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(Video) Taylor and Kristen Chat To ‘The Hot Hits’

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Over 400 songs competed for inclusion on “Eclipse” soundtrack discusses the upcoming article in Rolling Stone that takes a look at the selection process for bands/songs to make it onto the Eclipse soundtrack.

Though the June 10th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine doesn’t go so far as to review the soundtrack, it does go far in discussing the selection process and the fierce competition among fledgling bands to be included.With the soundtracks to “Twilight” and “New Moon” selling a combined 3.6 million copies, it is no surprise that up-and-coming bands were clamoring for a spot on the soundtrack to “Eclipse”. The biggest winners, according to Rolling Stone, have been “indie, alt, and emo bands”, yet even well-known stars such as Adam Lambert (who told MTV he hoped his song “Suburban Decay” would be considered for “Eclipse”) said they had songs they’d love to see on the soundtrack.

While bands are always looking for more exposure, Death Cab for Cutie manager Jordan Kurland said it best. “There aren’t a whole lot of ways to sell records anymore, and [getting a song on a major soundtrack] is a guaranteed way of doing that”. The manager went on to discuss how inclusion of the band’s song, “Meet Me on the Equinox”, on the “New Moon” soundtrack also beefed up merchandise sales.

“Great songs were sent in by world-class talent,” said “Eclipse” music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas of the selection process for the soundtrack. Yet the article admitted that certain other artists (such as Trent Reznor) were approached, but that “nothing came of the discussions”. Patsavas went on to characterize the soundtrack as having a “louder, more dissonant component to the music.”

The full article goes deeper in discussing specific tracks that were chosen and quotes David Slade on his thoughts on the compilation. To read the full article, pick up an issue of Rolling Stone.

Team-Twilight via TwiBritneyFan

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Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart at the Luna Park Twilight Q and A


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Nova FM radio interview with Kristen and Taylor

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Robward In Your Wallet? Summit Signs Deal With MasterCard For 'Eclipse' Prepaid Cards

LOS ANGELES, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Summit Entertainment has signed an exclusive deal with the teen finance solution, MYPLASH Prepaid Cards to release The Twilight Saga: Eclipse MYPLASH Prepaid MasterCard® cards, an exclusive series of reloadable prepaid and prepaid gift cards designed to give teens and parents a safe and stylish option for money management. Like all other MYPLASH Prepaid Products, with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse MYPLASH cards, teens will be able to safely shop independently, track all spending and budget.

Plastic Cash International, LLC has fashioned these exclusive Prepaid MasterCard cards to continue to meet teen and parent demands for a financial product they can trust and identify with.

"Launching The Twilight Saga: Eclipse MYPLASH Prepaid MasterCard card series is about more than just appealing to the millions of fans around the globe, it's about giving our society's youth a 'cool' and relevant tool to help make a better financial future for generations to come. Having a product that teaches financial responsibility and creates a positive and safe outlet for banking is essential for teenagers and parents alike, but so is a product that really resonates with both teens and parents. This product is just that – a combination of need and want," says Brian Newberry, CEO, Plastic Cash International, LLC.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse MYPLASH Prepaid MasterCard cards will feature images from the third installment of Summit Entertainment's Twilight Saga film franchise, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, giving fans the ability to carry the movie's most popular characters and graphics in their wallet as well as gain access to exclusive online merchandise, discounts, and content.

"MasterCard is pleased to partner with MYPLASH to deliver relevant prepaid solutions to this important market segment," said Neil Dugan, Vice President, Prepaid Americas, MasterCard Worldwide. "We share the common goal of promoting financial literacy and responsibility for young consumers and their parents. MYPLASH prepaid cards provide young adults the opportunity to learn basic financial education and money management skills and offer parents greater convenience and security. "

As a part of the myriad of web offers tied to the product, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse MYPLASH Prepaid MasterCard cardholders will also be able to make purchases anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted, including online. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse MYPLASH Prepaid MasterCard gift cards will be available nationwide on July 1, 2010 at thousands of retail locations to coincide with the theatrical opening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie on June 30, 2010. The general purpose reloadable products will be available soon thereafter.

Cardholders will be able to add funds to their reloadable The Twilight Saga: Eclipse MYPLASH Prepaid MasterCard cards at thousands of retail locations and online, as well as manage their accounts online, and gain access to the MYPLASH Mall for exclusive promotions.

Full article at the Source

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new picture from Elle UK


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Eclipse’ Soundtrack Artists Vampire Weekend Talk ‘Eclipse’, Soundtrack Negativity, and RPattz

Eclipse’ Soundtrack Artists Vampire Weekend Talk ‘Eclipse’, Soundtrack Negativity, and RPattz

Vampire Weekend, the lovely foursome who penned the song ‘Jonathan Low’ which appears on the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack, were recently interviewed by Video Hits where they spoke about all things Eclipse. They discuss the negative feedback they received from fans upon hearing that they were set to appear on the Eclipse soundtrack, how they feel about the Twilight trio – Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner – and drummer Chris Tomson even volunteers to takeover for Robert in Breaking Dawn in case his asking price is too steep. Check out the cute new interview below (skip to 14:55).

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Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning's 'The Runaways': EXCLUSIVE DVD Announcement!

Of all the Best Kiss nominees at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards (there's a vampire, some blue people, a high school track star and more), we're sure you have plenty of reasons to argue why your favorite one should take home the golden popcorn on Sunday, June 6th.

But, there's one in particular that's pretty racy (press play above to see what we mean!): the kiss between Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in the rock biopic, "The Runaways." And if you've been voting for that girl-on-girl smooch — because you loved the movie, adore the actors in it, etc. etc. — then we're pretty sure you are going to be excited for the exclusive announcement we have after the jump!

