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Huge Crowds in Tents Wait for Eclipse Movie Red Carpet Premiere

Enormous crowds have amassed at the the Nokia Plaza: LA Live to wait for the red carpet premiere of Eclipse on June 24th. We detailed all the rules previously.

As you can see from the pictures, there’s quite a crowd already!

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Water for Elephants’ Australian Distributor Confirmed

We are happy to confirm that Twentieth Century Fox International’s Australian office will be the distributor of WFE in Oz. Great news – right. And before you ask – NO Australian release date has been confirmed, but it will be released some time next year. As soon as we are informed of the date, we will obviously do a post and let you all know. Please don’t bombard their office with questions, if you want us to find something out, drop us an email. We look forward to working with TCFI on this wonderful movie of Rob’s!

Thanks To RPAustralia/KstewRobFans

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Emma Roberts Deletes Twitter Due To Team Edward Backlash?


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Twilight Special of So True/So False on E! News

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Kristen Can Wail on the guitar!

Jackson Rathbone on his Eclipse role as the manipulative Jasper, he says, "I got to do a nice scene with Kristen," adding that the two stars share another passion: "Kristen can definitely wail on guitar."
I can certainly believe it!

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Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Talk The End Of ‘The Twilight Saga’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

In less than a year, filming of “The Twilight Saga” will be over and the project’s stars are already sad about the end.

“It will be so weird, the last day of filming that last movie,” Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob, told Entertainment Weekly of wrapping up the two films the cast are shooting for “Breaking Dawn.”

“It will be sad, too,” star Kristen Stewart, who plays series heroine Bella Swan, added. “It’s been one of the most crazy, indulgent experiences as an actor, to be able to follow a character for this long.”

SPOILER! Fans who’ve lapped up every word from Stephenie Meyers’ books know that as things get closer to the end, Bella is going to marry her sweetheart – choosing vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) over Jacob, and there will be a baby.

“What is Renesmee going to look like?” Kristen told the mag of her thoughts regarding Bella’s baby with Edward. “Is it going to be this little teeth-baby running around? It’s going to be weird.”

Little teeth-baby or something else, Kristen is looking forward to Bella’s upcoming story line.

“She goes through a lot,” the actress told the mag. “In the fourth one, she is going to become a wife. She is going to become a mom. She is going to become an adult and a vampire. To do it so young, it needs to be believable. So I’m really excited about playing that.”


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Kristen Lands on InStyle's Look of the Day!

WHAT SHE WORE For a Stockholm event, the Eclipse jetsetter added pewter Brian Atwood peep-toes to a silver Oscar de la Renta design

WHY WE LOVE IT She's done it again! Kristen Stewart rocked yet another leg-baring stunner on her glamorous world tour. With its oversize paillettes and shimmering lame, her cocktail dress had an appropriately lunar feel.

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NEW 'Eclipse' Movie Still - Bella & her '63 Chevy

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New ‘Eclipse’ Volvo Commercial


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Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz both mention Rob in interview

Ashley and Kellan talked to about filming during Eclipse, and both mentioned Rob:


I hear you haven't seen Eclipse yet.

I'm going to wait. I want to see it at the premiere. I think if you're going to go, go all out. So I want to be there with the fans. It's always fun to hear their reaction; if you're character gets hit they cringe and groan, and then they scream when Rob comes on, so it'll be fun. Plus, I want to see it for the first time with all my friends and family.


What was it like working with David Slade?

He's really cool. I'm really a big fan. 30 Days of Night is such a great, epic vampire movie, and Hard Candy is such an intense mental movie, so he's a great director for this kind of dark, edgy movie. He was never stressed and he always had this dry sense of humour that I loved. Some people didn't get it, like Rob [Pattinson] would just not understand his jokes, which made me laugh even more.
Hey Kellan, maybe his jokes were not that funny!!

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New Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview in Por Ti Magazine (Scans + Translation)


Por Ti magazine (Mexico) has an interview with the cast. Here’s the complete translation and scans. As usual, please link back if you re-post the translation and scans :) . Some answers seem familiar, so I’m just going to translate a little portion of the interview. The rest we’ve read before.

