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Kristen and Tay Arrive in Vancouver- First Pics

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Smiley Kristen is so cute

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Kristen is Not Going Bollywood

GossipCop Is Bella going Bollywood?

Reports everywhere today claim Twilight star Kristen Stewart plans to take India by storm as the love interest in an upcoming Bollywood movie called Paani.

Supposedly, director Shekhar Kapur offered Stewart the role and the actress “gave the green signal.”

In the film, according to widespread rumors, Hrithik Roshan and Stewart play star-crossed lovers in what a so-called “source” refers to as a “Romeo and Juliet story.”

But don’t expect to see Stewart on set when cameras begin to roll.

Her supposed Bollywood star turn is 100% made up.

Stewart’s rep tells Gossip Cop, “She is not set to star in this movie.”


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Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart make People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue?,

Last year, Robert Pattinson took a spot in People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue. Kristen Stewart was just recently added as the homepage feature for People’s “Beautiful at Every Age” feature story.

So, it begs the question – will either of them earn a spot in this year’s “Most Beautiful” issue?

Countless magazines and websites have listed both Robert and Kristen as beautiful people. But, is that enough to earn them a coveted spot in the magazine?

With Kristen’s flood of red carpet press lately, plus her upcoming Flaunt issue, AND her appearance in Teen Vogue’s “Best Dressed” March issue, she’s been given rave reviews for her looks as of late.Robert Pattinson has, for the most part, always been the center of “good looking” attention since he starred as Edward Cullen in “Twilight”.

However, if you recall the “Most Beautiful” issue, it’s not all about looks. It’s about do-gooders and people who live by hat they believe in.

In a recent post, I discussed the charitable contributions the “Twilight” cast has made. There is no doubt that Rob and Kristen do as much as they can given their schedules, and the fact that they are extremely busy but still manage to make time for charity only adds to their beauty.

Additionally, both Rob and Kristen stick to their guns when it comes to living their lives the way they want to, aside from what their celebrity, magazines, television or movie studios ask of them.

Only time will tell, but do you believe Rob and Kristen deserve a spot in the issue? They have my vote.


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Get Robert Pattinson’s Bag

OMG! you too can own a Jansport rucksack….

Whilst on the set filming his new film Remember Me, that’s out now, our eagle eyes spotted Rpatz with a rather familiar rucksack from the rucksack kings JanSport.

This new style from their current range is available to buy right now!! So log on quick and be the first….

Perfect for back to school, or your gym kit, or, well, carrying anything you have really……

Do you like it?

Ski & Hike bag, £44.99.


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VIDEO: 'Buffy's' Emma Caulfield: Robert Pattinson is 'painfully good-looking'

Buffy and the Vampire" star Emma Caulfield thinks "Twilight's" pale tousled British lad Robert Pattinson is ridiculously hot.

"He's painfully good-looking, a flawless-looking individual," she told The Dish Rag during our chat last week. "And I've heard him being interviewed and he's pretty self-effacing, which makes him all the more charming."

She also talks about the impact of "Twilight" precursor "Buffy" on her life and career, her love for sci-fi, "Avatar" and "Battlestar Galactica," being leery to see "Caprica," her personal "Lost" theories, and her take on the "Twilight Saga," as someone who knows a little something about vampires.

"I think I would be obsessed [with 'Twilight'] if I was 13," Emma admits. "You can't really go wrong with vampire stories because they are inherently interesting."

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BVWNews “Remember Me” Review: Viewers can see Robert Pattinson has actual chops

Remember Me” — that won’t be hard. This romantic tragedy has something of a sweet message buried deep underneath its cold exterior. This film leaves the viewer feeling both warm and haunted, even after having have left the theater.

The film begins with a strong act of urban violence at a subway station in 1991, where 11 year-old Ally Craig (Caitlyn Rund) witnesses her mother’s murder.

The rest of the movie is set in New York City a decade later, where the film’s protagonist, Tyler Hawkins (“Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson), lives. Tyler is a sour, rebellious young man (think Edward Cullen with a little less class) who is dealing his family’s strained relationship after his older brother’s suicide several years earlier. The viewer is led to believe this tragedy caused Tyler’s moodiness and his especially hateful attitude toward his estranged, lawyer father (Pierce Brosnan).

