death, Gandolfini replied simply, “Yeah, sure. [Pause] How’s that?”

2. Not all of Stewart’s bruises were make-up.
Once filming began, the bruises and marks on Stewart’s limbs were added cosmetically. But only because she had some real-life experience to draw from: “I got the bruises initially in rehearsal. I learned how to pole dance, even though you don’t really see it in the movie. You do for a second; it’s like in silhouette in the background. I’m just laying that down. But it really hurts, and you don’t realize that of course it’s gonna show. […] There were so many that I wasn’t sure, like, ‘Do you keep all of them? Or is that just too much? Is it going to look hokey?’”

“I didn’t think it was rocky at all, really,” Gandolfini said.

3. Actors are easier to deal with than rock stars.

“Actors have reputations for being difficult,” said Scott, a veteran music-video director delivering only his second feature overall and his first in 11 years. “I deal with rock-and-roll bands — they’re difficult. I worked with the Rolling Stones. That’sdifficult. These guys, it was a dream. I used to look forward to coming to work every day. Jim and I, it was a little rocky in the beginning in rehearsal. But I’m from London, and we don’t back down.”

“He really does his homework, this guy,” Scott continued. “He’s very script-orientated. He said something to me in the rehearsal period that I’m glad I listened to, and I’m glad I listened to it: That I should trust them. Not just him, but all three of them, all the cast. And know they’re there to do the work. And I did that, and I learned a lot doing that. It changed me as a director; it made me realize I was not as good a director as I thought I was. [..} I actually learned about directing working with these three.”

4. Melissa Leo went full-agoraphobe for her role.
Though she would later return to the city to work on Treme, Leo’s first experience on a shoot in New Orleans to some extent reflected that of her character Lois, for whom getting out of the house — let alone all the way from Indiana to Louisiana — was a minor miracle. “When I was there with Jake, Lois has never been there before,” Leo said. “She doesn’t particularly like being there when she’s there. So they housed me with the Windsor Court, and if you’re at all familiar with New Orleans, it’s got a gated drive, right? So it’s walled. […] You never actually have to be really in public. They had a lovely young man they’d hired to drive me, and Sam would pull up in front of the Windsor Court and pick me up. A handful of time he took me to the grocery store. Otherwise I just isolated myself in my glorious room of chintz and didn’t get to know New Orleans at all. And that aided my performance.”

5. Stewart’s transitioning between Twilight and roles like Joan Jett or a teenage prostitute is seriously no big thing.
“The few things that I’ve done between the Twilight movies have just coincidentally been very different,” Stewart said. But I haven’t been like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna shock everybody right now and do something totally different. It’s always been totally informed by, you know, something speaks to you, and you need to do it. That’s what it is. Also I’m really lucky to have my cast on the series because as soon as we get back on set together… You always think it’s going to be hard to get back there, but it’s not, because we’ve all wanted to tell the story for so long. And it’s finally going to come to fruition.”

6. Gandolfini wasn’t too thrilled with his accent, either.
The first journalist quizzed Gandolfini about his accent — kind of Louisiana by way of somewhere… when it was there at all — while noting charitably that it was a “surprise” to him. “Yeah, me too,” Gandolfini said with thinly veiled disgust. “That’s the first question? Jesus Christ.” He later elaborated: “I mean, sometimes you make choices, and you look back and you wonder. […] I really don’t know what else to say about that.”

Leo interceded in her co-star’s defense: “When I, as his wife, heard him talking to me, I made up the story in my head that he moved to Indiana and tried to make an Indianan out of himself. But he was from some other place to begin with.”

Gandolfini continued: “Southern Indiana has — and I had a dialect coach — a very specific accent. It is. So we took a shot at it.”

7. No, really, people: The Sopranos is over.
Asked if the character of Tony Soprano held any lingering influence over the father he plays in Welcome to the Rileys, Gandolfini shook his head. “No, he’s done,” he replied “That went away pretty quickly for me.”

8. Also, really, people: Stewart doesn’t know what she’s doing afterBreaking Dawn.
She said she doesn’t know anything about Martyrs, a proposed remake of the French horror film to which her name has been loosely tagged. (But she’d do a horror film, for what it’s worth.) And as for Wanted 2? “People were talking about that forever… a while ago, but nope. I have no idea what I’m doing next. No idea.”

