Top 10 Movies By 'The Daily Journal' The Runaways makes the cut

Iron Man flamed out. Scorsese struck out. And the romcom is still among the walking dead -- how else do you explain "Valentine's Day," "When In Rome" and "Love & Other Drugs"? 2010 was the year of the suck. It seemed that as long as the check cleared, no one cared that quality took a nosedive.

Luckily, some people still cared about such things as story, quality and talent. You had to rifle through the stank to find it, but when found, it was a more glorious discovery than when Ryan Murphy heard Chris Colfer sing for the first time (that's a "Glee" reference, folks).

So now it's time to find out what films wowed and which performances left an indelible impression as of mid-December.
(Such awards contenders as "The King's Speech," "Blue Valentine," "True Grit" and "Yogi Bear" were not screened before deadline and, unfortunately, were therefore inadmissible.)

The Top 10 Films of 2010

10) "The Runaways" -- Kristen Stewart proved she's more than Bella Swan and Dakota Fanning continues to be one of the best young actresses working today. Throw in the true-life tale of what happened when Joan Jett met Cherie Currie and a fabulous soundtrack of Runaways tunes and you have the most underappreciated flick of the year.

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