Mark your calendars for July 20, 2010 because we can exclusively reveal that's the date "The Runways" will say "Hello, world" on DVD and Blu-Ray! Both formats of the movie will include commentary with Joan Jett, Kristen and Dakota, and two featurettes ("Plugged In: Making the Film" and "The Runaways").

If you get the Blu-Ray, you will also be able to access movieIQ+sync with “The Runaways” playlist — a program that allows viewers to "to access real time information on the cast, music, trivia and more while watching the movie via BD-Live."

There will also be a few contests via the "The Runaways" official Facebook page to go along with the launch of the DVD starting June 18. Check back with the page (or Twitter or MySpace) to find out how you can win prizes by proving you have what it takes to be the ultimate Runaways groupie.

Don't forget to vote for the "Runways" stars to win at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards (voting remains open until June 5th) and prepare to make July 20 the day you let off your ch-ch-ch cherry bomb!

Will you buying "The Runways" on DVD? What scenes in particular do you hope the commentary addresses!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Seriously kill me NOW!!!!!! I am so crushing on this girl..
I cant believe our very own co-blogger Tania got to meet this sexy girl
i am so freaking jelous.. but i will have my day *chants to self*
so what do you think? Pls let us know? ~Alma

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Robert Pic of the Day

OMFG NO WORDS!!!!!!!! hes just too much to handle..
i dont want to really say what i think because then i would have to
make this blog an 18+ Blog and dont really want to do that (LOL) why dont you
tell me what you think?

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Robsten Pic of the Day

This is one of my favorite Robsten Photoshoots ever:) i love how they
are so playful and just carefree. I owe this photoshoot to be the beginning
of my Robsten Obsession! And how can we not love seeing them so happy
and playful? Happy Robsten makes ma happy:) What do you think? ~Alma

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Robsten Video of the Day: Robsten..Innocence of love

Video by Robsten974

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Robert Pattinson Is 2010 PopSugar 100 Winner!

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Robert Pattinson Talks Helping Haiti Recover, Pending Dream And More!

Seventeen Magazine Argentina got the chance to interview Rob. I've condensed the reporter's intro and translated the entire Q&A. Enjoy! (please credit if you use translation).

What would you do if someone gave you a phone number to call Robert Pattinson? I went completely crazy!, among hundreds of magazines in all of Latin America, only Seventeen had the privilege of having an intimate chat with the hottest guy of the moment, and I got to conduct the interview!
Before I dialed, I went through my questions and practiced some expressions so I could sound cool and relaxed, as if chatting with him were the most natural thing in the world. I tried to forget the fact, that he's one of the most popular celebrities in the planet, that millions of girls are crazy in love with him, that his smile alone can lead to the most histerical screams from his fans, and let's not even talk about the effects of his gaze.. between melancholic and seducing.
Alright, I'm ready to dial and have an interesting and cool chat. Rob is in an L.A. hotel room, waiting for the phone to ring. One more time I go through the words in my head to sound secure and natural. I dial. The phone rings five times (the longest rings of my life) and all of a sudden I hear a "hello." I can't avoid it, his voice is as seducting as his image, I forget about my plans, and completely throw myself into an intimate and exclusive chat with the sexiest guy on earth.

17: It's incredible to be talking to you, thank you for this interview!

RP: Wow! that's nice. (point in our favor!)

17: How was it to live the experience of the Twilight Saga?

RP: It was great, I mean it was an unexpected experience. Three years ago, I would have never imagined my life right now. I am incredibly busy all the time, traveling around the world, It's wonderful!

17: Kristen Stewart is a very passionate actress, how is it to work with her?

RP: Kristen's always been great, I mean, in a professional way. I think we have very similar attitudes when it comes to work. What I mean is the way we approach acting and how we look at the scripts and everything around a film, you know, both of us take things very seriously. It all depends on how far you want to go, to have a pretty great work relationship.

17: You had a lot of action scenes in Eclipse, was there a particularly complicated one?

RP: Hmm, I guess the hardest action scene was the fight scene. There is this great battle at the end of the movie. The set we were filming on was filled with artifical snow, and that snow was made out of paper. All of a sudden it got wet and the floor got incredibly slippery.. it was worse than real snow!
So after a while, it was terribly hard to work there.

17: What was the biggest lesson that playing Edward has taught you?

RP: Something similar to what my dad told me once, that if you are a good person with the whole world when you are becoming famous, when you stop being famous those same people will be good to you. I think that is a good thing.

17: The best part about being an actor is...

RP: I believe it's the daily work, as you prepare to play a character. It's an extensive investigation about whatever you think will help you.. whatever! You can listen to music, enjoy the arts, read books or simply study people. I think it's the only job that allows you to do all of that.

17: Is there a particular phrase that rules your life?

RP: Hmm.. no, I really don't have one. But I try and understand everything and everybody, I believe in that.

17: What advice would you have liked somebody to give you when you were young?

RP: I can't think of anything right now.

17: What was the most extreme moment that you've lived with your fans?

RP: Probably one of the most extreme experiences is when I visited Mexico City during Twilight. We were trying to leave a movie theater where they were showing the first of the films in the saga. There were hundreds of girls outside, and one of them opened the door to our car. We couldn't close it, and the driver just took off without closing the door. It the end it turned out to be funny, but a bit extreme.

17: What would surprise your fans about you?

RP: I don't know, probably nothing (laughs), that I'm not a vampire.

17: Is there any trait that you share with your character Edward?

