Who Is Rob Pattinson’s Sexiest Character?

Robert Pattinson is like a sexy chameleon. No matter what type of character he plays in his movies — be it vampire, wizard, or ambiguously homosexual 20th century painter — he’s able to get our hearts racing the minute he enters the frame. So here’s what we want to know from you: Which of Rob’s many characters (we’ve chosen our favorite seven) do YOU think best reflects his raw sexual magnetism?
◦Edward Cullen (the Twilight saga): A misunderstood vampire who battles ferocious werewolves and menacing vampires to protect the love of his afterlife, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart.)
◦Tyler Hawkins (Remember Me): A misunderstood college student with serious daddy issues. His devotion to his kid sister is so strong, he actually ends up in jail for defending her.
◦Salvador Dalí (Little Ashes): A misunderstood painter who explores his sexuality with a fellow artist during his teen years in 20th-century Madrid.
◦Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire): A misunderstood teenage wizard with a strong moral compass and enviable athletic prowess. Even in the face of intense combat, he treats his competitors with respect.
◦Jacob Jankowski (Water for Elephants): A misunderstood circus veterinarian who lives with a dwarf.
◦Georges Duroy (Bel Ami): A misunderstood Casanova who conquers and beds innumerable women in 19th-century France.
◦Robert Pattinson… in real life: A misunderstood British actor with a beautiful singing voice, an untamable head of gorgeous hair, and a general desire to keep his personal life — including his off-screen romance with co-star Kristen — out of the public eye.
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