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Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge!!


‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ to film in Baton Rouge

By Ryan Buxton
Staff Writer
Published: Monday, July 12, 2010
Updated: Monday, July 12, 2010
Baton Rouge's film industry will gain some fresh blood this fall as the next installment of the "Twilight" saga comes to shoot in the capital city.

Summit Entertainment has announced it will be filming parts of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" in Baton Rouge and Vancouver, Canada, beginning in the fall.

Amy Mitchell-Smith, executive director of the Baton Rouge Film Commission, said Summit has been scouting locations and researching Baton Rouge for "well over a month."

Summit is still deliberating what will specifically be filmed in Baton Rouge, Mitchell-Smith said, but the production will begin sometime this fall.

Mitchell-Smith said she couldn't confirm specific dates, but she expects the project will  remain in the city until spring 2011.

"That in and of itself makes this, aside from the pop culture phenomenon aspect of ‘Twilight,' something that will be hugely beneficial for the [Baton Rouge] market," she said.

"Breaking Dawn," the fourth chapter in the "Twilight" story, will be released as two separate films in the franchise, which has grossed more than $1.4 billion worldwide to date, according to a news release from Summit Entertainment.

Getting the vampire film juggernaut to the Red Stick was the result of aggressive marketing by the Baton Rouge Film Commission, said Paul Arrigo, chairman of the BRFC and president of the Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"The Baton Rouge Film Commission was very involved with soliciting and nabbing ‘Twilight' for Baton Rouge," Arrigo said.

Mitchell-Smith said she worked hard to communicate constantly with the film's producers, making herself available at all times for questions about production.

"We're putting our best foot forward in the market and showing them exactly what it is they want to see," she said. "This is about customer service, first and foremost."

In addition to Louisiana's tax incentives to production studios, Mitchell-Smith said Baton Rouge offers a wide array of benefits that lure projects to the city.

"The film industry obviously spends so much money locally that another major reason you have local offices like our Baton Rouge Film Commission is so we can be aggressive promoters and marketers of our area," she said.

One of the city's programs to benefit film studios is a "grassroots vendor discount program," Mitchell-Smith said.

The program includes more than 70 local businesses, ranging from office supply stores to restaurants, spas and car rental companies, which typically offer 15- to 20-percent discounts to film productions.

In addition to helping keep production costs manageable for film studios, the program also benefits local businesses that get more traffic and can create brand awareness in the film industry, Mitchell-Smith said.

The production's prolonged presence in Baton Rouge will be advantageous for local crew members who will have work for as long as the project is in the city.

"Sometimes you're on a show for two to three months, then you're looking for another production," Mitchell-Smith said. "Folks on this [project] will have consistent employment and a huge resume builder, never even having to go to California."

Mitchell-Smith said "Breaking Dawn" will be an "enormous boost" to Baton Rouge's economy through set building and production work, as well as the stimulus of cast and crew who stay in hotels and eat in local restaurants.

"There is a constant multiplication on the dollars the production is spending in our community," she said.

As the "Breaking Dawn" production swoops into Baton Rouge, the city also has a chance to promote itself by offering local haunts for members of the production to sink their teeth into.

"There will be so many people temporarily in town, including actors, actresses and crew, who are, in effect, visitors," Arrigo said.

Mitchell-Smith said Baton Rouge offers film casts and crews ample activities to entertain them during downtime.

"If you spend a couple months working in a market unfamiliar to you, work is a priority, but you want to have some fun," she said. "One of the benefits of filming in southern Louisiana in general is you can go to LSU football games or you can ride bikes around the LSU lakes, like Patrick Dempsey has been doing."

Dempsey has been in Baton Rouge for the last several weeks filming "Flypaper," a comedy about a bank robbery, and has been spotted around the city.

Arrigo said he hopes to develop ways to tie in aspects of Baton Rouge and Louisiana with the presence of "Breaking Dawn" and the HBO series "True Blood," which filmed in Baton Rouge last summer.

With the current craze of vampire literature and film, Arrigo said area attractions like the 13th Gate haunted house and the Myrtles Plantation could be tied in to those productions.

"There's a certain following that would come to this area and want to visit to those sites," he said.


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HQ Version of Old Twilght Pic!! Gorgeous!! This is Why we Fell in Love!!


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Kristen will be in New York Oct.18 for Press Junket of WTTR

This is very exciting!! News broke today that Kristen, James Gandolfini, and Melissa Leo and Jake Scott will all be in attendance for Welcome to the Rileys press junket in New York!! I can't wait to see what Kristen's hair looks like and maybe she will bring a hot smokin date with her!!