RP: One of the key things that we have in common is that Edward doesn't have the need to express himself with words. Actions show more than anything you have to say. I think I share that with him. I try not to say much.

17: If you could have Edward Cullen's powers, just for a day, what would you do?

RP: Uff, I don't know, I'd probably spend all day climbing and jumping the tallest buildings.

17: What type of things keep you grounded?

RP: The normal stuff, my family and I've had the same friends all my life. My agent and my manager are pretty good, and they never allow my ego to get too big.

17: You participated in the effort to help the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti, how was that experience like?

RP: It was amazing. When you become famous, you spend a lot of time thinking what that's all about, or what to do with all that attention on you. When you discover that you can use fame to do good things, it's amazing. I hope that what I did helped, and that it really made a difference for the people of Haiti.

17: Do you thing that with those actions you inspire other people?

RP: I don't know, I'm trying. I believe that if you work hard enough, it does make a difference. I try and inspire people in a positive manner, and with luck that turns into something good for the world. You can't judge yourself when you are contributing to the planet, or when you're inspiring others. That's for other people to say.

17: Is there something that bothers you?

RP: A lot.. millions of things (laughs), almost everything bothers me (laughs).

17: Do you have a dream that's pending?

RP: I think recording an album. I would love to make that dream come true. I'm always writing songs, but I never give music enough time, much less to start working on an album.

17: These days you have many admirers, when you went to school were you also this popular?

RP: (Laughs) in school? in school nobody is. By no means.

Thanks to Jessica Rathbone for the scans!

Via RobPattzNews

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Extra and Access Hollywood Videos: “Eclipse” Summer Previews


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New Edward/”Eclipse” Posters Now Available for Purchase

You can buy them HERE or HERE!

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World Film Report (China) Covers Rob’s Win at the National Movie Awards

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Hitfix – 30 things to look forward to with just 30 days until ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

It’s hard to believe, but one of the summer’s biggest movies is only 30 days away from opening. No, it’s not “Inception,” that’s in July. And, no, it’s not “Toy Story 3,” that hits theaters in less than three weeks. Nope, it’s the third installment of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and unlike a few other franchises this summer, this is one flick that won’t underperform. It doesn’t hurt there is a growing fanbase that is salivating at the prospect of watching the most action packed of Stephenie Meyer’s novels hit the big screen (not to mention IMAX screen) and the fact the next “Twilight” film won’t hit theaters until November 2011. And the closer it gets to opening, the more the media (HitFix included) will focus on the “Eclipse” that will occur over the July 4th weekend.

With that in mind, the collective staff at HitFix have come up with 30 things you can look forward to over the next 30 days leading up to the thriller’s release. With a sly wink of course, because the best thing about “Twilight” fans is that they have a sense of humor about themselves (unlike some Muggles we know…).

30. In a desperate hunt for ratings, CNN’s Anderson Cooper devotes an hour to “Eclipse” coverage.

29. Several teenage girls will rush out to see director David Slade’s earlier movies and be very disturbed by “Hard Candy” and “30 Days of Night.”

28. The five fans who saw “The Runaways” will watch the Dakota/Kristen scenes in “Eclipse” with a completely new subtext.

27. Duh, MTV viewers picking “New Moon” over “Avatar” for best picture at the MTV Movie Awards.

26. Just like with “New Moon’s” Chris Weitz, fans and the stars all of a sudden fall in love with David Slade if and when they love the movie (and yes, it’s too late for him to direct “Breaking Dawn”).

25. The semi-annual scuttlebutt about Taylor Lautner’s workout regime returns. Our guess? P90-X.

24. One of the secondary actors confirms “Breaking Dawn” will be two films before the studio has a chance to announce it (place your bets who messes up).

23. The massive premiere will feature more guest celebrities not associated with the franchise then you’d ever expect. And we’re not talking the Kardashians, we mean real stars: Snooki and The Situation.

22. A deluge of articles in the media about the one movie that’s going to disappoint at the box office over the July 4th weekend (and no, it’s not “Eclipse”). “Knight and Day” or “The Last Airbender”? Who loses?

21. With the return of the HBO series on June 13, the never-ending “True Blood” vs. “Twilight” debate will stir up once again.

20. People showing up at the theaters the first week in Team Rachelle shirts and then the same people showing up a week later with Team Bryce shirts.

19. Jumping on the bandwagon, ESPN will interview Robert Pattinson and quickly discover he knows little about baseball – American or Vampire.

18. Lakers forward (and possible NBA champ) Ron Artest will crash the premiere across from Staples Center. Why? Well, you obviously don’t know Ron…

17. The struggle to see if Anna Kendrick has any more screentime now that she’s “Oscar Nominee” Anna Kendrick (or if she’ll show at the premiere at all).

16. Soundtrack artist Metric has their biggest U.S. hit ever with “Eclipse (all yours).” (Well, at least on iTunes).

15. The inevitable lamentations that the ever-creepy Dakota Fanning isn’t in the movie more. Just wait for “Breaking Dawn,” kids.

14. Staples Center patrons wondering where all the screaming is coming from during Laker playoff games the weekend of June. 11-13 (it’s not from inside the arena, it’s from the Twilight Convention across the street at the LA Convention Center).

13. Despite a massive publicity push, even “Twilight” fans won’t know who Xavier Daniels is [whoops - because his name is Xavier Samuels - and they still won't know.]

12. A scene with Taylor Lautner shirtless will debut on the MTV Movie Awards. Cue: girls screaming.

11. In a stunner to non-”Twilight” fans, “Eclipse” will get better reviews than “Robin Hood,” “Iron Man 2,” “Shrek Forever After,” “Prince of Persia” and, of course, “Sex and the City 2.”