Fortunately, Tyler isn’t at odds with everyone in his family. He has a soft spot for his 11-year-old sister, Caroline (played by Ruby Jerins), a young misfit, but a talented artist. Tyler is known to go out of his way to lovingly protect his baby sister.

The now 21-year-old Ally (played by “Lost’s” Emilie de Ravin) is living with her police officer father (Chris Cooper) in New York as well. When Ally’s father arrests Tyler for talking back to a police officer, he begins dating her to get revenge on her dad. However, the pair end up falling in love, and their love is what helps them each heal from their own tragic pasts.

While the plot of this film is very typical, the ending certainly isn’t. It was worth paying $5 for the matinee showing just to hear the simultaneous gasps of the audience, as the movie’s plot-twist ending plays out during the last five minutes. An observant viewer will find clues to the end throughout movie.

Despite the film’s bad reviews from critics (it received a 28 percent on Rotten Tomatoes Tomato Meter at it proved to be very entertaining, and the movie surprisingly continued to stay interesting throughout its nearly two-hour runtime.

The film’s witty dialogue played a big role in contributing to its intrigue. At one point, 11 year-old Caroline tells her brother that their aunt isn’t allowed to drink at Christmas anymore, because last time she caused a “Yuletide homicide.” Snappy lines such as this appeared throughout the movie and received plenty of laughs from the audience.

The actors are the most impressive part of the movie, however. When given actual lines, (“Bella, I love you, but I’m dangerous for you,” doesn’t count) Pattinson’s acting shines. Viewers can see this guy has actual chops. Brosnan (famous for playing James Bond several years ago) plays a convincingly cold and even somewhat frightening father for Pattinson. However, the award for best actor in this film goes to Jerins for her role as the young Caroline. Jerins plays an incredibly sweet little girl, whose artistic gift is astounding. Jerins is also a convincing victim, as her character is tormented by bullies who don’t understand her talent. Her haunted face after a group of girls decide to completely cut off a section of her hair is enough to break anyone’s heart.

While actors like Pattinson are popular among the teen set, viewers should know this movie isn’t for the tween Twi-hards. This dark movie is rich with realistic violence (unlike the fantasy, stylized violence found in “Twilight”) and often proves to be quite graphic. The film arouses several touchy subjects including suicide, bullying, and parental neglect.

While this film features harsh violence and sensitive subjects, its overall message showing importance of forgiveness is apparent throughout. The movie also stresses the importance of living each day to the fullest, as Tyler states, “Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it. I tend to disagree with the first part.”


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Daniel Cudmore Talks About Robert Pattinson: Cudmore’s character

Cudmore’s character Felix is a Volturi thug whose day-to-day job is “tearing apart other vampires”.

He says Felix is a nasty piece of work, but a joy to play.

“He’s an angry vampire, he doesn’t really get much respect, and he’s been around for thousands of years … and he’s just really, really good at what he does,” Cudmore said.

“It’s a fun character – it’s fun to play someone dark, who goes on the animal side and enjoys it.”

The physical role included a fight scene with Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward.

Pattinson is a heartthrob to Twilight fans the world over, but Cudmore said the handsome actor was keen to do as much of his own stunt work as possible.

“Rob’s a great guy, he’s really game for anything,” Cudmore said.

“He was nervous at first, because he was like, `you know I’m not the most athletic guy out there, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this’.

“After rehearsing for a few hours he was really, really having a good time with it. He had a blast


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HQ untagged pictures from LAX

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Posted in | Leave a comment’s Summer Movie Guide: Eclipse in 3D?

The drama heats up in the third chapter of Twilight’s wildly popular teen vampire saga as paramours Edward (Pattinson) and Bella (Stewart), reunited after spending most of 2009’s New Moon estranged, face daunting new challenges, not the least of which is a looming war between vampires and werewolves. Jacob “Let’s Just Be Friends” Black (Lautner), meanwhile, isn’t about to abandon his pursuit of Bella just yet.