We are dying to see Eclipse. Tell us, what was filming the movie like?

Kristen: We had a lot of time to prepare for it. Luckily, the budget is bigger as well. It’s amazing seeing the final product on the screen.
Rob: The fans are really going to enjoy this one.
Taylor: It’s a lot more intense. We loved what we’ve seen of it.

What do you guys like the most about your characters?

Kristen: I like everything about Bella. I’m a big fan of hers. In every movie I try to add a little bit of myself to her and that’s because I relate to her a lot. She’s so weird! She thinks a lot about what she’sgoing to say or do, like me.
Edward: I like that Edward is so agressive but humble as well. He’s like this humble gentleman, but there’s this really aggresive and dangerous part of him too.
Taylor: Jacob is a lot of fun. He likes to laugh and have fun. It’s fun playing him.

What are you dying to see onscreen?
Robert: Bella! Can’t wait to see when she cheats on me. It’s a great scene, you’ll see.
Kristen: I can’t wait to see the love triangle. We had seen a very innocent contact between Bella and Jacob in New Moon, but in Eclipse it’s more real. I’ve always supported Bella’s devotion to Edward, but I think it’s going to be interesting to see her betraying him.

What was the hardest scene for you guys to film?
Rob: Itwas hard for me to propose so formally to Bella. The first timeI read the script, I was terrified. I thought it was impossible.
Kristen and Taylor (at the same time): A Jacob and Bella scene (laughs).

Really? What happened in that scene?
Taylor: Jacob, in his wolf shape, is being pet by Bella and she scratches his ear.
Kristen: Yeah, it’s a scene where I’m talking to the wolf, but he’s not there, so I had to pretend he was there. I didn’t know what to do without his support, so Taylor offered to be a stand in.

Thanks to Twilight you’ve been able to travel all around the world. Which were your favorite places?
Taylor: Australia. We just went there and it was amazing. There’s so much to do there.
Rob: I’m less exotic. I’ll keep Chicago.
Kristen: New York is one of my favorite cities, but I really liked Mexico city. I hope I go there again sometime.

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Stephenie Meyer Talks Midnight Sun To TwiFans

TwiFans have the answers we have all been waiting for as they interview Stephenie Meyer. The first question she wants out the way is the Midnight Sun question.
Hear her answers below
Few seconds of chatter at the start! talk Midnight Sun with Stephenie Meyer by twifans

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New Still from Eclipse!

Campfire Scene from Eclipse!!!

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Eclipse Theme Week on REELZCHANNEL for The Twilight Saga’s Third Movie

Eclipse Week Programming For Sunday, June 27-Friday, July 2 to Include Cast Interviews, Premieres, Fan Parties, and Stories Behind the Saga

Albuquerque, NM (Vocus) June 22, 2010 -- REELZCHANNEL—TV About Movies® today announced Eclipse Week programming in conjunction with the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on June 30th. Fans of the wildly popular vampire saga will see cast interviews with the movies’ stars including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, encore presentations of Twilight Weekly: Spotlight episodes, and exclusive stories behind the saga including a behind-the-scenes look at the Cullen Boys Anonymous Party in Surprise, AZ among many other Twilight-themed shows and segments.

At, movie fans can take the Eclipse Quiz, answering questions such as “Who was the first new cast member announced for the third movie in The Twilight Saga?”

“Even before the first movie, Twilight fans have known REELZCHANNEL to be a dedicated source for exciting coverage of their favorite vampire story,” said Mike Smith, Senior Vice President of Programming at REELZCHANNEL. “We’ve been with the fans since the beginning and we’ll be there for Eclipse and both Breaking Dawn movies with stories they’ll only find on REELZCHANNEL and”

Eclipse Week programming highlights include:

Sunday 6/27
Twilight fans are craving it so we’re delivering five back-to-back episodes of Twilight Weekly: Spotlight on Sunday, June 27 at 5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT to get the fan base amped up for the Wednesday release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Monday 6/28
Hollywood Dailies- 7pm ET/ 4pm PT
We go one-on-one with the hunkiest wolfpack member around, Taylor Lautner.