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Pictures of Lizzie and Victoria Pattinson!!

gossip-dance via @rpattzwhore via @patitnsonladies

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11 Things You Didn't Know about Robsten!!


Rob: On Driving
"My dad's a car dealer, but I grew up in London, so I always say I don't drive…I get driven. I got a driving lesson in Oregon, and then I bought a car in L.A. and I basically learned how to drive by people honking at me. I'm terrible at driving."

Kristen: On Cats vs. Dogs
If she could be an animal, she'd be a cat. "With cats, you’re like, 'Come here!' And they're standing there being like, 'Fuck you!'"

Rob: On Laundry
"In London, doing the washing was a biannual thing, a giant mission. Me and my flatmate had BMX [bikes] and we'd have two of them and this massive laundry sack, a convoy."

Kristen: On Menswear
"I think it's sexy when chicks wear black slouchy trousers — fitted, but slouchy. I look at designer clothes on Rob and I'm like, 'I want those pants, man.'"

Rob: On Anonymity
"I kind of wish people didn't know who I am, that I could just lie, say I'm a speechwriter for Obama. This is what I said before Twilight. And then Obama came along and picked up all these young writers. I found out this guy, Jon Favreau — who's not the actor Jon Favreau — is writing for him. And I was like, Wow, I wonder if the people who thought I was bullshitting at the time are like, 'Oh my god. That guy! That kid who was drunk in some bar actually wrote the health care bill!'"

Kristen: On Stature
"I’m 5'6". I feel like I should be taller. I feel like I'm smaller than my mental stature. I should be 5'10". 5'10" would be very good."

Rob: On Money
"I don't spend any money. The only thing I've really bought is my car, which cost $1,500 and keeps exploding. It would be nice to buy a house for my parents, but at the same time my parents are so comfortable where they live; they would probably just feel like it was a burden. I wear the same clothes every day and the only thing I used to splurge on was DVDs."

Kristen: On Acting
"Anything that I do for work, I'm nervous about. If I'm not nervous about it, then I shouldn't be doing it."

Rob: On Modeling
"I peaked at 12. There are so many photos from that time where I look unbearably awkward. I'd just be looking in random directions and stuff."

Kristen: On Baking
"I make really good pie. Apple pie — it's the best."

Rob: On Dancing
He says dancing makes him nervous. "I used to be really good, but then something happened in my brain."

gossip-dance via Source

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New/Old Scan: Kristen Stewart In 'Vanity Fair: Young Hollywood Edition'

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Love is in the Air!! Rob & Kris spotted in LA!!

According to, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are both back in L.A. before Breaking Dawn duties start up, and they wasted no time getting together.
A clean-shaven Rob(Bring on the Jaw Porn, Oh how I have missed you! I am not going to lie!) and a naturally glowing K.Stew(Like I said, when Rob is around Kris glows!!) were spotted at Soho House in West Hollywood Saturday night totally displaying their affection for one another during a dinner with friends.
"They were staring at each other throughout dinner and kept stealing quick kisses from one another during the night," an eyewitness tells E! News. "Rob's arm was around her for most of dinner and they kept looking at each other and giggling throughout the evening. They are definitely into each other."(We already knew that!)
Stewart arrived home to L.A. less than a week ago from filming On the Road in New Orleans and Arizona, while Pattinson just returned from London. And it seems like distance hasn't kept these two apart!
"They were by each other's sides the entire night," adds the eyewitness. "After dinner, Rob, Kristen and their friends moved to the patio where the group was smoking and the guys were drinking. Everyone was laughing and having a good time together, but you could tell Rob was doting on Kristen and making sure she was comfortable. They were next to each other everywhere the group went."
One friend in the six-or-so-person entourage was Tom Sturridge, Kristen's On the Road costar and one of Rob's best mates. And yes, although Rob has shaved that beard to get into Edward form(Why not for Kristen, I mean it can be kind of painful to kiss a man with that much hair on his face. I am just sayin!!), Tom still had the yummy scruff going on.
Stewart, dressed casually in jeans and a black hoodie sweatshirt, was sporting lighter hair still, def not her Bella 'do, while Pattinson covered his hair with a black beanie that  showcased his freshly shaven face.
We're told the two were having a great time with pals and were undisturbed by the many gawking patrons, even tho Soho is the hottest and most exclusive hang in LA right now.
Guess everyone loves them some Twilight romance!
The happy couple's free time is a tickin' with Breaking Dawn right around the corner so we think it's totally cool they can hang and not be bothered.