What We Think: A more action-oriented director (Slade’s credits include 30 Days of Night) and a less angsty plot could help Eclipse appeal to more than Twilight’s usual following of tween girls and their mothers. But it probably won’t.

Cool to Know: Eclipse will be presented in 3D, which should render the frenzied shrieking of Pattinson-obsessed tweens approximately 30% more ear-piercing.


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Shiny Style Poll – Fashion Face off: Robert Pattinson vs Daniel Radcliffe

Yesterday we bought you a gallery of Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart after both ladies appeared on the Times Rich List.

We also turned it into a bit of a style competition asking you who you thought was the best dressed, and a huge number voted for Kristen here.

However, a Twilight and Harry Potter face off wouldn’t be complete without the two main male stars so we’ve decided to give you a little treat and put together a gallery of Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe, who both also made the Rich List.

View the gallery below and let us know who you think is the most stylish and (since it’s guys) sexy by voting below.

Who gets your gorgeous and stylish male vote?
Daniel is sophisticated and stylish
Robert’s style is sharp

Click here to vote for Robert!


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New Eclipse Still — Engagement Ring

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New Kristen

Kristen Stewart was in her usual travel uniform of jeans and a hoodie while spotted arriving and going through security at LAX today. With Eclipse director David A. Slade arriving in Vancouver last week ahead of reshoots, it was only a matter of time before Bella and Edward made the trek back to Canada to finish up the film. The third Twilight installment is, of course, one of your 10 most anticipated of the Summer blockbuster season, and we can't get enough of last week's sexy still-filled final trailer. Plus, it gave us a first look at Bella's engagement ring, which you can even own yourself. Fingers crossed this means a Rob sighting soon too, or if we're extra lucky both him and Kristen hitting up one of their favorite Vancouver spots.


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Mexican Edition of New Moon DVD of Two discs

This is the two disc edition of New Moon Dvd in Mexico.
The DVD has the normal plastic case and another metallic cardboard cover, the picture frame is of cardboard with a big picture on the back.


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Xavier Samuel reveals his 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' kiss was well-researched

Xavier Samuel ("Riley Biers" in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) claims that he did his homework with co-star Bryce Dallas Howard ("Victoria" in Eclipse) for at least one scene in the film.

Samuel, who was featured prominently in the final trailer for Eclipse, has been literally turning heads the world over, and he is featured in ELLE for his coming "heartthrob" status.

In his interview with the publication, Samuel revealed that the film's kissing scene between himself and Howard was one that they paid special attention to.

(You might remember that some photos from the set of filming for their kiss scene popped up online last fall.)

To ready themselves for that moment, Samuel revealed, the two "watched YouTube clips of the best kisses in cinematic history for research."

To prepare for the attention being a part of the Twilight Saga would bring him, Xavier Samuel is "tak[ing] a leaf from Rob and Kristen’s book," so one has to wonder if Samuel and Howard looked to some of the "Edward and Bella" kisses during their research.


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Kristen Stewart\'s Take on Bella Swan in ECLIPSE

Kristen Stewart, who turned 20 a couple of weeks ago, has recently told Entertainment Weekly that Bella Swan will be different in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. "I wasn’t as tortured as I was on New Moon. Bella really knows what she wants in Eclipse. She’s not just a dumb kid talking because she’s in love."

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a "more mature Bella." Stewart’s remarks (which, in all honesty, I’ve just read) seem to confirm my expectations. Also, there was an 11-month gap between filming Twilight in April 2008 and New Moon in early 2009. According to, Eclipse began shooting less than two months later. (Between the first and second Twilight films, Stewart worked on at least one project, Welcome to the Rileys; it must have been hard going from a foul-mouthed, abused pole dancer-sex worker back to Bella Swan in New Moon. The Runaways, which earned Stewart quite a bit of praise for her portrayal of rocker Joan Jett, was shot in summer ‘09, after Eclipse.)

Such a brief hiatus is excellent for an actor. It’s not as repetitive as doing a stage play every night, when you have to "freshen up" your character for every performance so it won’t come across as a mechanical creation. And it’s much better than playing the same character again after the actor has gone totally "cold."