10. A 13-year-old girl will freak out at her mother because mom forgot to buy tickets early for opening day and now the movie is sold out…in St. Louis.

9. Lots and lots of questions about “Breaking Dawn.” Like, lots.

8. Lots and lots of questions about whether “Breaking Dawn” will be in 3-D.

7. Lots and lots of questions about how “Breaking Dawn” will avoid being R-rated.

6. IMAX will figure out some way to keep “Dawn” on their screens past the two-week “special engagement.” Cha-ching.

5. Three Entertainment Weekly covers before opening. Wait, how silly of us, there’s more than enough time for four.

4. Endless analysis on how the San Diego economy will be affected by the “Twilight” cast taking this Comic-Con off.

3. President Obama is dragged to the local theater with Secret Service in tow because 13-year-old Malia is obsessed.

2. If you see it on opening day: lots of high-pitched screaming.

1. Only 506 days until “Breaking Dawn.”

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Kerri-Anne Interview: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner


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MTV News Australia Interview Kristen & Taylor

MTV: Tell us what fans can expect from the third ‘Twilight’ movie ‘Eclipse?’

Taylor: If you’re a fan of the book, then you’re going to love the movie. We had a lot of fun making it and for me I’d have to say Eclipse was my favourite book and I’d say the movie turned out really well.

Kristen: It definitely steps it up in terms of action. There’s more of it going on, less within the dynamics of the characters and more about the introduction of newborns and the volturi comeback. There’s more danger, there’s much more at risk.

MTV: Twilight is so huge, what’s it like being involved with such a phenomenon?

Kristen: For me it’s been so different from anything I thought I’d ever be a part of. I’ve always said that I never wanted to do a TV series because it’s too long, it’s too much of a commitment, it’s too structured. But it’s actually the coolest thing to be able to follow a character for so long. Because at the end of most movies I feel like I’m ripped away from a project but in this case it’s so indulgent, it’s like I get months to work on just one character and then I get to do it again next year, its really cool.

MTV: How close are you really as a cast?

Taylor: We’ve spent a lot of time together so we’ve all grown very close and we’re all really good friends. I mean it would be a nightmare doing this series if we didn’t like each other, it would be bad, so thankfully we all get along and have a lot of fun.

MTV: What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t in ‘Twilight’?

: I have no idea.

Taylor: I don’t know, and I don’t really want to think about it! I’m just thankful it happened in the first place.

MTV: We hear you’ve seen some tourist attractions including Featherdale Wildlife Park since you’ve been in Oz. How was that?

Taylor: It was really good.

Kristen: Yeah it was incredible! You cant believe like a wallaby hops in and u can pick them up and put them in your pouch, it just doesn’t seem real.

Taylor: Number one hit for me was definitely the baby dingos, they were adorable.

MTV: If you came across the ‘Harry Potter’ cast would there be any rivalry between you?

Taylor: (Laughs) I don’t think so, I’m a fan of those movies.

Kristen: I am too. The books came out when I was pretty young so I’ve read them.

Taylor: I haven’t met them though.

Kristen: Neither have I. But Rob is one of them, kind of, and he really likes them, he speaks highly of them.

MTV: If you could be a werewolf or a vampire in real life, which would you be?

Taylor: If I had to choose to be a vampire or a werewolf in real life, which is an unfortunate situation, I’d probably have to stick with being a werewolf.

Kristen: I’d be a werewolf too. There’s just so many less problems.

MTV: So you don’t want to live forever?

: Nope, definitely not!

MTV: You’re up for ‘Best Kiss’ and ‘Global Superstar’ at the MTV Movie Awards. Do you think you’ll win?

: Well I think me and Dakota are going to take it for Best Kiss for sure.

Taylor: Yesss!

Kristen: That would be so funny and awesome.

Taylor: That would be hilarious. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Girl on girl or guy on guy winning it at the MTV Movie Awards.

Kristen: No I don’t think so either so that would be cool.

Taylor: We’ll see. It’s an honour to be nominated.

MTV: The ‘Eclipse’ soundtrack is pretty epic, but what is your personal favourite song from a movie?

Taylor: I’d have to say that Amy Adams song in Enchanted.

Kristen: (Laughs) I love u so much. Will u marry me? Seriously.

MTV: The series finale of ‘Jersey Shore’ has just aired on MTV Australia. Are you a fan of the show?

: I haven’t seen it, but I know people make fun of people with it, like ‘you’re like him from Jersey Shore,’ apparently it’s bad.

MTV: One of the characters The Situation is famous for his abs. Taylor do you reckon yours are better than his?

Taylor: (Laughs) Probably not, but I guess I’d have to see them.

Kristen: Ohh they’re better!

MTV /Source via Source

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Today’s Richard Wilkins releases his Exclusive Interviews With Kristen & Taylor


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(New Video) Kristen & Taylor Sunrise Interview


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Sneak Peek at Moviehole’s Interview with Kristen & Taylor

This morning I had the absolute pleasure of talking to adorable “Twilight” twosome Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart, who are in town to promote the upcoming “The Twilight Saga : Eclipse”. I was absolutely blown away by just how sweet, funny and down-to-earth these two were. They truly and totally surpassed all expectations.

In addition to discussing “Eclipse” and the upcoming “Breaking Dawn” (“I can’t wait to see Renesmee!”, said Kristen; “We have a very good director behind us who can help with that” added Taylor), I also had the opportunity to quiz Stewart on those “Wanted 2″ rumours and get a “Stretch Armstrong” update out of the wonderfully-ribbed Lautner.