Naked Trailers at 10:30pm ET/PT
It’s all about the Twi-hards tonight. We have the full-length and uncut trailers for Eclipse, New Moon and the original Twilight.

Tuesday 6/29
Hollywood Dailies- 7pm ET/ 4pm PT
Cast interviews with stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Wednesday 6/30
Hollywood Dailies- 7pm ET/ 4pm PT
The First Fans review The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Plus, we take fans to an Eclipse Release Party, and viewers will hear from Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, and Elizabeth Reaser about being in the Cullen Family.

Thursday 7/1
Hollywood Dailies- 7pm ET/ 4pm PT
Viewers will see Billy Burke discussing his role as Charlie Swan in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Friday 7/2
Spotlight- 5:30pm ET/ 2:30pm PT
“Spotlight: Eclipse Reaction”
REELZCHANNEL has you covered for the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with red-carpet coverage of the LA premiere, an inside look at the Cullen Boys Anonymous Party in Surprise, AZ, an interview with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and we’ll check out what might be in store for the Breaking Dawn movies by looking at the past work of director Bill Condon. Plus, find out what’s going down with wolfpack member Kiowa Gordon’s band, Touche.

Hollywood Dailies- 7pm ET/ 4pm PT
Viewers hear from wolfpack members Chaske Spencer and Tyson Houseman about their roles in The Twilight Saga:Eclipse.

REELZCHANNEL—TV About Movies® is the only cable and satellite network devoted to delivering entertaining and informative programming that is all about movies, including the celebrities, fashion, music and stories behind the stories. For a complete list of programs and to find where you can watch REELZCHANNEL TV in your area, go to


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'Remember Me' DVD special feature:The making of the movie

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Edward With Gil Birmingham Candid From The Set Of Eclipse

A great picture of Gil (Billy) and Rob on the
Set of Eclipse for those caming out at the LA Eclipse Premiere

Thanks Gil Birmingham

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Bella with Billy and Jacob Candid Picture

Gill Birmingham aka Billy Black Tweeted this picture from the set of Eclipse for all the people in tent city camping out at the LA Eclipse Premiere.

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New HQ Promotional Photo of Eclipse’s Bella


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Rob Talks About What Matters To Him: The Oil Spill Disaster, Football & Girls

Have you ever seen a soccer fan vampire?

Four bodyguards, a frisk and, obviously, cellphone confiscation. If I had forgotten Robert Pattinson’s every girls in the world’s idol, his security service would had been there to remind me so. Fortunately, he seems less cold and strict than what he’s got around. With Eclipse, he’s in Edward Cullen shoes for the third time. In this next to last movie of the Twilight Saga, we can find as many fights as one could see in a real action movie and new love issues for the female main character: Bella (Kristen Stewart) has to choose between the vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) and the werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Even if in the real life, she knows exactly who to choose: some behind-the-scene rumors have she and Pattinson are dating. Pattinson, anyway, stars surprisingly saying: “It hasn’t been very good, but you’ve got it”

Excuse me, what are you talking about?
Your World Cup Championship’s first match. Italy-Paraguay. You played better than England against USA.

Excuse me, are you a fan?
Yes, Arsenal’s. England always lets me down: every time we think to do big, we fail.

Do you like Capello as a coach?
After the first match, not anymore!

Let’s talk about the movie: this third chapter of the saga is full of action and fights, surprisingly. How has it been?
On the screen they’re great, but when you act they can be boring, especially if there’ll be special effects and lots of technology involved. Everything goes like this: ‘put your arm this way, look up, be tight’. I missed my previous movie, Remember Me, where I have really fought with two stuntmen who told me where to hit them. It has been an excellent anti-stress exercise.
In the movie we see again the love triangle between you,

Bella and Jacob. Have you ever been the third wheel in real life?
Yes, but only for a short time. It’s really horrible. But when I’m dating someone, I always take a look at every other men around.

So are you dating someone?
I know you have to ask me that, but I don’t talk about my private life.

We can say you let something slip… are you jealous?
No, I’m just a very unsecure person.