Once that happens, it’d be like having to start things from scratch. The actor will have to find his/her character’s emotional/psychological place once again, and that can’t be too easy.

I expect the performances, especially those of Stewart and Robert Pattinson, to be much superior in Eclipse. Both have grown a lot as actors since the first Twilight was shot two years ago.

I believe Taylor Lautner will be better, too, but to date his only film work since Twilight has been a supporting role in the all-star Valentine’s Day. So, it’s harder to tell how much he has matured as a performer.

On the other hand, I can tell for a fact that Lautner has certainly matured in terms of looks. He no longer looks like a boy. He looks like a man.

Directed by David Slade from a screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens on June 30.

Source Via KstewAngel

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Release Dates for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on IMDb

30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
South Korea
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
30 June 2010
1 July 2010
New Zealand
1 July 2010
1 July 2010
1 July 2010
2 July 2010
2 July 2010
7 July 2010
9 July 2010
9 July 2010
9 July 2010

15 July 2010


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Kristen Stewart – Robert Pattinson: Kissed at the first Twilight

We have loved them as a couple the first time we laid our eyes on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. We knew they had a great chemistry together. That chemistry was caught off-screen too, whenever the two actors met. They soon became THE COUPLE of Hollywood, though they have never confirmed on the relationship status that they have, apart from being “good friends”. But we surely missed Rob and Kris sharing a kiss in the first Twilight movie.

Fortunately now, we can catch them sharing their passion for each other the first time they shared the screen together. Kris and Rob did kiss in Twilight but it never made to the big screen, as it got chopped at the editing table. Now the deleted scenes of Twilight are available and we can see them sizzle the screen with their passion.The clip just oozes the affection and chemistry that they share with each other. That chemistry continued to the next Twilight film, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. But folks be prepared to see Edward and Jacob fight each other for Bella Swan and some more passionate scenes between Kris and Rob in the forthcoming Twilight series, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which is all set to release on 30th June.


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Robert Pattinson in Camden

Robert Pattinson turned up in Camden last night to show his support for a fundraising event held for the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The event was held at Proud Camden a unique live music venue. R-Pattz was seen dancing and cheering on the bands and paid special attention to the burlesque girls, who put on a provocative performance in honour of their special guest.

Sadly for the female guests R-Pattz night came to an abrupt end when a guest DJ announced to the crowd that the Twilight star was there prompting R-Pattz to make a quick exit.


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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the New Brangelina Power Couple,

Word has it that Kristen Stewart is about to replace Angelina Jolie in the sequel of the movie Wanted. In the first film, Angelina’s character dies, but that does not stop her from coming back, this time in the body of Kristen Stewart.

This rumor, and the fact that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart steal the spotlight just about every day, have everyone questioning whether or not Brangelina is out and Kristen and Robert are in.

Right now, neither Brad nor Angelina show signs of stopping or ending their careers, in fact, both are deep in projects at the moment.


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Video: Elle Interviews Kristen and Dakota for The Runaways

Via TwilightPassion

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Christian Serratos Says 'Breaking Dawn' Will Begin Filming In October

While we had heard November for a start date on 'Breaking Dawn' - according to Christian Serratos, filming will actually begin in October:

While Serratos's Eclipse co-stars Gil Birmingham, Daniel Cudmore and Booboo Stewart remained coy about the film's start date, the actor and sometime model accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

"No word is out yet," Stewart said, to which Serratos quickly replied "No, October."

Birmingham, who plays Taylor Lautner's father Jacob Black, quickly tried to cover up the blunder.

"We could tell you, but we'd have to kill you - like we will Christian," he said.
Serratos plays Bella's friend Angela in the Twilight series. She was in Australia for a Twilight convention that wrapped up over the weekend.

Photo: Summit Entertainment

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Movie Power Rankings: The Twilight Saga Eclipse back to No. 1 after game changing preview.