Stewart was rumoured to be replacing Angelina Jolie in “Wanted 2″ a few weeks back. One almost expected her to laugh off the rumours – but funnily enough, she didn’t.

“Right now, I have two projects lined up”, Stewart, coyly, responded. “I’m doing On the Road this Summer and then I’m doing Breaking Dawn. So other than that I have nothing ‘nailed down’.”

Doesn’t sound like a denial to me!

Of his future projects, Lautner said “Stretch Armstrong”, based on the toy line, is happening but “it’s not happening for a while though, about a year from now. I’m doing a movie called Abduction which starts in about a month. Then Breaking Dawn. And hopefully Stretch after that”.

Wow, “Stretch Armstrong” is a long ways off – let’s hope it doesn’t fall by the wayside (like the “Max Steel” movie that Lautner was going to do, did!).

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More video from the event at Luna Park

HYSTERICAL screams, tears and even a marriage proposal greeted Twilight werewolf Taylor Lautner when he braved a public appearance before 4000 fans last night.

More than 4000 Twi-hards packed Luna Park last night in the hope of quizzing Lautner and his co-star Kristen Stewart. With the gloomy weather befitting the dark vampire love story, the fans’ loyalty paid off when their idols walked the soggy black carpet stopping for photos and hugs.

source: The Daily Telegraph via Youtube Source

via TwiBritneyFan

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(Videos) Luna Park Q&A Fan Event

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Twilight Q and A: behind the scenes report from Luna Park

Are they dating? Even though Robert Pattinson wasn’t sitting beside his Twilight co-stars tonight at Sydney’s Luna Park, trust us, the question about his relationship with the awkward Kristen Stewart was lingering on everyone’s lips.

And as the “bedroom scene” from the upcoming Eclipse movie played out on the big screens, off-camera we saw a frazzled Kristen Stewart mouth the words “Here we go!” to Taylor Lautner, who promptly put his arm around her and gave his mate what looked like a comforting squeeze. Whether this means she was once again dreading the expected questions about her off-screen romance with the once tousled-haired hottie (who just shaved his head for a new movie), we have no idea. If Rob had been there, we might have had the chance to psychoanalyse him too, but he wasn’t, dammit. What do you think?

It was actually quite cringe-worthy watching Kristen at times tonight. OK, she’s on a tight schedule and has been busy doing movie promo stuff for days – including an exclusive interview with Nova’s Ryan, Monty and Wippa today, but whereas Taylor is all smiles and full-moon grins for the cameras, Kristen talks with all the grace of a car crash victim at times. Bless her. She shuffles in her seat, legs crossed, fingers in her hair or on her face, nervously moving her body in every which way she can to mentally block the fact that she is where she is. But to be fair, she’s being forced to live in the spotlight, like a terrified rabbit in a science lab. How would you like it, being prodded, poked and tormented by people with flashlights and occasionally, evil intentions?

The media’s been pretty tough with Kristen. She’s criticised for talking, criticised for not talking, and asked silly questions all the time, like “Who’s your fashion role model?” It’s no wonder she flipped the bird last night from her balcony at the Park Hyatt hotel. Imagine having the paps hovering outside your window when you’re trying to wind down. Want a sneaky ciggie in private? Forget about it. The birth of the telephoto lens and instant Internet access put a stop to that little trick ages ago!

Back to Kristen’s fashion role model. She doesn’t have one, actually. When asked tonight at Luna Park, she threw the question back at the girl who asked it, who consequently didn’t have an answer either. “See how tough it is?” Kristen told her, smiling. To be fair, the poor girl is asked a lot of other stuff any girl at all wouldn’t want to answer on a stage in front of 400 people!

She still looked gorgeous sat amongst the lucky audience in the Big Top tonight, however! In her black top and yellow skirt, hair pulled back, her skin looked almost as bright as Taylor’s, who rocked a greeny brown jacket and answered every question like an articulate man, rather than the teenage boy who was first thrust into this million dollar franchise! Taylor revealed his favourite book of the series was Eclipse (Kristen’s was New Moon), while Kristen admitted she didn’t get to take part in much of the action during the filming for Eclipse:

“They’d all go off to fight camp and learn this and that, and I’d be like, well, I’ll just read my book,” she laughed. Well, we know Bella needs protection. Wouldn’t want her getting hurt – that’s what Edward and Jacob are fighting for, at the end of the day, right?

The fans were a screaming mass of energy tonight, the media were as snap happy in their raincoats as the teenage girls were, holding signs reading statements like “Jacob, I wanna have your puppies” and “Werewolves do it better!” After the 45 minute Q&A, Kristen and Taylor spent about 20 minutes on the red carpet (more like a rain-soaked black walkway!) signing posters, DVDs and getting their photos taken with fans. One girl even got to hand Kristen a birthday book she’d made for her in April but didn’t get round to mailing: “Kristen took it off me, and she couldn’t believe it, she said thanks! I got 80 people from my twitter group to write a page each, and now, she has it. I can’t believe it!” she told us, as her friend showed us a photo she had taken with Kristen, who was grinning like mad, for once.

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(Video) New/Old Clip of Robert at New Moon Premiere

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(Video) Robert talks to Australian Radio about Eclipse & Kristen


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Robert Pattinson says Kristen Stewart is Fierce

Robert Pattinson has gushed about girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart, calling her surprisingly fierce.

The Twilight vampire told Merrick, Dools and Ricki-Lee that meeting the 20-year-old actress for the first time was “weird”.

“It was weird. I mean, everything about the pairing with Kristen kind of worked out for the story,” he said.

