'Water for Elephants' and 'Eclipse' Trailers: All the Makings for Book-to-Film Success


Water for Elephants has all of the makings of an awesome film: An attractive Reese Witherspoon, a dashingly handsome Robert Pattinson, and an intriguing plot that leaves me wanting more. The trailer tells the story of a young Jacob (Pattinson) as he drops out of Cornell and joins the circus. Based on the 2006 book by Sara Gruen, the movie comes out in April.

Sure -- I have my doubts about book-to-film adaptations. But after getting a taste of how good looking Pattinson is here, there's no way I'm skipping out on this one. And yes -- I really mean it. Take off the powdered makeup and film him in the dim lights of the big top ... it looks like we have a winner.  And while there have been a fair share of book-to-big-screen flops, there are some seriously successful book-to-film adaptations, too.

Eat, Pray, Love: Add Julia Roberts to a great storyline, throw in some Italian food and wonderful scenery, and there was never a question how great this 2010 film would be. To be honest, it's probably better than the book.

Harry Potter: All seven films have had some of the biggest box offers numbers ever. We've seen Daniel Radcliffe grow into a man, and I can't say that I've hated it. Whether or not wizardry is your thing -- the great cinematography and plot line leave the moviegoer wanting more, every time.

The Notebook: The best, period. Never have I fallen so in love with an on-screen couple as I have with Allie and Noah. It's the ultimate chick flick for a rainy afternoon, and a tearjerker for men, too.

Eclipse: Another Pattinson film, for the win. When you have your own dolls, bedding, Facebook groups, and clothing lines ... I'm pretty sure the success rate is inherent.

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