The insane amount of hype surrounding "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" had an intriguing effect on moviegoers. Not only did it expand the curiosity factor among potential ticket buyers in general, but it lead to millions of boyfriends, husbands and BFF's tagging along to join their significant others in catching the second installment of Stephanie Meyer's vampire romance saga. Chances are, besides the intriguing Volturi scenes at the end, they weren't as enthralled as their dates. In fact, you can assume many of them might have even sworn off seeing the third film, "Eclipse," this summer. And after the film's first dramatic-focused teaser was initially released that would be hard to argue. On the other hand, last Friday's debut of a new, intense, action packed and more thrilling final trailer will quickly make those doubts moot.


Arguably one of the better trailers Summit has cut for the series, its placement in front of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" this week and "Iron Man 2" over the next month will do wonders to bring those "casual males" back into the fold. Sure, they won't admit it now, but give them enough time and enough battle filled TV spots without Taylor Lautner speaking and they'll come. And if the reviews turn out to be better than the mostly negative critiques for "New Moon"? Well, shoot, their parents might go too. And that's more than enough to put "The Twilight Saga" back in the top slot. As for the rest of this week's rankings...

Posted Tuesday April 27, 2010.

1. "The Twilight Saga" (last week no. 9)
There 's the trailer everyone was waiting for. And just when you thought the guys were gonna skip out this time...

2. "Iron Man 2" (same)
It was close, but considering all the hype that will hit with reviews breaking and a potential record-breaking opening, Tony Stark could deal with some humility in the second spot. For one week at least.

3. "Avatar" (last week no. 8)
Just a record-breaking 6.7 million DVD and Blu-ray units sold in four days? That's it? Sigh, you're so not living up to your potential "Avatar."

4. Sacha Baron Cohen's untitled goat herder movie (not ranked)
We're not convinced Cohen's schtick still works beyond a small, hardcore fanbase, but most of Hollywood seems to be.

5. Walt Disney Studios (not ranked)
New studio chairman Rich Ross met the business press to present his strategy for the future. Word is lots of corporate speak and little creative vision. But he's got time. Oh, and he hired a President of Marketing who has zero industry experience.

6. "How To Train Your Dragon" (same)
Back to No. 1 after a month. Yep, word of mouth can still do wonders.

7. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (last week no. 13)
A lot of kids want to get scared this weekend. The question is: will they want a sequel?

8. "The Last Airbender" (not ranked)
The latest example of a last minute jump on the 3-D bandwagon. Considering the film's competition, this might be one hail mary pass that actually works.

9. "The Avengers" (last week no. 4)
So, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige refused to confirm that Joss Whedon was directing "The Avengers" while doing press for "Iron Man 2" this past weekend. Uh, come again?

10. "The Green Hornet" (same)
A preview is on the way and the naysayers will either have to eat crow or have plenty of ammunition to spew at Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen's super-hero flick.

11. "Robin Hood" (same)
Boy, those TV spots are damn good. This one might open. Who knew?

12. "Sex and the City 2" (same)
Soundtrack album details were released include Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis teaming up for an original duet and Liza Minelli covering Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)." As one publicist remarked, "That the gayest soundtrack since 'The Birdcage.'"

13. "Howl" (not ranked)
We love our peeps at Oscilloscope Laboratories. They champion films that need to be seen in theaters. Many that need special care such as "Wendy and Lucy" and "The Messenger." Unfortunately, we're not really sure this unpopular Sundance premiere fits in that category.

14. "Inception" (last week no. 10)
It still comes up in conversation with someone in this town at least every other day. That's more than enough to make the list.

15. "Shrek Forever After" (not ranked)
Tribeca Film Festival premiere went fine. Early reviews, fine. Confusion over the title (is it "Shrek Forever After" or "Shrek The Final Chapter"?) not so fine.

Dropping like a rock...

*Sad, but it's just not playing outside the big cities.

"James Bond 23"
*Perhaps we'll see 007 again when he turns 50 in 2012?

"The Losers"
*Not a bad movie, but the marketing campaign was a mistake. As was the date. This might have actually made more money in September.

Source Thanks to RobpattzNews for the tip:)

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Did Robert Pattinson break up Kristen Stewart and Michael Angarano?