“I went in to the audition having absolutely no idea of what to do and because of the way she was playing it kind of shocked me into doing a performance that I didn’t realise I could do.

“I guess she brings a kind of toughness and also a kind of mystery to Bella, which is not really there in the book.

“She’s kind of in a lot of ways, a damsel in distress in the book, and Kristen’s very…there’s a kind of fierce fierceness behind her, which I didn’t really expect the actress who played Bella would have.”

The British actor said he is still surprised at the success of Twilight and that its success puts a certain pressure on him.

“In the beginning I had no idea. It seems to get bigger and bigger and bigger every week that is going past,” he said.

“I feel pressure to live up to making a good movie, but I mean the expectations are so diverse.”

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(Video) Preview Of Kristen & Taylor Interview With Alicia Malone –


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(Video) Rob & Taylor are the #2 Hottest Bachelors in Hollywood

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(Video) Kristen & Taylor in Australia – Video from ninemsn


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Details from Wildlife Park in Sydney

Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner took time out of their ‘Eclipse’ promotional tour on Sunday afternoon to pay a visit on the local wildlife at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney’s Western suburb of Blacktown. The group arrived at Featherdale at 3.30pm and were immediately taken to a private Amphitheatre where Park keepers brought in a range of Aussie animals to meet them. Kristen and Taylor cuddled two 3 week old Dingo pups,
which have since been named ‘Bella’ and ‘Jacob’. The pair remained at Featherdale for an hour experiencing up close encounters with a range of furry and scaly critters including an olive python, echidna, Wallaby Joey, Koala, Wombat and baby Saltwater Crocodile. Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight Series, is no stranger to Featherdale. Prior to the release of the first Twilight film, Taylor visited Featherdale where only a handful of visitors and park staff recognized him

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(New Photos) Kristen & Taylor at that secret ‘Eclipse’ LA press junket


On line of Los Angeles: Claire de met Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner!

That is there, j’ met Bella Swan and Jacob Black… heu… Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner! Two actors of ” Twilight” were very sympathetic! On the second floor of l’ hotel Furnace Seasons de Beverly Hills, was held close junket where j’ were going to be able to meet the two splendid actors of Twilight. Parce qu’ obviously, when a star is met, one always wonders how it is in truth (without make-up men, hairdressers, final improvements…) Yesterday, j’ had the same feeling as when j’ met Justin Bieber in Paris: with the naturalness, they are also beautiful! We were ten journalists of the whole world, around sitted d’ a table, ready to put our questions with the two actors of Twilight. C’ is Taylor Lautner which arrived in first! Very slackened it s’ sat among us with a great smile, launching to l’ assembly: ” Are hello, you well? ” C’ is difficult to say qu’ it comes just d’ to be 18 years old! Taylor is so much with l’ ease with the journalists!

He jokes, s’ express really well… It would be said that the trade quickly returned. As for his appearance (I know, c’ is that which you want to know;)), by where to start!? Taylor Lautner has a really particular face: a very intense glance, a splendid skin, and incredibly brilliant hair. It was equipped very simply: a Jean, a gray tee-shirt and an adjusted black jacket which let guess its enormous muscles! ; -) Very favorite for Taylor Lautner, which was really very sympathetic! Later, Kristen Stewart entered the part! At the beginning, I n’ had not even paid attention! If it has really a beautiful face, a particular charm, at first sight, it resembles everyone Miss! D’ as much qu’ it does not cultivate a look of star! It had a Jean slim with small Vans without laces with the feet, a white docker, a small black waistcoat, and rubber bands with the handles…

Miss everyone, I say to you! But c’ qu’ is true; to look at it more closely, it has really a beautiful face! Its haircut is always a little strange, but that s’ improve! Vis-a-vis the journalists, it seemed much less with l’ ease that Taylor Lautner. That l’ d’ did not prevent; to be very nice, but anyway, one felt qu’ she would have preferred to remain in her bed this morning! : -) Here are for my meetings! You will find very soon the interviews of Kristen and Taylor in a Twilight special issue of the magazine Fan 2. Now, it is high time for me d’ to go to explore Hollywood (and to do a little shopping)! I tell you very quickly all that… KIS from L.A, Claire.

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Ed Westwick Mentions Rob In His NOW Magazine (UK) Interview:

Robert Pattinson hysteria is crazy. Would you want that level of fame?

– “I’ve already experienced girls screaming my name, so I wouldn’t say it’s too alien, but I think Rob’s in a very difficult situation. He’s a friend and he’s a good guy. I know him, so I know for a fact that he wants to be known for his work.”

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Twilight’s Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner on Sunrise (promo) Tues 1 June 2010


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2010 MTV Movie Awards Predictions

After “Twilight” dominated last year’s MTV Movie Awards will the sequel, “New Moon,” repeat as champ or will it be overwhelmed by the mammoth popularity of “Avatar”? And what happens when Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are all in the same category? Plus, can Betty White, SAG lifetime achievement award aside, win her first award since her amazing comeback began with “The Proposal”?

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards won’t occur until Sunday, June 6, but we’ve analyzed the races and have predicted winners, possible upsets and more.

Best Kiss:
· Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – The Twilight Saga: New Moon
· Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning – The Runaways
· Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds – The Proposal
· Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner – Valentine’s Day
· Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington – Avatar

Who will win: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Who should win: Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning
Upset: Swift/Lautner and Stewart/Fanning could upset, but it’s hard to imagine the combined “New Moon” power of Stewart/Pattinson losing out.