9. Gandolfini’s dream role rules.
“Curly in The Three Stooges.” Make it happen, Farellys.
Thanks To RKdaily and WTTRSaturday

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Robsten Vs. The Paparazzi: Who Wins?

It’s been on our mind for a while, but with the past two days being what they have (you know, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart being snapped kissing and then angrily leaving and arriving at airports) we thought it might be a good time to have a fireside chat about the world of celebrity gossip, paparazzi and fans, a world in which - for better or for worse - we are deeply entrenched.

Some history: we started writing professionally about celebrity gossip in 2005-2006, back in the good ol’ days of celebrities whoring themselves out for lurking photographers. You remember: Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, rocking cowboy boots and linking bones arms for leisurely strolls down Robertson Boulevard, or shoving cake into their mouths in silent protest of the eating disorder rumors that swirled around them. Paris Hilton Paris Hiltoning around town. All those vaginas, flashing in the wind. Those were the glory days.

But then everyone went crazy and ended up in jail and rehab and psychiatric wards, and while we still felt a bit awkward staring at the pics of them melting down in Ugg Boots and ratty hair extensions, they had already paved the way for the attention. You can’t nip slip your life away and then get annoyed when people gawk as you get carted off to jail (Paris Hilton, this is your life).

Which brings us to our current conundrum - the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart situation. Here you have two actors (one of whom normally sticks to low-budget indie dramas and the other who was about to quit the business all together before Twilight rolled around) who fell both into fame and - cheesy writing alert - each others’ arms and are now stuck living out their lives in front of a bunch of taunting stalkers with cameras. Lives that look to be, by all accounts, really effing boring - and we mean that as a compliment. They are the anti-Lohans, and we love it. Being both celebrity gossip bloggers as well as fans of our dear Twi-couple, we’ve had a weird time figuring out the most appropriate way to cover them. In the end we’ve gotta do what makes the most sense to TheFABlife editorially while still striving to maintain some dignity and integrity along the way. (Some, not all.)

We’ve noticed a lot of fan sites seem to operate along this policy: if the pictures are of the happy couple doing happy things, they’ll post them. If they seem invasive or the stars appear upset, they stay away.We respect these guidelines, but we’re curious how this week’s events fit in to the general fandom policy on paparazzi photos. Obviously we reacted to the pics of Robsten kissing in Montreal with a million girl boners and examined them all blown up in Photoshop for hours, analyzing every facial expression and string bracelet. They were on every Twilight blog and Twitter site within seconds of being posted and the general vibe on the web seemed to be “SQUEEE!” Same with everyone’s favorite Parisian hand-holding moment from last fall. But the second Kristen and Rob show up pissed off at the airport (a public place), people freak out about invasive photographers and respecting Rob and Kristen’s privacy.

In the end it seems that if the photo shows something we’re all dying to see, we put aside our morals and melt a bit (let’s admit it once more: that kiss was epic, especially TomStu’s, uh, role). But the juicy photos are just as invasive - if not more so. We’d much rather be photographed in our skinny jeans at the airport than nuzzling with our British boyfriend in a presumably private place while anticipating the bag of delicious French pastries he purchased for us while we were busy making movie magic.

We’ve interviewed both Rob and Kristen while doing press for various movies and they’ve both been polite, pleasant, attentive and thoughtful. That is part of their job as actors promoting a movie, and they do their jobs really well. Contrary to what a photographer shouted to them at LAX yesterday, being famous is not part of their job description, and they’ve done everything in their power to make that clear. But the more they hide, the more their lives continue to be exposed. The couple moves to a house in the middle of nowhere, the paps leak photos of said alleged love-nest all over the web (we found them in about two seconds). When Kristen stumbles at the Moantreal airport there are photographers - and even fans - on hand to capture it.

So what do we fans - and sites that delve into the world of celebrity - do: honor their wishes or satisfy our own? ‘Cause even though it pains us to admit it, the more Robsten pics that come out, the happier we are…even though we know it makes Rob and Kristen absolutely miserable. As long as we’re here clicking on the pics, the photographs are going to be up in their faces. Is it just now a given part of their lives as unwilling A-Listers, or is it totally unfair?

What do you think about this week’s Robsten photos, the paparazzi attention they receive and the role the fans play in all of it? We’d love to hear from you, and the comments section is open to anyone who cares to chime in. Join us! (But please play nice.)

Thanks To
Gossip dance

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