The winner of our 6th Day of Christmas Giveaways: On the 6th Day of Christmas Robsten Dreams gave to me!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas Robsten Dreams Gave to Me........

An Eclipse Deluxe Soundtrack to hear on New Years Eve:)

CONGRATULATIONS to lean @Pattinspired winner of 6th day of Xmas!!!

The contest was to answer this question: What do you think Rob will give Kristen for Christmas and why do you think? Her answer was....
I'd like to think that Rob is giving Kristen a song he wrote just for her. Imagine on Christmas eve, or Christmas morning, when they have a moment to themselves...he whips out the guitar and sings a beautiful love song he wrote just for her. (without can do it, Rob! ;) He'd do something like that because he knows it would mean more than any $3 million diamond ever could. ;) I'm sure he'll get her some material presents, too--something he knows that she's had her eye on--but he will probably do something else for her (like write a song;) that has personal meaning just between the two of them.

Awww isnt this so cute? I was almost crying in all of them. We got alot of engagement ring presents. Do you really want them to get married right now? I mean soon? Im all up for it but i think 2 more years it will be perfect. IMO ofcourse":)

Lean congrats and you have 24 hours to email us your info

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