Global Superstar:
· Robert Pattinson
· Kristen Stewart
· Taylor Lautner
· Johnny Depp
· Daniel Radcliffe

Who will win: Johnny Depp
Who should win: Johnny Depp
Upset: Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner will split the vote it’s that simple. Depp should have enough of his own following to take the deserved title.

Best Male Performance:
· Channing Tatum – Dear John
· Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
· Robert Pattinson – The Twilight Saga: New Moon
· Taylor Lautner – The Twilight Saga: New Moon
· Zac Efron – 17 Again

Who will win: Taylor Lautner
Who should win: Um….pass?
Upset: It’s clearly between Pattinson and Lautner here, but Efron won last year for “High School Musical 3″ and could easily surprise again for “17 Again.”

Best Movie:
[Note: voting for this award will be open throughout the awards ceremony.]
· Alice In Wonderland – Director: Tim Burton, Producers: Suzanne Todd, Jennifer Todd, Joe Roth and Richard D. Zanuck
· Avatar – Director: James Cameron, Producers: James Cameron and Jon Landau
· Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Director: David Yates, Producers: David Heyman and David Barron
· The Hangover – Director: Todd Phillips, Producers: Todd Phillips and Dan Goldberg
· The Twilight Saga: New Moon – Director: Chris Weitz, Producers: Wyck Godfrey and Karen Rosenfelt

Who will win: “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”
Who should win: “Avatar”
Upset: The highest grossing movie in history winning wouldn’t exactly be an upset, but “New Moon’s” fanbase is so passionate and much bigger than it was after “Twilight” which already won last year. Frankly, it would be stunning to everyone involved in the show, MTV, the media, Summit and most viewers if “New Moon” lost.

To read all of the MTV Movie Award Prediction’s click here

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Kristen Stewart FHM Online’s #3 Sexiest Woman in the World

#3 Kristen Stewart (up 87 places)

A simply stunning performance for the 20-year-old star of the $700m-grossing-and-counting Twilight mega franchise. With one movie left in the trilogy (Eclipse), and a BAFTA Rising Star award on her sideboard, the LA-born actress is taking on more challenging roles. First she stars as jailbait rocker Joan Jett in The Runaways, then a Tony Soprano-baiting prostitute in Welcome To The Rileys and finally in K-11 she’ll play Butterfly, a male-to-female transsexual with autism, which ironically is also Twilight’s target demographic.

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(Video) Kristen & Taylor Australia Today Show


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Robert Pattinson: He’s a lover and a fighter (Kristen’s featured as well)

The love stuff comes easy to Robert Pattinson by now. What the actor’s most worried about is how his fight scenes with bigger, brawnier Taylor Lautner will look in the third Twilight movie, Eclipse.

Grisly deaths plague Seattle. Vampires fight werewolves. Vampires and werewolves unite to battle, um, badder vampires.

Apparently, the filmmakers are doing all they can to make Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight saga, appealing to boys. But we all know this series is really about the relationship between dreamy vampire Edward Cullen and his human love, Bella. And the core female audience should have plenty to moon over when the second sequel hits screens this month, just seven months after the last entry, New Moon.
“In New Moon, Edward tries to deal with the relationship and, sort of, fails,” Robert Pattinson, who plays Cullen, says in an L.A. interview. “In Eclipse, it really is the everyday rigmarole of having a relationship, and dealing with jealousy and pettiness.”

Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, says it’s not that simple. After all, her character is still torn between Edward and the feelings she has for her lifelong friend, Native American lycanthrope Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). “Bella now has to actually be able to stand up and say, okay, so maybe every choice isn’t completely impulsive,” explains Stewart in a separate L.A. interview. “Maybe there are different levels of love, and maybe my ideological views of what I think you are to me are wrong, and maybe I could look at somebody else.”

That said, it still seems Eclipse offers more for the guys than just a good bet the movie will put their dates in a romantic mood. The film was directed by David Slade, who last time out made the gory vampire action thriller 30 Days of Night. Slade is, perhaps, a bit more attuned to what men want than Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke (The Nativity Story) and Chris Weitz (About a Boy, The Golden Compass), who helmed New Moon.

“Different worlds collide in this one,” says Stewart. “We make it more dangerous every time.”

This time out, the lissome, ethereal-looking Pattinson has to get more physical with the pumped-up Lautner, and he just hopes audiences buy their fight scenes.

“There is a bunch of fighting,” says the 24-year-old Brit. “In the most simplistic of ways, trying to be intimidating to Taylor is just physically humiliating. In one scene, I tried to grab him and his shoulder was too big! That was embarrassing.”

While physical strength may not be Pattinson’s, well, strength, he does have an uncanny ability to brood and smoulder in a way that drives the ladies nuts. But while it works well on-screen, that low-key nature can also come off as aloof, even falsely self-deprecating, off-screen. And Pattinson’s the first one to admit it.

“The problem is, mainly, that I’m really finicky about looking pretentious for some reason,” he says. “I think, because I haven’t done too much work and I’ve become so, kind of, big, people have a hyper-judgment of you. I always thought the best way to deal with that is just to kind of play down everything. But I never saw the result of that being people saying, ‘Why can’t you just shut up? We’re so sick of the humble act. When’s he going to stop pretending to be humble?’”

As of this article’s writing, it had yet to be decided whether Stephenie Meyer’s fourth and final “Twilight” novel, “Breaking Dawn”, would be made into one or two films. Either way, production should start in Vancouver (where New Moon and Eclipse were shot) this fall. “British Columbia is great,” says Pattinson. “Everybody always talks about how easy it is to make movies in Vancouver because no one cares if anyone’s around. And it really was like that with New Moon. It was so easy, there was never any hassle about going out or anything. But it changed a little bit on the third one. “But,” he adds, “there are a bunch of nice restaurants in Vancouver, and it’s a really cool city.”