Everyone is so obsessed with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship, but what happened to Michael Angarano? Obviously Kristen and her longtime boyfriend Angarano broke up.

Robsten fans are pretty sure that Kristen and Michael broke up sometime between the start of filming for Eclipse and the summer that Kristen was in LA filming 'The Runaways' while Robert Pattinson was in New York filming 'Remember Me.'

Michael Angarano was seen at the beginning of filming for the Twilight Saga. He was with Kristen on set, and they two were spotted various times in Canada shopping, and enjoying the local scenery. But everything changed quickly.

Online rumors insisted that Robert Pattinson could not let go of his feelings for Kristen Stewart and told Kristen to make a choice. Either pick him, or Michael. Tabloids like Ok! magazine stated Rob gave Kristen the summer to decide. Well, fans it's pretty clear who she chose. After that summer the romance rumors intensified making for an akward Robsten reunion at Comic Con. Since that time Kristen has not been spotted publicly with Michaeal Angarano, but she's been seen lots of times with Robert Pattinson. Concerts, dinners, premieres, in Budapest for her birthday, and even at a hotel or two. Is this enough proof to believe that Rob's the reason Kristen and Michael broke up? I think that Kristen and Michaeal were growing apart anyway while her career began to take off, his wasn't. Plus the fact that she probably had feelings for Rob at the time. What do you think?

{Alma} Wanna know what i think?? Well I think that they were already growing apart and so here comes Rob and how can she have not fallen in love with the misterious brit right? you go kristen:) but i also think that they both started as friends and from there a beautiful love:) awwwww i love them:)

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New: MTVs Newborn Army Still

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Carrie Mulligan Is The Rumored Favorite To Star In ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Over Kristen

Carrie Mulligan Is The Rumored Favorite To Star In ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Over Kristen Stewart! K-Stew fans, can you believe this? We KNOW you don’t want to see this huge role go to Carey! BFFs — when we polled you earlier this month, a whopping 83 percent of you said you’d rather see Kristen Stewart, 20, play computer hacker Lisbeth Salander in the movie adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books over Carey Mulligan, 24. But now the UK’s Times Online is reporting that Carey, a huge fan of the Dragon books, is inching ahead in the competition — she’s even won over the family of the book series’ author, Stieg Larsson!

Lisbeth, the books’ leading lady, is a rough-around-the-edges bisexual — a role K-Stew is all too familiar with (Runaways, anyone?) The book was already made into a movie in Sweden, but this new American version is going to be a BIG deal. If done right, we think the role could even be Oscar potential for Carey or Kristen!

Here’s what a few of you told us earlier this month in support of your girl K-Stew:

1. emma: Kristen should get the part for many obvious reasons. … Kristen all the way. No arrongance, no over the top attitude, a very wise, dedicated, and polite young woman. she should get it !!!!
2. brynne: the obviously choice is K.Stew. If you’ve seen the Runaways and her other movies then you know that the girl can act. Carey is amazing but she wouldn’t carry this role.
3. Kate: I’ve read the books and I can not see Carey in the role – she looks too sweet and delicate. Kristen would rock this role…she’s edgy, gorgeous and definitely has the right attitiude.

Keep showing your support for K-Stew, BFFs! It ain’t over till that contract is signed!

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Kristen Stewart vs Keira Knightley.

KRISTEN Stewart is facing competition from British beauty Keira Knightley.

Keira is said to be top choice with Twilight teen Kristen to replace Angelina Jolie as the new hitgirl on Wanted 2. “As soon as Angelina declared herself out of Wanted 2, Keira was in the running,” says a movie insider.

“The producers feel she and James McAvoy can bring the same kind of chemistry to the project as they had on Atonement. Kristen is the other choice but it would be very much a different dynamic. “One of them look certain to get the role.”

Angelina’s character, Fox, was killed off at the end of the first film, but director Timur Bekmambetov had previously told of his plans to bring her back in the second installment. “We know how to do this, but it’s still tough to do, because there is a bullet inside her head,” he said. “But there has to be a reason for her to come back — and we know the reason. I think we found the reason for her to come back.”

