Wonderful Edward and Bella Fan art made for us by the talented @karenxan

Her message to us:

 I love them but actually I have another reason, this is a gift to the group of which I am partly ... to the more wonderful girls

this is a gift for them to they forgive me for being so so so absent with this problem of the internet and that, wrong wrong, my fault...

I love you girls, I did completely from my fist and pencil for you... I wanted to do something more Christmas-ish, but I am not good drawing realistic

Merry Christmas to all XOXO-:heart: karen-xan

thank you so much Karen:) You always make the best fan art :) We are so lucky that you are part of our team..... Followers if you didnt know.. She is responsible for all of our cute Robsten Dreams art that you see on this blog:) She makes our banners our Christmas Avis, etc.. So follow her on twitter @karenxan  shes absolutely amazing!! Thank you again Karen and Merry Christmas ~alma

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