The pair views the impending end of the film series with mixed feelings. On the plus side, it will likely put the brakes on the intrusive tabloid scrutiny they’ve endured. So far, at least, Twihard fans have expressed little interest in Stewart and Pattinson’s non-saga movies (like The Runaways and Remember Me, respectively), and the paparazzi will likely thin out once they have nothing left to obsess over, such as those still unproven rumours of a real-life romance between the handsome pair.

Then again, they may not know what to do — or what they’ll be able to do — when the post-Breaking break comes.

“I think it’s good that I’ve just been working this whole time,” Pattinson says of the past two years. “You don’t go out and do that much when you’re shooting anyway, because you’re just so tired all the time. So it hasn’t been that incapacitating. But it’s been difficult to figure out where to live and stuff; I mean, the idea of getting a house… If people are always waiting outside your home, then you might as well sell it.

“And I miss just randomly dropping into clubs and playing music,” adds the actor, who pursued a recording career before moviemaking proved more lucrative. “That’s annoying. But really, you can still do anything you want to do; it’s just the fear of judgment afterward.”

In keeping, perhaps, with her screen persona, Stewart, now 20, sounds more torn about the series’ conclusion.

“The interesting thing about wanting it to come to an end is not because you want the experience of it to end,” Stewart says. “The experience that I get from it is so different from what press and media or fans or whatever see. I actually get to make the movies. Most of the questions I hear are about how specifically my life has changed because of that, but that’s really sort of extra. I didn’t know that that was going to happen. I’ve never had more opportunity in my life and I’ve worked really hard for it. So I’m really grateful.”

As for Eclipse, Stewart says that, whether they’re seeking monster action or are hungry for unattainable love, viewers are in for a taste of — believe it or not — reality.

“It matures, basically,” she says. “It takes a really ideal story and makes it a little more cerebral. It’s like, so what if you actually had to do this? It takes away the fantasy element a little bit and shows you that it’s not so, sort of, dreamy.”

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Outtakes from Flaunt Magazine untagged – Kristen Stewart

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GQ Magazine’s “King of Cool” List – Rob # 2 (New Zealand)

Prince Harry has been crowned the king of cool in a list compiled by GQ magazine.

The 25-year old royal beat heartthrob Robert Pattinson to take the number one spot.

Also making the top ten were Dizzee Rascal, runner Usain Bolt and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders.

Prince William failed to make the list of 50 coolest men.

The magazine said the cut-off age for eligible men was 37 and a half and took into account an ”enviable sense of savoir faire, a talent for transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, or just a really edgy haircut”.

The youngest member of the elite club is 7-year-old Albert Cocker – son of former Pulp star Jarvis.

The list appears in the July issue of GQ.

Top ten ‘coolest’ men

1. Prince Harry
2. Robert Pattinson
3. Reggie Love (Aide to US President Barack Obama)
4. Dizzee Rascal
5. Jason Schwartzman (actor)
6. Usain Bolt
7. Ryan McGinley (photographer)
8. Dustin Lance Black (screenwriter)
9. Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys drummer)
10. Wells Tower (author)

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Robert Pattinson ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ New iPhone wallpaper

Want a super cool Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner iphone or ipod background? Well, you’ve come to the right place!!! I’ve got the newest download right here for you!

I have this background for my iphone and it’s absolutely wonderful! Not only do I get to gaze at my two favorite Twilight Hunks but everything else on my iphone screen is more readable because of the dark moody background!

Best of all, I can flip my phone upside down and give Pattinson or Lautner time on top! I know, I’m such a dork over the Twilight films and actors!

Here is the download link: Download iPhone or iPod Touch Wallpaper ( 320px by 480px)

And from, here are the instructions on getting the wallpaper on your iphone or ipod:

1) In Safari on your iPhone or iPod touch when viewing this post,click on the Download link at the bottom of the post and It will load the image in your browser in a separate window by itself.

2) Once the image loads on your iPhone in a new window, click and hold your finger on the image and it will pop up an option to “Save Image”. Do that.

3) Then go to your Settings Application of your iPhone where you change your wallpaper, and chose the image you just saved–it should be in the folder called “Camera Roll”.

Have fun with the wallpaper

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Robert Pattinson and The Twilight Saga – How are they similar?

There is absolutely no doubt on the success rate of Robert Pattinson and Rob starrer Twilight Saga. Both the film and the actor are immensely popular faces in Hollywood these days. And the frequency with which both get acclamations from the industry is worth appreciating.

There is a new feather in the caps of the above mentioned entities. Robert Pattinson has proved it once again! So has his main celluloid venture Twilight!

And the recent name to award them was National Movie Awards 2010.

Twilight Saga has collected three awards including the one won by Robert Pattinson as the Best Performer. While New Moon grabbed the best Fantasy flick, Eclipse collected Vue Most Anticipated Summer Movie.

Well, isn’t it great to hear that? There seems no halt at the success story of Robert Pattinson and his Hollywood projects. And we are sure that the craze is not gonna die out sooner.

Rob has bagged many a title for his huge popularity including the Sexiest Man Alive and the Best Dressed Man. He has received several Best Performance awards for his vampire flick and yes, he deserves those!

The point is…Twilight is a huge hit! And so is Robert Pattinson. And interestingly, both the film and the actor have a long, long way to go and the journey leads to success and even more achievements.

Aren’t they similar in terms of accomplishment? Good luck to both!

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