Kristen is scheduled to film the fourth Twilight film, Breaking Dawn — which will be released in two parts — around October this year; although the film’s producers have not yet specified a start date for shooting, which has affected actors involved with which other projects they are able to take on.

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Kristen Stewart to Make Bollywood Debut With 'Paani'

In the film which story will resemble 'Romeo and Juliet', the American actress will play the lover of Indian actor Hrithik Roshan. After claiming fame in Hollywood, Kristen Stewart is set to invade movie industry in another country. The "Twilight" beauty is set to star in Bollywood movie titled "Paani", The Times of India has reported.

Stewart is reported to have been offered a role as wealthy girl by director Shekhar Kapur and she surprisingly "gave the green signal, provided the terms and conditions are met." In the film, which will be made in English, she will be seen romancing Indian actor Hrithik Roshan.

Roshan's character reportedly will fall in love with Stewart's and they end up becoming star-crossed lovers. A source additionally dishes on the idea of the film, saying it is "a sort of a Romeo and Juliet story."

Shekhar himself refused to talk much about the film until everything is finalized, claiming "I can't speak of the cast on record until everything is in place. Too many times I've been accused of talking about projects that never happen." But he assures that "Paani" will start this year.

Kristen Stewart is currently waiting for the release of "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" in which she once again stars opposite Robert Pattinson. She is expected to reprise her role as Bella Swan in the latest installment, "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn".

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New Runaways Review-More Big Praise for Kristen!

'The Runaways' rocks viewers
Most period, historical films involve tight, constricting corsets and long taffeta skirts, along with the reserved young woman, who merely gasps when the hero is tragically wounded. If this is what you love about film, buy a ticket to 2010’s ‘Clash of the Titans.’ However, if you want a biographical film that has more edge and raw energy, catch Floria Sigismondi’s ‘The Runaways.’ From the first drop of blood on the pavement to the last chorus sung, ‘The Runaways’ is an empowering, distinctive film that is anything but soft and fluffy.

In the 1970’s, rock n’ roll was a man’s world. Enter Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning); two teenage girls who have the aspiration to start an all girl rock band. Under the manic and tyrannical guidance of Bowie-wannabe, manager, Kim Fowley (an impressive Michael Shannon), the two are submerged into a world of sex, drugs and rollicking rock n’ roll. Along with Lita Ford and Sandy West, the ladies form the short-lived group, ‘The Runaways,’ determined to rip the man’s image from rock. With the raw, pure talent of Joan, and the sex appeal of Cherie, the band quickly rises to power and spirals out of control, plummeting over the course of two years.

Shot as a grainy, classic music video, ‘The Runaways’ focuses on the music and the guitar rifts more than the actual development of the characters. Although Joan, Cherie and Fowley are distinct and unforgettable, guitarist Lita Ford and drummer Sandy West are left on the editing room floor. Rightly so, however, considering their lack of interest as opposed to Jett and Currie. Kristen’s portrayal of Jett is remarkable. A reserved young woman in interviews, Stewart’s swagger, street smarts and sultry, powerful energy transform her into the rock icon that is Joan Jett. The actual Jett said once that she mistook Kristen’s cover of her song, ‘Playing with Fire’ as her own. She nearly outshines Dakota Fanning’s innocent Cherie Currie, who the film is supposed to center on. However, Michael Shannon as the manic Kim, proves to be the most entertaining of the three.

A series of sharp cut scenes, the direction in ‘The Runaways’ is unique and certainly not conventional. As a former music video director, Floria Sigismondi’s style resonates into the motion picture. From the extreme close-ups, to the slow-framed emphasis on the utter ecstasy of rock, sex and drugs, the colorful, sometimes hysterically shot film does not fail to infatuate and convey the hectic lives of these women.

If you are a fan of The Runaways (the band), I doubt you’ll be disappointed by this comical, yet dark depiction of what really happened in 1975. If you are not a fan, I don’t doubt you’ll be humming the hit single ‘Cherry Bomb’ by the end credits.

4.5 out of 5

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