It’s strange. Your career is up. Don’t you think you’ll always be pointed to as the ‘Twilight vampire’?
It’s a chance, you’re right, but for me Edward is just a role. Maybe I’ll be the “Twilight guy” forever, but I could do something even bigger and being remembered for that. Or, if I know myself, I could do something very stupid, like being arrested. And they would take the ‘beautiful vampire’ thing out of me for sure.

How’s your relationship with fans? Are you free to go to the pub?
I can do that in London, ‘cause they’re more interested in soccer players. In Los Angeles I can’t. When we shot in Italy, I just went in some lonely little towns in Tuscany.

Do you go often in England?
As soon as I can. The last time I’ve been there was to vote. I like politics, I always try to keep up

Are you keeping up with the Gulf Of Mexico catastrophe too?
Yes, it seems unbelievable they haven’t find a solution yet. Obama said it’s the greatest disaster after 9/11 and he’s right.

So, are you a nature activist?
I like it, but I’d like to do something more. When I worked with Pierce Brosnan I’ve understood what the nature issue really is. He doesn’t use plastic bottles. Everyone should do that, me first.


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Kristen Stewart's Red Carpet Style Evolution

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Gossip Cop Defends Kristen

Journalists from 'The Sun' reported: "Kristen looked akward again" because of her not smiling in Rome...Fortunately Gossip Cop defended Miss Stew and spotted some photos of her having a big, nice smile on her lips.

Read The Artical At GossipCop

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Kristen sits down with Reel Channel


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Andrea's Reel Report: Kristen Stewart


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HQ -UnTagged New Meadow Scene Still

Click To Enlarge


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Preview of Entertainment Weekly's Interview with Kristen, Rob and Taylor

Entertainment Weekly sat down with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner for a feature interview running in this week’s magazine to discuss the world they inhabit within the Twilight universe — both on screen and off. The three young stars opened up about coping under the glare of intense media spotlight, how they rely on one another to pull through, what they think of the upcoming final movie, Breaking Dawn, what lies ahead once the franchise wraps, and much more. In this preview, the three stars talk about gearing up for the final chapter of the saga that has changed each of their lives forever.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You guys are about to start shooting the two Breaking Dawn movies back to back. You signed on to this franchise before Breaking Dawn was written. When you read it, were you thinking, How is this going to be turned into a movie?
: Yeah, definitely. What is Renesmee going to look like? Is it going to be this little teeth-baby running around? It’s going to be weird.
[Laughs] “Little teeth-baby.”
Yeah, but I think it’s going to be cool. One of the main objectives of the series is to get Bella to a point where she’s mature enough to make such a hefty decision, and she goes through a lot. In the fourth one, she is going to become a wife. She is going to become a mom. She is going to become an adult and a vampire. To do it so young, it needs to be believable. So I’m really excited about playing that.

Some people read Breaking Dawn as very pro-life and Mormon because Bella decides to have her baby even though it’s endangering her life. Did any of that bother you when you read the book?
No, because it made sense. Not wanting to give up the baby is about her holding onto that last thing that she would have to give up if she was not human anymore. Right after she and Edward sleep with each other for the first time, she says, “Oh, f***, I might want to be human for a little bit longer.” The baby is just an even more intense version of that.
PATTINSON: I think people make up all these Mormon references just so they can publish Twilight articles in respectable publications like the New York Times. Even Stephenie [Meyer, author of the Twilight novels] said it doesn’t mean any of that. It is based on a dream.

The Breaking Dawn movies are the last in the series. How do you feel about all of this coming to a conclusion soon?
In terms of shooting them, they’re almost done. We’re going to be done by March.
It will be so weird, the last day of filming that last movie.
It will be sad, too. It’s been one of the most crazy, indulgent experiences as an actor, to be able to follow a character for this long.
I think stopping will be very weird.
It will just feel like a chapter has been closed.
A big chapter.
STEWART: I’m going to be like, “But wait, there’s this scene…”


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More Scans From The Eclipse Movie Companion

Here are more scans of the Eclipse Movie Companion
Some of these you might have seen in previous posts
I have just put them all together with the new pictures.

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