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Another Awesome WTTR Fan Pic!!

Thanks to @Tama0026 Here is another amazing WTTR picture!! I love this!! I thought I would share!

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Robsten Video Of The Day

Robsten always

Puts a smile on our faces

Robsten Forever


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Robsten Pic Of The Day

Comfy there Robsten?

I think so

So Cute


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Rob Pic Of The Day

Holy Mother Of Rob
I have died again

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Kristen Pic Of The Day

Oh i see what your wearing Kristen
Love it

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Robsten Funny Interviews

LOL This one is soooooooooo Funny... Robsten is so Cute

Robsten Dazzles each other

Can't get any cuter... Oh wait yes they Can
I hope you enjoy these Video's oh wait of course you will
its Robsten.
The first video always makes me laugh
so cute so Funny
So Robsten,
you can cut their sexual tension with a Knife.
RobstenLove baby

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Crushing On Rob At Any Age.. And Why It's Okay

There are some whipper-snappers who are just too young to fancy; I can’t bring myself to lust after High School Musical actor Zac Efron, for example, he’s far too clean and tidy.

For me, they need to have that edge of danger — Robert ­Pattinson is a terribly well-brought-up young man, but he has that decadent air of grunginess and anger that is most appealing
Read the rest at Go Rob fans!

source and source

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New/Old Pics of Kristen At Sundance

LOL what is she doing in pic #1??? Is she rapping???

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Kristen Stewart At Welcome To The Rileys Q&A - Sundance (January 2010)

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Robert Pattinson grateful to supportive agent

Robert Pattinson would have struggled to cope with fame if it wasn’t for his agent.

Robert Pattinson would have struggled to cope with fame if it wasn’t for his agent.

The hunky star is best known for his portrayal of vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight film franchise. The role has won him hordes of female fans, and means he now struggles to walk down the street without being recognised. Robert has worked hard to remain unaffected by his star status, but he has apparently relied heavily on his agent Stephanie Ritz for support.

“I don’t think Rob could have coped with his Twilight stardom if Stephanie hadn’t been by his side,” a source explained. “She’s also encouraged him to get his music career off the ground, which Rob is hugely passionate about.”

Robert has previously spoken glowingly about Stephanie, admitting she is the one person who understands the sort of roles he is interested in. He likes having someone older he can discuss his career with, and finds her advice invaluable.

If this is true i am glad that he is working on his music:) Or thinking about it at least!! 

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Water For Elephants extra talks about working with Robert Pattinson

From RobsessedBlog

Water For Elephants extra talks about working with Robert Pattinson

WFE extra, Tommy Lukasewicz, played a core roustabout in the film and recently shared his experience with Water For Elephants Film.

  • The young man we all know from the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson was spot on during every single emotion that was captured on camera. He is a truly talented individual and an all around nice guy.


Read the rest of Tommy's experience at Water For Elephants Film
I love when ppl talk about Rob and how great of a guy and actor he is:) makes me feel happy and oh what the heck so proud of him:) 

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are they soul mates or star crossed lovers?

Robert Pattinson  and Kristen Stewart  are they soul mates or star crossed lovers? Every week, either a magazine or blog speculates on the couples love life. Are they boyfriend and girlfriend, will they get married, and what’s happening on the Breaking Dawn movie set. Astrologically, Rob and Kristen are a romantic match, lets take a look.
Kristen Stewart, born under the zodiac sign of Aries, sky rocketed to fame in her role in Twilight as Bella. Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have interesting charts, two lovers caught in the spotlight of fame and fandom, share a deep karmic bond that connects them on many levels. Let’s take a look.
An Aries girl,  by nature, Kristen is fiercely independent and enjoys taking risks. She has a hot temper and may end up having to apologize for sarcastic comments made in the heat of the moment. Robert Pattinson on the other hand, a Taurus,  is a down to earth guy, has a more practical and humorous approach to life.
Kristen Stewart with her Moon in Libra, expects life to be a “beautiful” experience for her,  just like Bella. Uncomfortable with strangers,  she takes awhile to warm up to people she doesn’t know. Always charming and affectionate, she tries to avoid unpleasant situations at all costs. Rob Pattinson’s Moon is in Cancer, makes him moody and deeply sensitive, very similar to his role as Edward. Romantically these two together, are emotionally challenged. Their connection creates a lot of tears, fighting and passionate make ups. Edward and Bella again.
Over the next year, Saturn will oppose Kristen Stewart’s Sun, challenging her with life’s choices. With Saturn conjunct her Moon, fans will see a more serious and somber side to Kristen. She may experience  issues with her mom, possibly disagreements around her career and what roles she should take. What about Rob and Kristen, what does their future hold? Robert Pattinson will be flying high in his career, feeling madly in love and will have a positive outlook on life. Hopefully together, he can help Kristen get through the emotional bumps she will feel over the next couple of years. These two definitely have a chance of making it.

