'Twilight' heroine, werewolf inspire baby-naming Arizona parents


Followers of the “Twilight” series are apparently reproducing.

For the first time ever, the name Bella cracked the Top 20 for the names that parents gave to their newborn girls born this year in Arizona. A year earlier, it managed to rank just 77th on the list.

But the popularity of the novels and the movies that have followed — and of heroine Bella Swan -- apparently does not translate across the gender barrier when parents are choosing names for their sons.

The popularity list provides no indication of who is on “Team Jacob’’ and who is on “Team Edward,’’ the names that fans of each of the two hot male leads have given their own groups. Viewers have divided their loyalties between the werewolf and the vampire.

It’s true that Jacob is the most popular name for boys. But that’s not new: It also placed there last year — and a decade earlier.

And Edward? Still not popular. It didn’t even crack the Top 100.

The latest report from the Arizona Department of Health Services shows little volatility among names for boys in the last decade.

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