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“Remember Me” # 6 in DVD Sales in Mexico!

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ReUnited and It Feels Sooooo Good!! Rob & Kristen!!

At last, Kristen & Rob are now together!! There have been some twitter sightings and it sounds like the clan is back together.  Rob(clean shaven maybe?), Kristen and Tom Stu. I don't know about you all but I am so glad to hear it! I am sure if we are glad to hear it and feel that giddiness when we hear it, I am sure that are just excited to be together again as well.  Now the earth can rotate again, the sun can rise and we can all sleep better at night knowing that Rob & Kristen are at their home! (Yes I said it!, and you know I am joking a little about the earth rotating!! You know that sarcasm thing.) Snuggling, cuddling and enjoying some down time.  I know over the next few weeks we will probably not see a lot of them as they are probably going to lay low, since Breaking Dawn is around the corner.  I mean can you blame them I would too knowing that there is going to be non-stop filming, plus you know the paparazzi are going to be going crazy.  I guess the great thing is that if we do get to see a picture soon, I know its going to be Rob with that smitten smile that he only gives Kristen. The one that you can't define.  The one he only has when she is in the room.  I don't know about you, but if you have ever been in love, it radiates through your being and Rob is radiating Kristen!!  You know which one I am talking about!  I know we are going to see Kristen with the sense of calm that becomes her when she is with Rob.  When Rob's around Kristen is calm and I love to see that side of her.  You know when your in love with someone and they enter the room and its like they make everything better.  That's the kind of calm I am speaking of.  So with that I leave you with a chorus of a song that I heard today that prompted me to write this!! Inside I am giggling like a little girl that has her first crush!  Believe me like all of you, I can't wait to see them together, smiling, laughing, and enjoying their time together.  It is the calm before the storm for them!! Just trying to view it from their angle. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it for all of you!

ReUnited and It Feels so Good
Reunited cause we understood
There's one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited
Cause we're reunited hey,hey
Lyrics by Peaches & Herb

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UnNamed Photo Shoot of Mackenzie Foy!! What a Beauty!!

Here are some beautiful pictures of Mackenzie Foy. Mackenzie as many of you may know has supposedly been cast for the part of Renesmee in Breaking Dawn Part 1/Part 2.  As to how they are going to split the film up well that has yet to be seen.  We might still see her in Part 1, but I am unsure at this point.  There are many speculations going around.  I just thought that I would share these beautiful pictures.  Please lets keep our opinions clean when making any comments towards Mackenzie as she is 9 years old. 

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Mackenzie Foy listed on IMDB to Play Renesmee!!

According to IMDB, it looks like Renesmee will be played by Mackenzie Foy.  Although nothing is official until we hear word from Summit.  For right now we can all assume that Renesmee will be played by Mackenzie Foy, age 9.  Although some are skeptical, Bill Condon just released some masterminds that are going to bring this film together, Part 1 and Part 2.  I am going to leave my comments to myself until further information is released.  As a fan I am not sure how this going to come together but I have faith with the talent that is lined up that the best is yet to come....Please remember that Mackenzie is a little girl so everyone is entitled to their opinions lets just keep them clean!!

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City in Brazil Found to Film “Breaking Dawn”?

Google Translate:

In talks held this Friday (1), the CEO of RioFilme, Sérgio Sá Leitão, anticipated some more news regarding negotiations for the filming of Dawn, the latest title in the Twilight series. According to him, although no confirmation yet, the sequences that can be filmed in Brazil will be the arrival of the characters Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) to an island whose landscape is the Brazilian city of Paraty, in Rio coast .

Leitao also said today that talks with Summit, producer of the franchise, is a prerequisite that all international productions need to fill out: “First we need to know what will be the total spend for a movie in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Because then I’ll assess how I bring to the city to invest every dollar that title. It has to be an equation that is worth. According to wonder how many jobs it will generate. And thirdly we need to have a basic script, because we will not invest, for example in a movie like Turistas (2006 production that featured Brazilian and heartless murderers of innocent Americans). ”

He added: We need not only an economic return, but also a promotional return to the city. “Leitao said that what is spoken a lot today in the industry to promote cities apply to trading known as” product placement “in that the lease is sold as a product, such as a soda bottle. But, instead of the brand, the counterpart of the film’s view “postcards shots (taken from the postcard type) at some point in the movie.

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Old Pics kristen and Rob in FilmInk Mag



This pics always seems so awkward!! Why do they do this?? LOL 

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"Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart" in People Magazine (Scan)


Is that really what brought you guys to love Robsten??? Edward and bella??? OR did you realize the love they have outside of camera?? Just wondering what the ratio on this is??? Let me know!!! 

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Oh, how we love HIM...every MAGNIFICENT INCH. We all have our weaknesses when it cums
to ROB, that thing about HIM that makes us go weak. Let’s have a look, shall we?

~ HIS HAIR : This could be a post by itself! Who wouldn’t love to run their fingers through HIS
hair? HE shouldn’t be the only one with that pleasure, although when HE does it, and bless HIS
heart, HE DOES (HE just can’t help HIMSELF)...I MELT. I know I’m not alone here. Whether it’s HIS tousled ‘SEXhair’ (which, by the way, is always DOable ;), or HIS short, close crop (better
to see that FUCKHAWT MOLE-if you don’t know the one, SHAME ON YOU!), or anything in
between...I WANT A FIST FULL.


~ HIS EYES : HIS STUNNING GREEN EYES. HIS Beautiful, chameleon eyes...which seem to
change from green to gray, and sometimes even look a little blue...but always MESMERIZING.
THEY’ll grab ahold of you. THEY’ll pull you in. (If only we could PULL HIM IN ;) THEY’ll hold you
there (If only we could HOLD HIM THERE ;) ...cumpletely at THEIR mercy. Hell...let’s just tell
it like it is...THEY’ll KNOCK YOU UP! MASS CONCEPTION! Don’t even try to find protection
against this, NOTHING works against The FUCK ME STARE. It’s cumpletely h00r-proof.

~ HIS LIPS : So EPIC, they even have THEIR own day: #BottomLipDay (everyday, jsyk).
MY GOD, THE MAN HAS A MOUTH ON HIM! A mere kiss would bring you to your knees :P
You’ve seen what HE can do...Just imagine HIS LUSCIOUS LIPS brushing tenderly against
yours...sweetly...intensely...growing urgent in THEIR need for you...along your neck...melting
you...trailing down your body...HIS tongue...

~ HIS TONGUE : SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. There’s nothing I could say...except...

GOD BLESS HIM!Photobucket
~HIS JAW : Have you your life...seen a JAW like THIS? NO. ROBsolutely NOT.
There’s nothing else like IT in the world. HIS JAW could cut glass. Shatter it. After all, aren’t
we all in pieces just from the sight of this CHISELED MASTERPIECE? Just think what it
would feel like against the inside of your thighs...HIS TONGUE...oh, sorry, we covered THAT
already... Where was I? What’s next? Oh. OH MY...

The slightest glimpse of it makes my heart beat faster, thump HARDER. My mouth waters.
My lips QUIVER. My tongue IGNITES. The contours of IT...a sculptor’s greatest masterpiece
Photobucketcould NEVER cumpare to IT’s SHEER PERFECTION. HIS Adam’s apple...the way IT moves...
when HE talks...when HE laughs...when HE drinks... IS HE TRYING TO KILL ME??????????
I’ve never wanted anything so much in my life. I would NEVER dream of biting it...I just WANT
Forgive me...I need a moment...
Still here, I hope? Moving on...
~ HIS CHEST : Strong. So inviting...To lie your head against it...the HEAT of HIM warming you..
HIS MANfur tickling your cheek, as you lose yourself in the beat of HIS heart...your fingertips
memorizing HIM...EVERY PERFECT INCH...
~ HIS ARMS : What would you give to have THEM wrapped around you? What wouldn’t you
give to be pinned beneath THEM? To watch THEM flex as HE lifted you masterfully onto HIM?
Perhaps another moment is NECKcessary.....
~HIS HANDS : Holding your face gently between THEM...running THEM through your hair...
around your neck...beneath your back...grasping your hips... HIS long, BEAUTIFUL FINGERS
tracing your mouth...your collarbone...exploring...learning...down your stomach...searching...

Perhaps we’ll cover THE REST OF HIM another day, but for now...

From the top of HIS head to the tips of HIS fingers.... HE IS PERFECTION.

  • Are we still breathing???? I think i may need a break also. See ya'll!!! Don't forget to leave my babe @melarimo some love on her post!! Thank you so much darling for wanting to post it here:) LOve you so much!! ~alma

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